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Post desktops, you all keep them nice and clean right?
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Fuck, I originally spoilered by accident
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keep mine super clean.
I usually use Wallpaper Engine and have Anime Openings or Music videos on, but this is my normal static wallpaper.
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>tfw microsoft fanboy

Would you date a broken/damaged girl?
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I love broken people in general, they are always hot as fuck, super depraved and extremely intimate.
>self-describes as 'broken'

Translation: Would you date a histrionic personality disordered drama queen?

Nope, suffering isn't fun for me so it would be a bad match.
Yes, i would like to make her happy and help her through hard times if she loved me

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This guy just got drafted into the NFL.
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>Hey, dude, why don't you like, take a seat right over there, brah?
>You know that bitch is only a 4/10, right?
Good for him. I wouldn't want his job to be perfectly honest. I've worked with athletes before and it seems like no fun at all

>work out all day long
>get injured
>lose games in front of thousands of people
>get worn out and old quickly
>endless bullshit from pr, refs, etc
>can't do drugs
>get used by league ass holes until they trade you
>spend all your free time flying around

Literally sounds like a living he'll to me.

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My steam name is Zack2828 feel free to add me and we can play some vidya
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100% chance that's your friend and you're trying to annoy him
fuck off, faggot

fuck off robot, I am original REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Anyone knows what happened with those cancerous threads that contained "steam" and "feels" in the title? I can see that typing those words together is considered spam now.
Are those threads renamed now?

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>tfw no tomboyish pixie cut gf
>tfw no fujoshi slob gf
>tfw no space-case goofball gf
>tfw no vegan chef gf
>tfw no athletic-pants basic bitch gf
>tfw no trippy music festival gf
>tfw no cute speech impediment gf
>tfw no kale smoothie gym rat gf
>tfw no artsy grunge chick gf
>tfw no annoying tumbrina gf
>tfw no cosplay weeaboo gf
>tfw no liberal hippie activist gf
>tfw no gun-loving innawoods conservative gf
>tfw no kindhearted Christian gf
>tfw no educated genius professional gf
>tfw no rich urban fashionista gf
>tfw no quiet bookish glasses gf
>tfw trailer park white girl gf
>tfw no slut gf
>tfw no exotic accent gf
>tfw no goodhearted airhead gf
>tfw no clingy psycho gf
>tfw no stoner burnout gf
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>Tfw no extremely shy gf
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>tfw no cheerful qt gf

I just want a girl to be friend with in a romantic way
>tfw no living, breathing gf
I know my standards are pretty high, but come on

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Any accidental pregnancy stories? What happened?
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>have ugly af practice gf
>accidentally her womb
>she keeps it

She turns 5 this month.
omfg more please robots, i want to be impregnated so fucking badly.

t. christmas cake female
You're not valuable enough for my seed

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What chance do we have when black men are superior to us in every way?
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Perfect example of how insecure white boys try to hide their insecurity.

The last part of the post was retarded, true. But the rest of his points still stand.

By highlighting the retardation of the last line, you just distract from the stuff that makes you look bad.
we white men have bigger dicks

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How do we solve the problem with racist robots?
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You should be happy that these machines are coming to terms with common sense.
Basically, the algorithms have "ingrained" racism that has been imparted to them by the programmers. Software development is a very largely white and male industry.

This is why many companies and governments are making a push for more diversity in tech...as computers control more and more aspects of our lives (such as college admissions, who gets credit and who doesn't) by filtering through big data and social media, it's important to reduce inherent cultural bias.
get out tumblr normie

Does anyone else just worry about something all the fucking time? I always have something I worry about on my brain. All kinds of stupid shit which doesnt even mean a shit. I find it hard to enjoy anything since my brain is always worrying about something, I don't know how to relax. I haven't felt "bored" for a long time since my brain always has something going on. Always.

What the hell is wrong with me, why do I need to worry about literally almost everything, I am always either ruminating inside my brain or just checking did I do something or is everything okay or did I forget something and all kinds of shit.

It feels like I am a prisoner of my own brain, it's always screaming that something is wrong when nothing is wrong. Fuck my life
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My brother I have been in mind-hell all my life and the ONLY thing that has ever worked even a little bit is sincere and continuous meditation. I sit for 45min every single day in front of a wall and it makes me a tiny bit better, just barely enough to keep on going. If you go down this road, remember that posture matters and that the state of your body affects the state of your mind.
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I probably shouldn't judge before trying but it just sounds a bad idea for me, it's just that it feels like waste of time for me and it's worst when I don't do anything. I should probably try, but it feels like I just am constantly in my head with these thoughts and can't even think clearly and I am always stressed out.

It's like constant brain fog for me and all I can see is my dumb as fuck thoughts and can't really focus on "real world". I dont feel depressed but mentally exhausted of this but can't stop. It's like a constant losing battle against my own brain
I know exactly what you mean, incidentally so do most people to some degree. But for me the problem was so unmanageable that I was literally forced to make the confrontation and find some way of fixing myself. I can tell you that I'm 120% sure that zazen-style meditation will ''''work'''' for you, but as long as there is any way for you to go on without confronting your problems then that's the way you'll probably go.

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If you like short bobish hair you are a closet pedo
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If you like humans you are a closet pedo
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Shou to Bob
How? Or is this just b8

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>tell my therapist I have a waifu
>he tells me i have shit taste
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>tell my waifu I have a therapist
>she tells me I have shit taste
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>tell my therapist that i hate myself
>he tells he hates me too
>waifu a therapist I have my tell
>me tells she have I taste shit

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Have you ever made out with a qt? It's the best and cutest feeling in the world feeling both of your tongues touching and slipping against each other. Every tongue feels different, it's fascinating.
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it's disgusting and so are you. if you ever end up in a long term relationship i hope your partner dies in front of you.
Bumping for Aeon Flux.

I was desperate and made out with a fat smelly feminist. her breath was so foul, and she did not even have big fat girl boobs. She was fat with tiny disgusting boobs how the hell does that work? She wanted to fuck me but I left her. she cried and threatened suicide. It made me feel great to finally get back at the roasties for my years of suffering. That was the only girl i kissed and the closest i came to sex but it just was not worth it.
Well I feel bad for the both of you. Sorry you haven't experienced the exotic wonders this reality has to offer.

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>took the pill from Bog
>brain now in a fog
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The Bogpill doesn't cause brainfog. It usually leads to enlightenment.
I wish I had the courage to bogpill the students in my sociology class.
who in the fuck are these guys anyway?
i usually figure out memes by osmosis after a while but they elude me

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How would you go about making 20 dollars?
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i would go ask my father or mother
suck 20 dicks at a dollar a dick.
I would undercut you and suck 30 dicks at 66 cents a dick.

How do normies deal with the thought that the Stacy they're with has likely had gallons of Chad cum on/in her at some point?

Do they simply not care somehow, are they turned on by it, or is it something they just try not to think about?
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I don't even think it crosses their minds.
Any combination of these to various extends.
But how? I've been in two relationships where the girl had more experience than me and while I wasn't dreading every second because I thought I was inadequate or some bullshit, nor was it something that really bothered me when they told me, but it was something that started bugging me more and more as the relationship went on because they would talk about their previous boyfriends. How can that NOT bother someone at least a little bit without a guy being a complete cuck?

and why are women so mean that they have to keep talking about their exes around you?

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