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Daily reminder that porn and masturbation are both jewish tricks to control weak men and feminize them.
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holy shit hahaahahaha
I thought that baby was a doll
>when your deformed baby looks just like you

beauty is just a social construct.

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>girl keeps sitting next to me on the bus
>see her everyday
>havent said a word to her ever

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I just wanted to say i like that pic
Make some small talk, like asking her where she is going

Then follow her to make sure she didn't lie to you, if she didn't that means she likes you
thank you, fourteen hours in ms paint but worth it
she wears the shirt of my college which ive been meaning to bring up in conversation but i cant seem to open my mouth

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What should I go for in community college.

What's a good degree to get that can land me a job once I get my associates but also that I can continue studying at a university so I can get a bachelor's?

I have a ton of credits like over 60 so I pretty much have all the core classes knocked out.
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be a nurse!! practicing nurses get their doctorates
but don't cuck yourself do what will make you happy as you'll try the hardest in that field and get far.
I wish man but I have a weak stomach. The job I have now has nurses around me and I have to look away when they stick people or draw blood. Thanks though.
Accounting or become a park ranger

what makes you move forward?

for me its birds
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I give myself hope. There's something inside of me that keeps me alive, though maybe it's just a fear of death or something.
Death gives me hope. It's such an interesting concept. As long as people die, I can be as much of piece of shit as I want. Soon everyone alive today will be forgotten. It'll be as if they never existed in the first place. Nothing really matters. Isn't that just beautiful?
you're gonna be just fine

Get me laid, r9k.
That's your challenge for tonight.
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just remember: all women are stupid whores who want to be used. dont show any weakness or its over
"I like you hair."

Lol like being alpha will work if your ugly.
Try to sway her to the Alt-right ideology.

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Three years ago, took a break from this board to get my life back on track. Hit the gym, did well in college, got a job as a math/physics/SAT tutor, delved into the personal development and seduction community. Over this past year, I worked hard at developing my PUA skills, starting a couple entrepreneurial ventures, and enjoying the freedom of life outside of college, where I graduated with a 4.0 in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering.

Lost my virginity last week at age 22, with a random girl I cold approached. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I used to be a chubby autist with 0 social skills who almost killed himself over oneitis. My goal when it comes to sex is to reach 100 lays before I'm 24. Funnily enough, I haven't had an actual girlfriend yet, but I don't care to go out of my way to get one, which makes it that much easier for me to get one (though I don't think I'll settle until I reach the 100 lay count)

You should focus on accepting and loving yourself first. I remember the days where I posted here about tfw no gf. I remember some obscure memes like feels on wheels, the time Chad Thundercock started being used as a term, etc. Feels surreal that it wasn't that long ago. I'm a different person now.

I pretty much spend all my 4chan time these days on /pol/ and the /got/ threads on /tv/, and haven't posted on r9k since then. One of my wingmen, this guy who has already reached a 100 lays, revealed to me recently that he too was an /r9k/ poster years ago. Now he's just killing it in a sweet apartment in Manhattan.

I'm posting this thread to let you all know that it is possible. You just have to work really, really, really hard and realize that the struggle makes it even better than some "normie" who gets everything handed to him and settles for mediocrity.
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>hahaha just b urself bro I was like u bro I'm 10/10 looks brok muh 4.0 GPA

Go fuck yourself, normalshit
Its useless man, don't try to help these losers, look >>38699908
Thanks for the advice, Chad. Now get the fuck out.

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Its important to understand others world view
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i find the humor in it. i'll never have sex :).
see gotta be like this anon, always fine the silver lining
If you can't find the humor in it you're trying too hard not to.

