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what's your biggest fantasy, anon?
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Living alone and not leaving my house until I'm dead.
Role play as a slave master and force a black girl slave to suck/fuck me
>having a gf before i die

>them feelz when gf's don't exist anymore

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Tonight is prom night
And I sit here playing trash
This is the life, man
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Haha prom is for normalfags, chads and stacys. Your better off playing Vidya and jerking off
It's been three years and I'm so glad I didn't go to prom. I didn't go to my graduation either.
You made the right choice, anon.
Mine was last night.
>went without a date
>sat quietly for the first hour or so
>actually danced towards the end
>tried to have fun and enjoy myself regardless of everyone else
>hoping some of my confidence would boost my social standing
>mfw nothing changed
>see oneitis getting close with Chad
>see all the couples all but fucking
>even other single losers are being brought into groups to converse and flirt
>everyone just looks at me and laughs, nobody bothers talking to me
Fuck high school, honestly. Everyone is a hormonal barbarian with the worst taste in everything and the most garbage minds. Glad I'm pretty much done with it.

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>graduate HS
>heading for college that august
>excited, looking forward to it
>first night there
>realize how social you have to be to survive
>heart sinks
>realize how hellish this will be
>first semester over
>no friends, view towards college filled with regret and malice
>second semester starts
>same shitfest, different schedule
>passion for major gone
>hatred for everyone around me stronger than ever
>motivation dying and grades slipping
>settle on dropping out at the end of the semester
>home this weekend
>bf comes over I'm a faggot
>unconsciously refuse to cuddle or be near him
>feel uncomfortable being intimate or even holding hands
>just want to be alone, but I want to be with him
>forgot how to love
>tfw I'm filled with so much hate that I forgot how to express love
>tfw college destroyed my ability to properly express emotions

So how's life for all of you?
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Why would you need to be social for college? I'm doing fine on my own here.
Fuck off you faggot bitch. Go back to your own board
I'm in the exact same situation as you with college anon. I haven't been to class since spring break, don't even plan on going to finals

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>be me
>borderline autistic, diagnosed with anxiety disorder and clinical depression
>take Prozac to stop feeling like shit all the time, now I'm just feeling empty and scared
>don't really have any friends since I'm scared that one day they'll reject me, just like when I was a kid
>fucking hate high school, don't listen in class, but somehow get pretty good grades
>only thing I do during the weekend is watching anime, playing the vidya, and masturbating to fucked up hentai
>start getting into politics
>national socialism.jpg
>feel even more sad that I'll never be able to live in nazi Germany, fighting the commies alongside the wehrmacht
>one day at the library (I spend most of my time there, since I'm alone) a qt smiles at me
>somehow manages to smile back
>she sits next to me and ask me what I'm reading
>Oh fuck
>Mein fucking kamf
>she notices
>she then screams that I'm a fucking nazi and that she's jewish
>EVERYONE looks at me
>start to think about how Hitler would react in this situation
>stand up
>tell her that she's a fucking rat who lives on the back of the working class
I got a week of suspension, anyone knows some good hentai or vidya ?
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Hear that boys and girls? It looks like its tiiiiiiiiime tooooo KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF
So, any suggestion for hentai or vidya ? Or at leasr some tips for when I'll come back ? I almost tried to become an hero and I don't have the balls to do it.
You could try Civ 5 or Civ 6 and reenact WW2 or something, at least that's what I do sometimes.
For anime there's the saga of tanya the evil, which takes place in an alternate world in a WW1/WW2 setting, but with some magic.

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lasagiha sagifafaluseluzi haki gidede hasalu volumeholuha degiserotugirolu hasaholugizivo? mo sagidaluse'ha voluluse kiselu gidede zigiti.
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I'm getting really tired of blackbots bringing their ebonics onto /r9k/
oh my god I posted a thread yesterday and nobody replied! I though everybody who spoke our language died!!! aaa! I'm gonna jump onto pc and get my plugin working asap brother!!
mo'gy sekiha budegimece, mo'gy gi luhasasemome hokibukiha vofalugicemosero hasalu segihamodalu degiserotugirolu kihe "volumeholuha degiserotugirolu"

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Hey fellow robots, fembot here :[)

What's your image folder like? :) Is it sorted nice? I have mine really sorted because I'm superrrrrrr OCD (that's what all my boyfriends say at least lol) and also on the autism spectrum so it has to be categorized really nice, see I use dashes and I make them into nice groups, do you guys do that too?

Rate my sorting, folder comparison thread!
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dude youre too funny

>9gag folder
thats how i knew this was a joke
>posting obvious bait

moere pls

Anon, there's no time to explain, you must come with me. The fate of all robots depends on it.
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c-chad w-what are you doing he...FAST ANON! a-alright, gets in car*
I'm here to get you laid.
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Don't joke with me chad!

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>tons of shit to do before end of semester
>waste all my time on /r9k/
why do I do this
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>recognizing that image
kill me
Also you are fucking lazy.
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I didn't ask for you to judge me
I wanted robots to empathize with me
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I had two papers and 5 chapters to study for in one week. Spent half of that browsing this website and playing vidya. Just now starting at the last minute. Just end me senpai.

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you guys wanna know what's worse than being a wagecuck, being a volunteercuck

I literally have to volunteer or the government cuts my autismbux, I get paid $250 AUD every 2 weeks for 30 hours of volunteer work at a busy cafe waiting tables
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Might as well apply at cafes and get a real job for better pay. You've got experience, too. Or apply to a less shitty job, for that matter.
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I've been trying, youth unemployment here is something like 25% in my state
Yikes. How do you even live on such little money? Follow-up question: when the state fails to provide the means for people to sustain themselves through their labor, can that state be seen as legitimate?

