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hide your porn, hide your lube
hide your daki too
rapping Tomoko
is here to tell you
all the things you don't want to hear
like how traps are gay
and turning you queer
so jump back to reality
and look in the mirror
what you need to do
just couldn't be clearer
no fap
no fap
no fap
no traps
put yo dick away
and go run some laps
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idc if traps are gay senpai i dont think they are but if they are so be it would still fug
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Best part of the day is here. How's everyone doing tonight?
Good see you tomoko .

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A thread for everyone under 5'10"

Discuss how society has discriminated against you today.
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>be 5'5
>have only been discriminated against once
>some Stacy mockingly called me short in high school
>called her a bitch so we were even
Being 5'5 really ain't so bad man
5'10? X"D
bitch, I'm 5'6 and I pull more bitches than you could ever dream of
Go fuck yourself kid
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College will start again in a few weeks at most.
Are you ready?
What are your plans for the semester?
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I made it through 1.5 years of college. All of the coursework was so fucking boring. im 22 and still have no fucking idea what I want to do. Much less, id rather a company just teach me something so I can afford to live rather than work to live.
Ha! You're like 40 years late to that party!
>he thought he'd find enployment
>he thought he'd get trained
>he thought he could use that to find love and start a family
>he thought he would find meaning in the small specks of light that have been extinquished
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The meat on that french dip looks kinda odd for some reason.

Maybe it isn't a fresh dip...

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Hug your family thread.
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Hug your family thread
>What is this thread about?
Talking about and improving relationships with your sister/family
>Can i talk about/vent about my relationship with my family
>I don't like this thread!
Hide it, problem solved
>I'm going to start drama
You'll probably be ignored

>1 - Tell them you love them
>2 - Hug them as tight as you can
>3 - Keep hugging until they tell you to stop
>4 - Ask about what they've been doing lately
>5 - Ask how their day has been
>6 - Spend an hour with them
>7 - Ask what they're doing tomorrow
>8 - Try to pick them up or ask them to cuddle
>9 - Kiss them on the head
>0 - Tell them that you want to hang out with them more
>69- Ask them to do something lewd with you or let you watch them do something lewd

Plz giv heart erection
Laura I'm really sorry please forgive me
>the penis in my heart
Affection erection. Huehue.

Also hello everyone. I'm feeling pretty good today, I hope everyone's doing well.

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i want to masturbate but i just painted and the paint wont get off of my hands

i dont want an infection help
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Just fap using paint as lube
Use alcohol to get it off.
Wear gloves. That way you can pretend it's a girl giving you a handjob.

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>Anon, if you keep on masturbating, your pee-pee is going to fall off. And that's not just an old wives tale. I can hear vigorous your strokes are in the other room. You're going to rip the damn thing off.
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I think I've read this hentai before
Yeah didn't it go like this?
>I'm doing nofap mom! I think the strokes you're hearing are those I do on the dead trap (which is your son/daughter) in my room.
>Want to try it out?
Incest necrophilia is best fetish
>tfw no mommy gf to lock my peepee in a cage to keep me from playing with it too much

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How do I stop snacking
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Become diabetic I've lost 50 pounds and i keep eating the same way
You can convince yourself not to be hungry but its really hard
>How do I stop snacking
just do it saggytits

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I've been an agoraphobic and neet for 7 years (not including highschool)

This week I finally reached maximum boredom.
I'm bored of games. I'm bored of reading. I'm bored of music. I've already seen close to every decent movie ever made.
I'm undernourished. Probably diabetic. I'm completely alone with zero friends and zero family. I see my mom for about 30 minutes a week.
If prison had internet I'd probably just go there and fade away. Would be the same as now except I'd actually have food to eat.
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Not having social interaction will drive you crazy
In the same situation but what can you do about it? Go and talk to someone? The reality is, for me atleast, that I will probably spend the rest of my time this way, there is literally no way out, I can't even consider having online friends. I gave up long ago
How bad is your agoraphobia?

