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>no one to play Battlegrounds with
>kind of got it to stop crashing

Sigh. Now I go to sleep. Only add me if you like animu and/or want to play Battlegrounds.

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h1z1/ow/soon to be pubg friends pls add thx bb

> http://steamcommunity.com/id/ahahahhahahahahah
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what's 2.99 mean?

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> you will never be a born female
> you will never be in a sexual relationship with you sister

Why do women have a better life than us?
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these girls are sisters?
>OP is projecting his fantasies on other people and pretending that what he wants is what they want.
>you will never be a born male
>you will never be in a sexual relationship with you sister

Why do men have a better life than us?

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>tfw no tragematopolist bf
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inb4 they start acting gay
>tfw no tragic metropolis gf
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>tfw no shoebill gf to peck at me

So how do you even get a gun illegally anyway? I'm from Chicago, can't get one cause I was committed recently

Where do I find someone willing to sell me a gun? Seems to be the easiest suicide option
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ask enough poor black/hispanic people, you're bound to find someone willing to sell you a peashooter I'd imagine but given that they likely have the serial number scrubbed you're probably going to have to pay like $200.
>walk up to random black guy
>"yo homey u got some gun? ;)"

How is that supposed to work. What if they get offended or try to shoot you
Convert to Islam first and use the car method. Help the movement eh?

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Hey r9k what are your thoughts on this heiney?
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too much ass for me
Big ass. Must Fuck.
I could handle it

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Dubs will get to kill the person they hate most before they an hero themselves.
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OP pls. We can have a race over who kills you first
Sooo....double suicide? How can one do that OP? :)
The person I hate the most is myself

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Who /into asian women/ here?

My brain produces no sexual/romantic response for any other race.
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non-asian women are not worth your time
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I prefer clown gf
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>you live only once
>you didn't get the finest feminine boi pucci on earth
why even bother? that's like drinking piss in a beer can instead of wine

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>be cutiepie girl
>go upstairs to anon's house
>things are getting hot and heavy
>he offers me an apple to eat
>I say sure
>he gets up and takes an apple from his bowl and runs it under the tap

...What kind of man would do something so wimpy? He can't handle raw fruit?
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Happen this did not
explain what's wimpy?
Wimp detected. Go boil your apples.

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Anyone else here enjoying all the /pol/ | alt-right tears?
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What are they disappointed about
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Yes, the right-wing will be forever discredited after the disastrous results of the Trump presidency.


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>the only words I've said aloud this week was my fast food drive thru order
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that's monk tier discipline and isolation
not really. I eat out just about every meal so I'm still putting in 1-2 orders a day. so that's like what, 50 words?
oh, i thought you meant the only words you spoke this week was one time going through the drive thru. so if you didn't go to a drive thru and just cooked at home you would never speak ?

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Happy Friday night everyone and to celebrate the end of the week we're having half off on all cocktail drinks. So come on in, take a seat, and tell your ole barkeep and fellow robots what's on your mind.

Currently on Jukebox: https: //youtu.be/5-D59unA8uI
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Give me a beer, im high as a kite!
>driving test in less than two weeks that I'm 75% sure i'm going to fuck up
>if i get that, my parents will immediately start cracking down on me about getting a job even though I can't keep one worth a damn
>I don't know what I hate more, life changes or life stagnation

I'm not very familiar with booze so gimme a good sorrow-drowner
27 kv wagecuck. Trying to get to a school program in college but both my parents' health are degrading. Like they prob wont see me graduate. All i can do is ask more time but i'm not hearing anything from school.

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>socialism ultimately discourages betterment to a large extent
>free market capitalism is soulless and soul-sucking
>fascism is a meme
>liberal "socialism" promotes the welfare NEET lifestyle which is morally wrong and causes guilt
Well, which one would you go with? I would go with the second option.
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I choose the fifth (third) option.
feudalism + eternal salvation in Christ my dude; only way to go
socialism only really discourages betterment in materialistfags who need The Big Rewards for doing anything at all

meanwhile, real humans live for the satisfaction of personal betterment and community improvement which go hand in hand

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Would anyone be interested in a ftm house slave? My "dream life" (before I fap- afterwards I lose interest in this) is to be a man's slave. I would suck his dick under his desk while he plays games, drink his pee so he doesn't have to get out of bed/the chair, clean his house and do any chores for him, and be treated like a pet or slave. I would not be allowed to cum very often. I want my owner to be firm and punish me when I need it, but not be needlessly cruel. I want every aspect of my life to be controlled, including how I eat, dress, and exercise.

Please note that I am fat, ugly, and mentally ill otherwise I wouldn't be posting a thing like this on r9k to begin with.
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I'll bump this once before I let it die..
I would but I'm not gay, I hope you find what you're looking for however.

I would be very interested. I will make you dress like a girl all the time, though.

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Possibly Maybe for me.
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Mine is Aurora from Vespertine

But also >>>/mu/ back to containment, mutant
Have A Sad Cum BB
All others are invalid

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I just got rejected for a third Time in a row, can someone take pic related and make it look more miserable so I am able to correctly document my emotion for this week.
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sorry anon, have a sad bald guy meme :)
i got a few more miserable ones if this isn't enough.
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This kind of miserable?

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