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>tfw transgirl
>tfw two transgirl gfs and a -special friend-
>tfw ""mentally ill"" degenerate and still getting more ass than r9k

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living on easy mode to escape the trials manhood brings.
girl with a dick- of course u get more sex than us
if i were gay as well id be getting more dick than stacey. whats your point?
my man, you forgot one crucial point: you need to be actually attractive and not a NEET to fuck anybody

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they are literally getting in the way of my life. I crave degrading gross sex n I always wanna get peed on.
I just really want to do well In school and have normie sex and be Happy.

how can I be cured?
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Best way to get rid of them is to actually try them in person.
Obviously, do something a little more tame, then associate the initial disgust and shame with the fetish you want to get rid of. Done.
Why would you want to get rid of them? I love pissing on submissive whores I never want to change that.
I've done both in person. the worst thing about that was that I loved it. it's like the shame turned me on more
just not being able to have normal sex anymore results in me being sexually deprived and more depressed bc i have to masturbate all of the time

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I'm considering making a Tinder to practice texting women since I consider women a completely different species and I need to try and normalize them in my mind.

What info does this app need from me and what are your experiences with it? What's a good bio look like?
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Chad uses one lazy distorted front cam selfie and gets a 100% match rate
It's worth a try but Tinder is the crystallization of all the problems robots have with the dating world.

The app is rigged with the goal of putting the most attractive people together. (If you already knew the ELO system you don't have to read the rest of this)

That means for the most attractive women, tinder puts all the right swipes (you and the hundreds of others that also swiped) at random.

Given that women are also selective with who they swipe right on, you have to be Chad or just plain lucky to even get a match.

I went out with a girl who showed me all 160 of her matches, and they were all entrepreneurs and shit.

TLDR: Tinder is not a good alternative to just asking girls out irl but it may be good practice with texting
We need to crucify the Jews (no pun intended) who made this fucking Chad&Stacy playground. Fucking evil application, to bring ugly guys so the Chads look better by comparison.

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Are people on this board legitimately anti-social as I hear?
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No.Most are normies who come here to larp and mock people who have legitimate issues.
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Yes. This place is a complete cess pool of degenerates, faggots and the mentally ill.

Now begone from here
I don't think you understand what anti-social means. Google it.

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Someone please logically disprove the karma meme
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It's unfalsifiable, unless you're willing to accept a countless amount of anecdotal evidence without dismissing it as anecdotal evidence.
It's a pointless and stupid concept, your pattern seeking brain is searching for justice in a unfair world. This mode of thinking will never benefit you, and you should drop non-critical thought behaviors.
>something bad happens and you did nothing to deserve it
"Fuck, something bad happened"
>something bad happens and you believe you did something bad to deserve it
"Must be karma"
It is human nature for people to treat others in kind. For example if someone is mean to you, you are more likely mean to them, and if someone is nice to you, you are more likely to be nice to them in return. People also tend to associate with people who are similar to themselves where if someone is mean to a nice person the nice person may not even be mean back but instead avoid the other person altogether.

So while all the nice people get treated nicely and all the mean people get treated meanly, religious leaders needed a way to explain it so they came up with the religious doctrine.

I just noticed you have meme after karma. So basically why do bad things happen to good people and why do good things happen to bad people?

That's a tough one. There's the idea that all anyone cares about is money so they'll screw eachother over in order to get more. Or, all anyone cares about is themselves so, again, they'll screw eachother over since in doing so they aren't screwing themselves. There's an idea I saw in the movie Hamlet (2000):

Our wills and fates do so contrary run
That our devices are overthrown
Our thoughts are ours
Their ends: none of our own

In that there's so many competing forces in life that even if everyone had the best intentions there would still be the people get screwed over due to all the inadvertent consequences.

I made a chart about which countries are worth caring about. If you disagree, you're wrong.
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I disagree and I'm not wrong
>caring about canada, india, new Zealand and australia
the fuck?
India is clearly in the 'eh' category

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Is it worth marrying an ugly girl if she's skinny, has a nice body, is loyal and caring, cooks and cleans, and is otherwise the perfect wife aside from her face?
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Death is much closer
depends on whether she has a nice voice
Of course it is; that's like everything you could ever want.

Looks fade, so "Is she a bitch? y/n" becomes the ultimate determination of wife material.

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I wonder, what does this room smell like?
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Most girls actually smell pretty good because of their hair product or whatever.
Probs fruity
all that hair shit/perfume/booze is gonna mix together and create a sickening odor.

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