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Do you like acid, /r9k/?
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I've never had it, what's it like?
I'd like to try it once, just to see the crazy colors and see what it feels like
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only if it gibs me energry

What's the penis size femanons would accept for them?

>be me
>smol 4-5 in
>in highschool, hit it off with hot 9/10 azn grill
>get's serious, we go to her room, only for her to laugh at it when I take it out.
>2 yrs later, go dating.
>2-3 dates with 6-7/10s.
>all laugh or reject me in some way when we enter an intimate enough stage.

I kind of want to kill myself at this moment.
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I've had sex twice and I'm 4.5in. both times the girl was satisfied.
>tfw relatively fat cock
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Don't lie to me you fookin cunt.

In all seriousness, I don't know what's real when it comes to this. I really don't know what advice or community commentary places that discuss this in length.

All I know is that every attempt at courting a female on any fucking level landed me in a state of depression m8. Currently still coping from the last rejection.

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Ask a guy who gets 2's on /soc/ but considers himself a 7 anything
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how hard did your father hit you in the head as a child?
why do you consider yourself a 7 if others are calling you a 2?
when will i aquire gf?

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Redditfag here, just started browsing 4chan. Am I making a mistake here?
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no we welcome u friend
You're too late to the party.

So many normies here now and all the good shit is gone.
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When people of 4chan tell you to leave it's a warning of what you may become.

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Nostalgic vidya thread. Post whatever games you played as a kid or games that bring back fond memories.

>Feeding Frenzy
>Feeding Frenzy 2
>Excite Truck
>ATV Offroad Fury
>Fossil Fighters
>Dinosaur King
>Animal Crossing Wild World
>Mario Kart DS
>Jaws Unleashed
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Gameplay sucked but that story mang. I cried like a bitch.
The content after the main story was fucking great aswell, there's well over another 5-10 hours after the ending
>Pokemon LeafGreen, Sapphire, Colosseum, XD
>Fire Emblem 7 and 8
>Final Fantasy I &II Dawn of Souls
>Super Mario 64
>Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker
>Mario Party 5
>Rocket Slime
>Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
>Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
>WCW/nWo Revenge

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>go running in London soon after moving here
>wear my contact lenses to see where I'm going since I'm going a new route
>stupidly go running in evening instead of morning
>see Chads, Staceys, and normies at bars, living the life, including guys and girls in early 20s when I'm 26 and have never had female attention ever and have had no friends for 8 years

Being an ugly male is demoralisation 24/7. Full on psychological warfare. Nobody will acknowledge it except for 4chan, barely.

I search Google for people like me and I get Reddit topics by ugly guys who are low IQ and "helped" by the vacuous, corporate propaganda guzzling mass. It's horrific. "Ugly girls have it hard, stop whining." No, they can get Chads for sex or relationships from dating sites or real life while ugly males get fuck all except a banal education to work conveyer belt. Every humiliation is double: the act itself and the society wide denial.

I have a job interview for a job that pays £2000 more in salary but only comes out to £100 a month more due to taxes and probably includes travel and longer hours. I hate all options. I think intertia rules my life. It took only a few days in my current outwardly respectable job for me to become the loser loner that nobody talks to, similarly to every other job I've had.

It feels impossible to even enjoy my free time since pissing contest propaganda invades everything, backed by advertising and the masses. You can't just read books, you have to read boring as fuck old books or pseudointellectuals call you an idiot. If your thoughts aren't standardised you are ostracised.

It's torture seeing so many attractive women and knowing they live trivially easy lives and see me as a disgusting subhuman. If I was a normie I could even be a happy retailcuck but I see my situation clearly. Being blackpilled is the only solution. I torture myself by walking in Central London on busy nights to see the party life I'll never have. People my age live in a non stop party.
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Don't compare your insides to other people's outsides.
Once you're redpilled, you won't enjoy those parties anymore, i used to do it and now i fucking hate them, it's fucking useless and people are dumb as fuck. I just want redpilled friends to talk about politics, history, etc.

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Anyone here smoke? How did you get into it if it wasn't through peer pressure?
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Smoking feels nice. I don't care too much for the taste,it's just the process which is enjoyable. Lighting it,inhaling and exhaling. Feels relaxing.
>inb4 you're addicted to nicotine

No,I've gone days without smoking cause I just forgot to smoke. I only ever smoke 2 or 3 a day.
I started smoking when I was drunk because I liked the buzz it gave me. I started craving them while sober after like a year or two of only ever smoking while drinking.

