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What should I expect? Also /therapy/ general
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>the rapy
Lol what? Are you going to be the perpetrator or do you just know its coming to you?
You'll realize how the guy/girl is just picking your brain and trying to manipulate you and the reality that it will never be better because everything is doomed from day 1, kiddo.
It's not gonna help you. It's a money sink and you're going to lose your time talking to someone who really doesn't give a shit about helping your ass.
>t. 1 year if therapy because my father couldn't be added to assume his role

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Anybody else here get depressed when they think about how their parents weren't successful in life? I know it isn't my fault, but the memories of seeing my parents struggle financially and being wageslaves for their whole life really does bring my mood down. I remember how my mom used to tell me she had dreams of becoming rich one day, only to end up as a heart monitor technician that made no more than $15 an hour, and seeing my dad laying around the house when no contractor had any work for him. It is bothersome...
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I don't see how that's supposed to affect you.
youre supposed to look up to your parents and its more difficult to for them to appeear as sources of strength when they themselves are struggling
i get this, fuck. i also wish my dad wasn't so hardened by his life, we have some moments sometimes but i want him to know i love him even though we're distant and have tough skin on the outside. they're happy though, i believe, truly. my dad always talks about winning the lottery one day even though he never plays and what he'd do to help us all, but he doesn't have to do any more than he's already done.

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What keeps you going r9k?
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Some things are nice. I got a bike recently, I really enjoy riding it. IT helps me to forget about the crippling loneliness.
new movies and video games. if i an hero I'll never get to see what they're like
The music I make.

Sure I might be a loser but at least I have something that I'm good at that keeps my mind busy 24/7.

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vid price.png
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why are amateur porn prices so high nowadays?
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>he actually pays for fucking porn.

Part of the fun is just searching for the "perfect" video for hours, edging and then cumming at the worst fucking time in the video.
Because autist cucks will pay for it.
>about to cum
>camera turn to the girls face for 10 seconds
Another ruined orgasm

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Post cute girls. No sluts, no big titted whores, Only cute girls
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How do you know she's not a big titted slutty whore?

Or did you just mean "deceptively innocent and pure" women?
pics that show faces
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Gotta put some content in this post woah

who here /self harm/
It's been about a year lads but I feel it coming on
I feel absolutely fucking shit tonight
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like 3 days ago. my legs are looking pretty bad
why not bite the bottom of your thumb instead?
gay shit just cut your throat instead

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What's the farthest you've ever gotten with a girl /r9k/?
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Period blood on my penis
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Rape roleplay and sex
I spoke to a girl probably three months about a school project. I decided to leave the group and prepare my own by myself after asking the professor.

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Racism Test part 2!

Who do you choose between this fine, sassy, sexy black lady that is a positive and nonstereotypical example of a black woman:

Or, this fucked up looking white metal singer who looks like she does heroin?
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the white girl because dark skin is unattractive and any man who dates a non-white girl is only doing it because they can't get any better
But I like her music, nor is it metal.

But the white girl looks busted, fuck sakes she looks like a goddamn druggie, look at her eyes

also you must be white, cuz no black man would see dating a black girl as a sign of not being able to get better, as if white women are better

All I want is a qt BF who I can hold and do shit with. I don't even want sex, I just want to hangout. Why is life so hard
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Where u at nibba?
wya faggot
You're a dude though aren't you.

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As a white male why would you be against a white supremacist agenda when it will obviously benefit you the most?
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because hitler wanted to kill autistics and mentally ill too, most of /r9k/ is one of those things at least
Autism wasn't even considered a disease at the time. I'm sure he'd just want to give you a job and get you on the right track. They would only execute very deformed people.
it's collectivist and I'm an individualist

As we all know true robots kill themselves slowly with alcohol.

So what does /r9k/ drink? How often? Anyone got any good drunk stories?
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I only have good shroom alc bho story combination. The most with alcohol is I wake up in my bed not remember most of last night.
I drink wine once every 6 months.

This infrequency however, is due to me being under the drinking age. The reason why I drink wine is because you can make it very easily in your closet. Otherwise, I would drink vodka.

Only one more year!!!
I drink beer. strong IPA and regular pale ales generally.

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>where do you live?
upstate NY

>where do you want to live?
somewhere big and populated with palm trees like Miami or LA
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>he's falling for the palm trees meme

It's expensive to live wherever palm trees are, fstboii. So you better save a lot of mommy's and daddy's mommy, so you can afford to live a decent life down here.
im just going to sit around and spam threads about my depression moving to la or miami isnt actually possible without bieng a god
>where do you live
Colorado, USA.
>where do you want to live.
Serbia. I grew up there and I was taken away from my home country when US fagots killed my family. Screw this country and your fake people.

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Lets post the point in our lives when we realized we weren't part of normal society.

>near the end of secondary
>science class exams are finished but we still have to go in for "fun lessons"
>Our science teacher was a fat jolly women, I liked her as she was always super positive
>on one of the final lessons we get put into groups of three females to one male
>the task is for the girls to put make up on the boys
>all the boys of the class start either laughing or pulling a concerned face
>I was concerned
>over the course of 30 minutes, the girls put make up on me
>it was at this point I realize I was pretty messed up as I had a boner made of titanium
>was then forced to stand in front of the class with the other boys to get our photo taken for the year book
>I stand there confused and aroused wanting to go home and hide
>and thus I was set on the path for becoming a trap

Can you robots guess which one I am?
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>in kindergarten
>notice everyone is in groups
>I don't even know anyone yet
>mystified as to how everyone could know each other this well already
first time I became self aware. Now I know I don't like socializing and want to be left alone.
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Similar experience to you.

>be primary school
>would sit in my corner watching all the other kids play
>one day muster up the courage to ask this group of kids if I could play with them
>this one bitch calls me weird and tells me no
>I look blank and for the first time feel rejection
>never want to play again,l just sit in my corner and hate the world
is this the bong version of penis inspection day?

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This feminist woman on reddit just CALLED OUT /r9k/. She thinks women are oppressed because not all men are Chad.
How do you respond, /r9k/?
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I call OP a massive fag and gb2 reddit cuz I aint readin that shit
looks like another pasta for women hating threads
How do I respond?
This is the way the world works until we all die, it's that simple.
Maybe 200 years from now the world will be a better place.

Does this image stir any feelings in you?
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Douchebag territory
it makes me feel like this is london tube and its full of metrosexual narcissists
Ironic manspreading for teh lulz

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