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>exchange students spending a year abroad
>backpacking through europe, staying in hostels and working part-time jobs

Does anyone else get really sad for missing out on this? I heard some first hand stories about life like that and it seems like a great part of life. I feel so worthless because I never did it. Almost like I'll never be cool enough to even warrant talking to someone who did such a thing.

I don't know, ever since I found out that's a thing I can't stop thinking about it and feeling inadequate for being lame.
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Just go do it if you want to do it Anon. It's not like it's some crazy life changing experience. It's just a thing people do for fun.
European here. Spent a year abroad in Asia. It was the best time of my life.

Easier said than done. I am also too old for the authentic experience (28 soon).

There is something specific about it. All the stories I've heard from one person caused such a peculiar feeling inside of me. Part of it was some pathetic form of jealousy and the other part was a feeling of worthlessness. I can't explain it.
It is special, as you can see here >>37377127. The characters, the stories I've heard all sounded so "proper". I am definitely not capable to do it, nor was I ever, really. I am just left with this weird feeling of worthlessness and lameness because I couldn't do it.

I might be actually crazy because I'm obsessing so much about this part of life.

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shaved stan.jpg
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>be me
>be a 8/10 hottie
>no gf
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damn I actually just bust out laughing

I've never seen this Stanley before
You look like a date rapist

That is why you have no gf

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did he release a new vid ?
you've perked my ears, what cwcery is this?
Yes, his cat is all fucked up and can't breath so Chris naturally picks him up and shakes him around.

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she blew smoke in my face today
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Details anon, did she do it on purpose. Who is this she exactly?
I was standing next to her in front of the library while I was racking my brain to think of something to say to her. She blew smoke and the wind directed it my face. It made me happy
"Noticed you blew smoke in my face a few seconds ago, maybe you could blow smoke up my ass instead".

Works every time, trust me.

So when did you start losing it robots? how much worse has it got
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Started when I was 17. Five years later and I don't have much on the top of my head anymore. It's ok though, looking good is for normies.
Just recently, actually. I'm 25 about t be 26 and at first it made me depressed but now I just shaved it off an accepted it.
why havent you tried finasteride, minoxidil, pumpkin seed oil et cetera? how did your friends if any or family if any respond to your hair loss?

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NEET Island.jpg
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Realistically how long until this becomes real?
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idk but is it bad if I want to live there?
>blacks on neet island
Go fuck yourself.
I mean as long as I have internet and peace

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Jump out my window. Something tells me this creature is unable to jump without creating severe injuries.
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>jumps after you
>lands on you
this pan isn't working
give her a big hug and press my erection into her warmth
>te] [Auto]
Which drugs is she on?

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How do we fix white people?
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Start by killing me.
It exists, like how water exists and how the air is breatheable.
White privilege exists but its no way a problem, stuff like being that shampoo is marketed and catered for the majority i.e. whites isn't a problem

Why is /r9k/ always talking about women and sex?
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I think most robots are males who can't have sex so they think about it a lot. It's understandable.
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I don't know mate but it's really getting on my nerves.
They all live with the delusion that they will have a gf some day, just like how people get so heated about foreskin. It doesn't matter how it feels if you'll never feel the inside of a vagina.

As I'm growing old I realize more and more how there are "things" (ideas, moods,dispositions, hope.,choice.) that are plainly wrong and could only lead to suffering.

back then I use to shun this kind of attitude,beliving that old people were grumpy,deluded o outdated.

Now i began to understand that you painly can't do certain things without having to pay the price.
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well are you going to share some of your wisdom so we can see for ourselves?
Enlighten us on these things O wise anon.
>inb4 it's about getting dates with women
> it's not about you. Maybe you are special but you can't wear "that coat".

You can go out dressed like an anime or like a wallmart costmber because even if you are completly right people wouldn't understand.

there is no power/structur/patriarchy/common sense, it's just the time of a glimpse and you have to use this weapon 'case the world is harsh

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How do I make Chad pay for the privilege of sucking my cock?
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Literally become a tranny hooker.
nope, next!
If you are cute and have a big cock

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General for discussing the pathetic and self-inflicted problems associated with alcoholism.

Anyone else find that they can kill a handle of liquor and not get nearly as drunk as they used to from it? I spent the last of my money on a handle of plastic jug vodka yesterday, the Lord's day, and I haven't got the results I was hoping for when I walked into that BevMo with literally the last of my money.

The pain inhibition is awfully useful though as I find myself punching my own skull and occasionally belly for some sort of neurotransmitter kick. I'm not expecting any positive results. I just want to feel alive even in the most morbid sense.

Also I understand that this is a fairly retarded OP, but OP is always a faggot anyways so might as well be honest with my degeneracy and self-inflicted abuse.
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Going to pick up a handle of black velvet, it's on sale for $13.
>Last time I was sober was 13 days ago
>Tomorrow I finally go cold turkey
I...I need to be able to think again
I just want to drink and drink until I fall into the pit again. Alas, I cannot because I have work tomorrow plus I will be judged.

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How are you supposed to be in a relationship if you don't want children later in life?
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Find someone that doesn't want children later in life.

Do you know how difficult it is to find anyone at all for people that post on here? The likelihood of finding someone with such a niche desire is almost non-existent.
Why don't you want children? Seems pretty selfish to think that way.

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>Got a dog as my first pet
>When I come home he's so happy to see me

Finally feels like I have a friend lads.
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dog is good, what dog?
good for you anon. dogs are man's best friend
He's a Chesapeake bay retriever. He's bro

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I want to order a pizza, /r9k/
Which sauce and toppings do I choose?
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pineapple toppings
Ew, leave Sickfag.
Get the fuck out of my thread.

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