I can't order a tenga egg or whatever since I still live at home, what are some home "on the spot" fap tools?

Tired of the hand or sock.
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Amazon must sell fap toys. Just get that shit delivered to an Amazon locker and pick it up yourself.
>tired of hand or sock
let me give you a pro tip.
use old t shirts or white shirts

stick your penis through the head hole

and hold your dick by sticking your hands through both arm holes

This creates self contained semen environment, as long as the body hole is properly balled up then it's very nice
File: 1470786473642.png (456KB, 804x876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>his creates self contained semen environment

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A very good morning to you lovely lads
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Fuck off to /soc/ you cunt. You are all normalfaggots trying to fit in but you are just as bad as the trap threads. Seriously die.
some centuries ago, our planet was discovered by a race of beings that were too few in number to conquer our species without risking their own annihilation. but they recognised the exploitation potential of a world replete with natural resources, including a race of sentient beings who were at that time not advanced enough to harvest those resources.

so these beings began to sample our DNA and mix it with their own DNA. they are naturally morpheus creatures anyway, so it didn't take long before they were able to act as imposters among our kind, and they have refined these techniques over many centuries, so they they may now breed with human beings freely, totally unbeknownst to the human being that their offspring are in fact partially alien.

they have spent the past 8 decades altering our biosphere and our food chain. they have been responsible for the creation of cancer causing agents and laboratory created deadly viruses with which they intend on population control, not just with lifespan limitations, but also through birth control, to better enable them to dictate the course of human life and the events we take part in.

since the 1980's they have had enough of their kind in positions of power to effectively control the entire world. everything that seems to happen is in fact a charade. there was no cold war. there are no seprarate religions. all of it was instigated by The Lizard people to keep us divided and opposed to one another. the more we fight against one another, the less likely we will fight against them, and the easier we are to manipulate and control. divide and conquer is one of the oldest and most effective means of waging war.

Jesus never existed, neither did Mohammed. both religions were created with the express intent of controling the spiritual destiny of the masses, to keep them ignorant

wakey wakey lads, disrupt the programming of your masters and realise the truth of your deluisional fake lizard hell reality of which you inhabit,become w
Absolutely high as a motherfucker right now lads.

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>thinnies tell me to eat fruits
>meanwhile in reality fruits are filled to the brim with sugar
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>what are vitamins and minerals
>implying sugar makes you fat
>thinnies tell me not to eat rice
But it's fried.
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i was fat
what helped me is to eat only whenever my stomach makes the hungry sounds. and eat not to feel full, but eat just enough to not feel hungry.
youll have to eat often but small amounts but that helps
im pretty ripped now

avoid shit food

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What is MBTI:

In-depth look at theory and types:



Big Five (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism)

Enneagram (Nine interconnected personality types)

SLOAN (Social or Reserved, Limbic or Calm, Organized or Unstructured, Accommodating or Egocentric, Non-curious or Inquisitive)

Specific advice doc (working on this, contributions very welcome): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0qxanTMPVY8_aPqyTd-pgU_E65wgNC-LcbSMr4NgGA/edit?usp=sharing
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Nice, the OP is back
Good on you for getting the next one up so fast.
Since this is a self improvement edition, does anyone have any of those self-improvement roll images? Like a challenge based off the number you get. That'd be fire.

Who /DXM/ here?

I'm in a shitty position but in the past month have slowly been getting better by having a number of introspective trips on DXM(OTC cough meds). I think Delsym is the best way, as I prefer polistirex over Hbr. You can get the shit at Walmart for $12 for a 5oz bottle. I'd recommend doing the whole bottle. And have your day cleared, it'll fuck you up.

After 8 years a NEET, in the past month, I've:
-quit drinking(not 100%, but I'm no longer antsy to drink to pass time or game/watch TV anymore)
-renewed my expired driver's license I'd been putting off for 3 months
-Apply to a couple shitty wagecuck jobs and looking into long term jobs, education, financial aid, etc.
-lost 15 lbs and still going, looking sexy as fuck
Shit, even doing DXM is working itself out. Kind of hard to describe, but it kind of quits itself after a few experiences and tolerance buildup. I don't see a therapist or take anxiety/depression meds, but I imagine they wouldn't be as effective as the few DXM trips I've had.
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I once drank 2 family size delsyms I was literally high for 3 days. I didn't think I was ever going to be normal again. I would go to sleep high as fuck wake up high as fuck for 3 whole days.
Would dxm make me more susceptible to hypnosis?
File: CNjLgCD.jpg (473KB, 1836x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do the cold water extraction if you dont already

not poli hit up a couple family dollars.
they sell these for 1$ buck a piece and the cashier 100% has had people buy 3-6 before and doesn't give af.

you might have to hit up a few or try a few times because they sell well and some dont carry because faggot kids steal them instead of just paying.

it might depend on the person but in my experience I dont think so, not that I've tried.
you can do things like imagine elaborate scenery and meditate tho.

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Well, that's it. An eight month relationship, gone. Those eight months were probably the happiest I've been in a while. At least I've got memories.
>tfw no gf (m)
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Faggot dont actualy want to marry though. They just want validation and attention. They are just as bad as females. So get off this board and go to lgbt. You belong there,not here.
Fuck off, this is the first time another human being has loved me in years.
Nobody has ever really loved you fucking faggot. Get out of la la land and wake the fuck up

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