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Comfy server thread! We have a small userbase of comfy anons from here to befriend and converse with. Stop by and check it out, no bullies allowed
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here is the server link! huGFV
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Sounds pretty comfy, Anon. Don't bully me to bed, okay?

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how is that even legal?
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Fellow high school dropouts, how did you guys find jobs?
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>was too autistic for high school and dropped out at year 1

>live with single mom as NEET

>divorced dad who I still see sometimes thinks I'm a chad who is going to graduate soon

>wanna kms soon life is very boring and I have no initiative to do anything
Go back to highschool

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>the only girl who was ever intrested in me in my whole life got married today

why does it hurt so much robots? It feels like I am literally the biggest worthless piece of shit on earth, and it happened one year ago.
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>CHADDY...... chaddy wasn't there to change my underwear CHADDY wasn't theeerreeeee
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Choke on my halaal gas you impudent infidels.
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Your post is haram you filthy kuffar

Can /r9k/ get laid?

You can download for free without donating
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What does this do hmm
this is better than date arianne
someone post a lets play im too lazy to download

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I don't know what to do with myself.

I'm firmly established in a group of friends. I'm the "weird as hell but sorta funny and earnest" one, supposedly. Also "the nice guy with the easy grin". Also "that fucking autist, but we like him". I like them a lot, but a good part of it is lies, simply because I hide so much.

I'm anti-homosexual. I like gay people just fine, but I don't like actual homosexuality. Several of my closest friends are bi or gay, but have no idea about this, as I've kept quiet.

I'm a Biblefag, but I can't even be assed to go to church.

I fucking suck at school. I'm going into my third year of college soon, and I failed Chemistry, which destroyed my dreams of becoming an endocrinologist to help other diabetics. I can't risk taking it again or else I'll lose my financial aid. I don't know what to study or what job to pursue.

I literally can't view a person who is trans as their "stated gender". I try to avoid using gendered pronouns altogether to avoid offending them, but I can't lie to myself about that. The few trans friends that I got don't know this, either.

I may or may not be find some men attractive myself. I'm consistent about my views on life, which means that I DO hold that against myself.

I don't give a shit about politics. My friends are pretty involved and care a lot, but the anger and hatred that politics tends to inspire in people stresses me the fuck out. People keep asking me why I'm so irresponsible.

I still get nervous around most cute girls (and some particularly handsome guys) like a kid, despite being in my early twenties. I have literally never dated before.

Do I come clean about my problems and let them judge me? Should I just off myself somewhere that nobody will find me? Do I keep quiet and keep going as if nothing's wrong? Somewhere in between? This pain is getting fucking unbearable.
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Chill the fuck out dude your way over thinking the situation, honestly who gives a shit what they think on opinions you haven't even brought up yet. If you're too much of an autist and need to let them know then tell them if not just keep it to yourself, worse case they get offended like faggots say goodbye to your friendship, or it won't change a thing.

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Someone should arrange a very angry/defiant 'Virgin NEET and proud' type of lyrics to one of the most intense pieces of music ever, the Soviet Anthem.
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it will be hopelessly uninspired no matter what because neets have nothing genuine to be proud of
Fuck you I'm proud of my waifu

And my withdrawl from society is inherently satisfying and gives me a feeling of superiority

Let's discuss the finer points of life, r9k.
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there are none, and if you think so, you're on the wrong board
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Surely there are some things that make you happy?

If you don't enjoy anything in this life then why do you still bother to live?
not that anon, because i don't want to become a statistic

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>shy qt asian girl makes it clear she's into me
>we're going on a date
>text everyday for a week
>things are going the way they should

There's always a catch though, what will it be?
Why are things going so good?
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There's no catch boi. Except her bagina catching your BWC

what are recommended youtube channels for /robots/.

post em
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ekim1000, he's robotic af and has a qt3.14 black girlfriend

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In this threadarium originarex we will do this

>Be me explaining a fictional character i'm writing into my original universe to a norman

>Mention their name

>Apparently sounds like some celebrity name

>OMG so you know 'X'???!

>What the fuck? who?

>He was in (another shitty hollywood movie)

>Oh ok

>OMGGG he still looks SO young hahahahah

>Conversation derails into bs about movies and shit so I tune out

>Why fucking bother
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Not everybodys autistic like you anon. Post people have more than one interest.

They're changing the subject because they don't want you to drone about about your autistic fantasies.

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>be INFJ
>rarely vent or confide my feelings in others
>but I'm still an overemotional leaky-eyed crybaby feelfag who's moved to tears by the most random things when I'm alone

I-is that normal
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Someone made a thread on /a/ the other day and I thought it was so cute and precious and I thought about the OP dying one day and I cried
Why am I so gay
>be intp
>tfw i feel nothing at all, i gain no satisfaction from doing anything, so i've stopped trying
>be ISTJ
>incapable of expressing my feelings while sober
>even while drunk bottle everything up for years until it's unbearable and then have a sobbing fit and let everything out on people who don't deserve that
I hate emotions

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How do I get over paranoia? Anytime I have people over I get extremely paranoid that they're snooping through shit in my house, it gets so bad that I almost cry. I can't even be around people anyone without crying, nor can I talk to anyone without feeling like absolute shit.
How do I fucking stop this? Antidepressants???
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>How do I fucking stop this? Antidepressants???

If you want but just know what you are getting into, I have tried multiple times to get off my meds but every time I try my brain turns into mush and I feel incredible negative emotions.

Once you are in, you are in. Yeah they mellow me out but I wish I never got into them in the first place, ((((BIG PHARMA)))) wants as many cash zombies as possible
I was on Prozac all of last summer but it only numbed my emotions down. I felt empty and it didn't feel like I had any emotion. Is this was antidepressants are supposed to do?
Yes, it takes the edge off but it dosent discriminate, it just does that with everything and depending on the drug and your body then you might be adicted. Im on venlefaxine now and its shit. I want to quit, its so hard though.

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