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Is there any reason for me not to do opiates? If I'm doing it in a safe controlled environment, and I know that I'm taking a safe amount, I don't see any problem with it other than its socially unacceptable. Yes, there is addiction and withdrawal, but as long as I always have it that wont be a problem. Also, if it will make me enjoy life then why the fuck not.
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If you think you need it to enjoy life before you even start, addiction's going to be a much bigger problem for you than for the average person.
>as I always have it that wont be a problem

Addiction is expensive, you'll likely end up as someone's bitch.
Because of tolerance. Soon enough it wont feel good anymore, youll always feel sick and no matter how much you take you wont feel normal anymore. Drugs always hit the tolerance wall sooner or later, and youll spend the rest of your life caring about nothing else but chasing the dragon, everything else just annoys you immensely

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>have a near limitless selection of movies, television, music, books, podcasts, and videogames at my fingertips

>do none of them
>sit in a room silently and refresh the same three tabs over and over for 8 hours without moving
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Going out for a walk is nice.

Ah who am I kidding you wouldn't do that
what is the purpose of going for a walk
Walks are a meme. Just pace your room while crying or thinking about stuff for a lil bit then you'll get over it

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>When you see a girl in leather leggings
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I just start imagining the foul stench of her pussy. Wearing leggings in summer is fucking awful.
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That just makes it even better anon
I thought so too, but then I experienced it IRL. Was with this girl a couple summers ago, she wore leggings all day while we were walking around town. Early in the evening we get back to her place and we got sit in the couch to watch some TV, and it hit me. The way we were sitting, my face was easily 1 meter from her crotch, yet I could smell it. WARM dirty pussy. It was kind of cool to be able to smell her, made me feel like we were close, but at the same time I didn't want to get any closer to that sweaty pit.

I spend almost my whole day in house and on computer and mobile phone but when i read a book and study, I'm so fucking weary.
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You answered your own question, GTFO out and jog, excercise, go to the fucking gym, go to the fucking bar, bang fucking women and burn calories, and read with the last fucking 4 hours of your day.

You can't read memes and shit on the internet and expect to be a person.

Go fucking work out, and attract a woman, and then read a book, you fucking abortion.
I do that

But sadly i'm not a normie.
Cut down on carbohydrates, caffeine, screen time. Exercise, eat right. No more dudeWeedLOL or Xannnaaaxx, etc. But you knew all this anyway, didn't you?

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I don't have an originaI sister
Dude can you please stop the flyovers of my home?
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women don't do anything wrong though

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right now my oneitis is probably fucking a drug dealer or something
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She's probably sleeping.

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I'm mobile posting rn (and not proud of it) because I'm away from home, so have a screenshot of something I saw yesterday that'll really make you think regarding this subject since I don't feel like typing it all out.
Wait till she gets really fucked up on spice, pop round and fuck her until she creams solid.

I am just not sure anymore.
Growing up I thought that liberal meant normal person; not some batshit insane other kin or tropes SJW person

I grew up in Woodstock where everyone was such and they seemed like normal folks aside from the old hippies who smoked way too much weed. Republicans and conservatives were a sort of boogieman who were only spoken o f in whispers.

From what I was tod of them they sound like horrible people
>they beat kids who misbehave
>they force people to go to church
>they boot kids from their homes if they don't conform to their standards
>they want to destroy people who are disenfranchised
>they appose science and want to live in 1950's
>they want a white nation
>they jeer at anyone who is different

My folks sentiments on this were

>I don't trust politicians, left, right it's the same bird at the end of the day
>Can't let conservatives have all the guns, we have the right to defend ourselves as well.

Mother basically thought that the democratic party was glorious and didn't have much to say about guns.

The list goes on, I never encountered them until I came here, but from what I have seen they seem like very angry people who love to race bait and gather faux facts. Also I have noticed quite a bit of elitist as well that are quick to jump on people.

Also for some reason they hate trans people.
Truth be told I am keeping my mouth shut on this issue because I honestly feel as though this might be the gateway to giving leeway to human genetic manipulation.
What are your sentiments on this bots and what is the deal with the liberal conservative dichotomy .
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I'm all earz
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it's all perspective.

to liberals, conservatives are bat shit crazy gun nuts who shoot guns and talk about Jesus and attend Klan meetings

to conservatives, liberals are all SJW otherkin who are part of BLM or Antifa

really you just have to ignore the extremists and find moderates who aren't fucking inept because not everyone is as extreme as the other side makes it seem
Fuck off libtard no one wants to associated with the leftie retards who are enforcing authoritarianism to shut down free speech for right wing dissent.

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