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pretend im normal.png
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Is Albania confirmed /r9k/? /ourcountry/?
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Looks like Austria is a cool country.
Sweden feels

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I'm monitoring this board, alongside my husband Jared Shekelstein. We are proud Jews and will report any anti-Semitic comments to our father, the president, which he will not tolerate. We must all 100% embrace the beautiful state of Israel, and I won't hear otherwise.
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Got scared off /pol/, reddit?
botched plastic surgery general?
Pretty much the same thing at this point t b h

>come home
>take that shit i held in all day, sweating afterwards and feel disgusting
>beeline for my bedroom
>get on pc, see that my steam "friends" are all playing together w/o me or offline
>play csgo alone, eventually get sick of it and get on 4chan
>go on /b/, see nothing but copypasta garbage and porn
>dick gets hard
>"fuck, i guess i'm gonna jack it now"
>cycle through the most disgusting and depraved porn, rub one out and feel even more sweaty and disgusting than before
>get a tissue, wipe cum off stomach
>go back on steam, everyone's offline now
>stay on 4chan for a couple more hours
>jack off again
>fall asleep
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I don't get the point of your thread anon, do you want feedback? advice?

You live a lame and pathetic existence, but then we all do.
cant you read. he wants other anons to share their daily routine
This is why no one fucking likes you Jarred.

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/tv/ here, can we stay here for a couple of days? The mods are letting reddit and /pol/ overrun our board and we need a place to stay while it blows over. We promise to keep the film discussions contained to one thread.
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How do people even watch movies? They are like video games but not interactive and more boring.
no problem. may i ask if you have watched american psycho?
Come on in, too many fucking normies on this board.

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hey anon meet your new daddy
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Big wood big wood
How does he still have a big dick if he's fat?
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smug mug.jpg
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It's called being black.

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Why God? Why God? Do I have to suffer?
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Trust me Anon, it gets better. I was saying the same thing a few months ago. What's wrong?
Pain in my heart carry burdens full of struggle.
What burdens are you carrying anon?

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why are men so ugly?
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because we dont know how to play dress up like girls
God hates men
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the phenotype.jpg
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He doesn't quite have the phenotype that Ashkenazi women crave

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So we still have a chance?
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Does the average man have a chance? Most likely.

Do we have a chance? Less likely.
Given the small population of this board relative to the population of the world (or the US depending on where the data came from), it's entirely possible that robots are entirely within the 3% that are failures - drastically eclipsed by it, in fact

This changes nothing
If you actually let the bullshit posted on this board influence you in eitehr direction youre a lost cause. Live your life how you want and stop worrying about what random anons think.

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>want to make a post outlining my feels so that other anons might find catharsis through our shared suffering
>cant find the right words for it, feels like theres no combination of words in the english language that could describe how i feel
>give up and go back to lurking

its like im a prisoner in my own mind.
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In a way this is that post anon, I relate to the inability to express my suffering
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I've been trying to practice my writing, and while it's mostly technical writing, I found my vocabulary increasing. Even then, it's hard to describe abstract feels.

I feel your pain friend. If you can do your best, we're here to listen.
Iktf dear friend. I wish I could tell you how to snap out of it. Swim through the motions I guess

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How would you make the dick?
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Giant balls = more testosterone

i've never had a woman ask me to fuck her with my balls so probably the left is the better idea
i've never had a woman ask me to fuck her at all

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>tfw 4chan emails the email associated with your isp when you get unbanned and what you got banned for
holy fuck now my dad knows how much of a degenerate i am
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Proof please

If true then fucked
This can't be true, please tell me this is false.

wait, it does?
holy fuck, please dont let this be true

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>tfw very attractive and tall but have a beta nice guy personality

my life is a constant cycle of females being initially attracted to me and very flirty followed by confusion followed by disinterest followed by disgust and contempt

the few times ive gotten anywhere with women ive been cucked beyond all recognition because im easy to walk all over.

i now just ignore women and ive adopted mgtow to cope since ive given up hope

pls i wish to end my suffering, it is all meaningless. i dont want to live the rest of my life a slave to this bullshit.

if you were me, what would you do?
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Enlarge your wallet.
You're not attractive your ugly af
Have you tried pump and dump? You might be able to avoid getting too attatched and going full beta.

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>wake up wanting to die
>dad almost cries talking about how my mom cried on the way to work because I didn't give her a high five when she left
>Have no memory of the morning and didn't do it on purpose, just fell back asleep
>go to work having panic attacks and shaking all day
>finally get home at almost 11pm
>literally writhing in pain when I get home like usual
>go into her room and tell her I actually had no memory of it and didn't do it on purpose
>Is angry and doesn't believe me
>Tell my dad she wont believe me so I don't know what to do
>Says he told her that too
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rape your dad and establish dominance
>I didn't give her a high five when she left

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Give her a hug anon. That will make her feel better

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Are robots good at skateboarding?
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I'm good at longboarding.

Not like how normies just cruise around, I actually go fast down hills and have a paid of slide gloves I use too. I used to night walk and it turned into night skating because there's no traffic at all really. It's so cozy having the streets to yourself and not having people be out walking either.
>tfw new yorker and night skate.
>tfw in the city it's taxis who are bros unless theres traffic
>tfw by home there's some advanced drunk driving on weekend nights and city is littered with people after 2am.
Used to skateboard but like someone said once in another thread, had to stop because the more time you invest the more you fuck your body up by being too hardcore. I could ollie a six stair and that was it. Not hardcore enough to go further.

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Anyone else talk to them self?
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The only reason i talk to myself is to feel like i have friends
Everybody talk to themselves.
The problem with schizophrenics is that they feel the voice they hear is not theirs.
At work, while high, while sober. I think it's a problem but I don't talk loudly to myself, and the results online say that it's healthy.

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