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Can we talk about love? The way I see it (and I'm a 23 year old kissless hugless virgin for what that's worth, hear me out though), there's two kinds of love.

1. The sort of bond-based love you start to feel towards someone as you get close to them and the two of you share many experiences together. I've felt this way towards many girls and they're the kinds of girls I'd go for if I were willing to compromise. I used to think this was the only type of love women are capable of experiencing but I've come to think that perhaps I've been too close minded and that this might be untrue.

2. Actual love. You start feeling this shortly after meeting "the one". It's powerful, destructive, and completely fucks your shit up. Failure to get together with this person makes you into a wreck for a while. I've felt this way towards 10 girls throughout my entire life, each time being more powerful than the last basically. Every time I either pussied out and was unable to confess my feelings and moved on, or did, dropping my spaghetti in the process and getting rejected, which is why >I'm a 23 year old kissless hugless virgin
I realize it's a far better idea to just compromise and go for someone attainable, but my heart won't allow it. Maybe I'm just autistic, I don't know.
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>Actual love
>Couldn't confess
They don't even feel the same way towards you. You don't even know them as a person.
>Actual love
>I've felt this way towards 10 girls throughout my entire life
nah dude

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>actual love
>10 times
>23 yo

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The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime

How will you guys look back on your life, 30-50 years from now?
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Who says I'll even make it that far?
I would be pretty shocked if I'm still alive at 30.

23 right now and I'm already pretty burnt out on this "life" thing.
Some cynical loner spending his days in his chair. Fuck, I heard that at 19 you're supposed to get girls and be some hippie or Chad, I'm neither I guess.

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blue hair.jpg
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Post in this bread for a free gf.
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I want a gf I can stick my peepee into. >>37082775
Also can I free decent paying job with good hours?
To be honest I don't deserve a gf

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Sexual communism when?
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>It's not "creepy" if he's hot. I freely admit it
There's not point to read after that.
But it's true to most women
There is nothing to be upset about. This is the game. This is just the way the rules are laid out. There's nothing you can do, and nothing they can do, to change any of this.

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>tfw might have to quit my job because of a retarded new policy that forces me to cut my hair short even though I've worked there for a year before that
Why is it okay for people to pretend to be different genders but a man growing his hair out is still unacceptable? I'd rather slit my own fucking wrists than be told how to have my hair.
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Fuck that man quit. I'm doing the same thing fucking the system. I don't want a job telling me where I can live fuck that. I'm sick of being cold.
Exactly, why should I be cucked by some corporate fuckheads who know nothing about me?
What if you just refuse to cut your hair? Would they actually fire you over that? If so, you can just collect unemployment while you look for a new job.

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Are women capable of understanding that flaccid penises aren't representative of actual penis size?
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yes? obvious exceptions but yes
>being this much of a white knight
yes, most sexually experienced women know this.
although an abnormally small flaccid dick also means a smaller erect dick.

don't blame your virginity on this of all things, my dick isn't exactly big when flaccid either

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f height chart.png
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Would you say this chart is accurate, /r9k/?
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>height chart about women
>who fucking cares
>ideal female height

Girls above 5'8" please

Plebs fuck off
>More and more female shit popping up

After a decade on 4chan I think I'm finally going to leave.

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I exposed myself to a girl online and now I found out it was actually a dude who preys on autistic people
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Tell us about your experience in full detail so that other robots may learn the warning signs of such nefarious behavior.
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kek greentext pleasee

Sounds fucked up OP, where'd you meet this autism predator

who /not interesting/ here?
I can never hold a conversation or when I do it's pretty boring.Is there a way I can improve?
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i just feel i have to dumb my speech down when talking to women
classic beta. you should make women adapt to you, not the other way around.
You're caught up in your own head. It's not that you're not interesting, just that you're not showing it.

>Meet a guy online
>Add him
>Let him flirt with me, voice call him, talk to him about what I like sexually
>Constantly calls me beautiful/gorgeous
>He stutters almost every second sentence
>When I say I don't like something he says he automatically changes his opinion on it

Don't you love teasing virgins fembots?
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Stop leading him on, succubus bitch. He loves you. That's a gift.
Kys pernounce it like a swede: say kush but without the h and the s is short

I know I'm responding to a bad bait post you don't have to tell me
We've known each other for 3 days and he's already talking about being in a relationship with me. Why are virgins like this?

I didn't reply to his message last night, I woke up to 60 missed calls.

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How old are you and how much money do you have right now?
It feels fucking good not being poor and in debt anymore
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>about 50k in savings and 50k in investments
>not poor
You're one unforeseen expense away from being in debt again.

Content too low, lick my balls

Justin Timberlake Edition

>What can l play?
Queue anything music related you'd like. To queue, paste the link of your song in the search bar in the queue tab above the video player, hover your mouse over the correct video and click the play button.
>What do the arrows and the heart in the lower right corner do?
The arrows are used for voting. They're called "dubs". We allow all kinds of tastes, so please have some level of tolerance and upvote to show kindness. If a video gets 50%+1 of the room's population in downvotes, it will be skipped. The heart is used to "grab" a song, which means adding it to a playlist for later listening/queuing.
>How do I post images to the chat?
Make sure it's the image url (link ending in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc) and have 100+ dubs.
>Anything else
Just ask inside, or check the "Info" tab by the Video and Queue tabs.

For an enhanced dubtrack experience:
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bumpy maybe
hey its me ur Pal

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loooool so relatable! if he looks good, what else is there to consider? i'mma let him smaaaaasshhhhh
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Because I don't even want to know this content exists.
How fucking new are you retard?
Not only did you break a global rule by announcing a sage you also completely failed o see what they even do in the first place
It's better to know your enemy robro

Besides, they're not all like that and you'll need to recognize the differences between sluts and genuinely nice grils (who are rare but exist)

who /nosex/ /noalcohol/ /nodrugs/ here?
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I've been slipping up and smoking a lot more weed than I'd like to

I'm doing pretty good on the /nosex/ + /noalcohol/ things, though
How can you guys handle being sober robots? Drugs are one of the few things in my life that isn't terrible, what do you guys do?

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Were they heroes or were they villans?
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I like how they played DOOM. Seemed like chill guys and top bros.

I like anyone who so severely breaks the mold of this society. Imagine just getting up one day and being like, "KILLING SPREE TIME!"

What a riot!
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They were kinda retarded desu
They broke into a van and got pissed when they got in trouble for it and went on and on about how much of a shitty experience their punishent was. What the fuck did they think was going to happen?
villains but maybe one day columbine can be the unintentional catalyst for change - a realization of the mental healthcare problem that permeates the united states.

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