I only smoke like one or two a day if I can afford it so I don't think I'm too bad

I like to smoke, it's like taking a break from everything.

How long were you in denial before realizing you're ugly? I thought I was at least decent looking until some days ago.
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I used to think I was a 9/10 and now I've accepted the 7-8/10
I was never in denial. I've always known I was ugly.
I always knew that I was unattractive. Just seeing people in my school, who were all better looking than me, go about doing their normie shit really hurt me. It was a good thing I was a dumb kid and kinda kept my mind off those things by not thinking about it. But whenever I would go somewhere that had a mirror I would instantly haver the feelings come rushing back and reminding me of the fact that I will have those demon following me on my face. It keeps me damaged til this day, and I still struggle with my looks and self-esteem.

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What was the hottest thing you've ever seen in person?
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my girlfriends hot vagina
the sun in my case
I have a number of contenders.

>Fucking my first gf raw while she's on her period on a bus
>Cum inside her
>Can see her walls squeezing my dick
>A glob of cum and pussy blood falls out.
>She sucks the head a little

Second gf
>We're in hot springs with another couple
>Girls are making out and undressing each other while guys are watching
>End up fucking in front of each other
>The other girl was great at riding

Current gf
>Very petite and thin
>She's lying facedown, I'm fingering her whil slapping her ass every now and then
>I start fingering her harder
>She lifts her ass up so she's on all fours, my fingers still insider her
>I felt myself get hard instantly, had fuck her right then
>She's moaning my name and it turns to gibberish as I start going harder
>Collapse together in a sweaty heap.

You pick and choose.

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Fuck I'm so hungry but cant order food because I'm too shy to speak on the phone
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You can order pizza online, no audio required.
Many places have a website that you can order from
fap and eat your cum

win win?

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displeased neet.jpg
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>Turn 25
>One more year until dropped from Obamacare
Looks like the NEET life is over, I have to become a wagecuck or else I'd have to use the emergency room for healthcare like a Mexican.

I'm shit at everything and probably look even shittier to employers. Every low skill job sounds like something I'd drop my spaghetti over.

What do I do robots?
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Orrrriginal threaad
>being American
sucks for you lad
>Being American
Let me guess, European countries can keep you on your parents insurance for life?

>can't function without drinking 2 or 3 of these a day
>the caffeine and chemicals are probaly destroying me mentally
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Not to mention the calories.

Seriously, you just drink at least 500 empty calories a day?

Are you obese?
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you have Adhd, Seek help
I know how you feel, except I drink a cup of black coffee a day. I'm so tolerant to it I don't even get sweaty or jittery anymore

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>tfw no bf to feminize you
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How is someone else supposed to feminize you?

It's all stuff that you would do yourself like shaving, moisturizing, dressing in cute clothes, or taking HRT even.

I guess he could buy you the clothes or something...
He would force me to do that, I'm too much of a wuss to do it on my own.

As the dom or whatever the kids call it, I'd

>sneak hrt pills into his food and drinks
>buy cute clothing and lock him in a closet until he wears it and models it for me or he's getting shoved and held inside the small space for the rest of the night
>seriously, i'll sit in front of the fucking door and hold it shut
>get into the shower with him, hold a razor to his sac, and tell him to keep very, very still while i remove pubic and ass hair
>drug him so while he's passed out I apply moisturizing lotion to his skin so he's soft and feels like a real girl
>even rub it into his asshole so it feels softer when I finally pop my dick inside

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Share your experiences.
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I let all my wisdom teeth grow in. I guess I had enough room for them cause they didn't mess up the rest of my teeth.
My last one is late to the party
Growing in now, seems to be pretty fine
Same. Except I only have three of them

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Seriously ? linux puppy is the perfect OS for robots its portable and anonymous, you can stick it on a USB/SSD and take it anywhere you want, its small and comfy and perfect for posting on 4chan and will boot on almost ANY DEVICE why are you not using Linux puppy anons ? what the fuck is wrong with you ?
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holy fuck you fuckers it even has a built in radio thing where you can just listen to radio stations all around the world why are you not using this ???
Because I don't have a pentium 3 in my main computer.
Also just about any application in puppy can be installed in any other GNU/Linux distribution.
I had mint before and hated it

had to use command line for everything

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