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/pol/ + /r9k/ = pic related
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>no money for real school
>do shitty IT program
>porky imports pajeets to do job at slave labor
Fuck the liberal enablers
>foreigners come and trash the community, litter parks faster than can be cleaned
>beg on the streets, nest up in public libraries and make noise
>somehow all this is my fault

Day of the rope when?
Literal propaganda.

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ITT: Post an "accomplishment" that only fags on this website would find impressive or interesting.

>I saw Elliot's original manifesto post right before he went on his spree

Forget if I saw it on here or /b/.
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jessie slaughters dad told me he was going to call the internet police on me.
>I saw Elliot's original manifesto post right before he went on his spree

I do find that a impressive actually. Did you reply to his thread? I would've wished him luck.
I responded to the original "some of you guys are alright, don't go to xxx tomorrow" thread before that faggot went on his killing spree. It was posted right here on /r9k/

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>MFW i just talked with a grill from r9k for 25 minutes on the phone

what have you done today, /r9k/?
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You mean a """grill"""
I talked to some weird guy for 25 minutes.
i fucked your mom BITCH

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wow! would you look at that.
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Sir I think you dropped these.
You might have missed the mark, but I'll show you what a real pair of dubs looks like

You guys are awful, let me show you how it's done.

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Will some kind anon please send a poorfag a small part of a bitcoin?
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please give me Bitcoin
I'm starving
I need help
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>not bitbean
go to work you lazy fuck

TFW you wanna be a trap but you're 6'+ and 200 lbs
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sounds like you already have tits.
is your life valuable enough to where you cant be a trap too?

Same boat as you. Plus I live with parents which makes it a lot harder.
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Tfw 5'7 with big ass and a girly face but I don't want to do that degenerate shit but it doesn't matter anyway because women don't even look at me.

I want to be 6'0 and have facial hair God dammit

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>been going on 4chan since I was 11 or 12
you know looking back on it I don't think that was a very good decision
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I want to be removed from this place forever
same but it was a great decision
>be 14 when i get on 4chan
>was still an active SA user at the time
>gradually went from comfy namefag forum posting to hectic insanely addictive fun posting
>27 now
>sometimes wonder what life would be like if i stayed on SA


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Every person I've ever heard say that has been a guy.

What's your excuse?
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This is shit chads and women say
fuck off
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Excuse for what? Huh? What? I don't understand. I'm having quite a bit of trouble, I'm afraid. No but really, your post is rather confusing. What i mean to say is that, if you'll let me be frank, I don't think I'm getting what you're trying to convey here. If one were to describe my expression right now, it would be one of bemusement, your original post being the source of my perplexed visage. That's not to say that you are incompetent, in fact maybe I'm the one with a deficiency in the comprehension department, but I would be grateful if you would clarify what your intent was with the phrase "What's your excuse?". I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I want to make sure to convey my lack of understanding as to what you were conveying in your post, and to implore to you, Original Poster, to convey what you intended to convey originally, but conveyed in a manner that would be easy for me to understand, a 'conveyance of what was conveyed, but conveyed more clearly than the original conveyance' so to speak.
I don't live in a Ecchi Harem Anime. Therefore this would not apply to me.

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>So anon, tell me about yourself
what the fuck am i supposed to say to THIS??
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say where you were born and raised and your full name and improvise if they ask you about your hobbies say modling and shit just lie lie lie normies suck
No, YOU tell me about YOURSELF, BITCH!
I still get nervous about this question.
>I work at x doing y, I love it and it allowing me to do x which I might want to pursue further
>Out side of doing y at x I read & listen to music a lot, I hope to travel to random country I have interest in next year.
>Also love a good craft beer. What about yourself?

Would you live in a world of mandatory nudism?
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Save Image As : Hot Babe.
yes. i would.

sure but it'd be gross seeing other fatties

ITT: post whores that blocked you on twitter
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Let me guess? You called her a mudshark or something along those lines?
>having a twitter
your normo is showing
Why did she block you ? What did you do OP ? don't tell me you called her a coal burner

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Holy fuck are you guys really that young. You all bitch about no gf or bf but can't even support yourselves financially. You're literal children crying about wanting to kys themselves due to bring lonely.... at such s young age lmfao. Wew.

T. Married 24 yr old normie.
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yeah i hate all the hormonal rejects on this board. and you are a normie go hug your wife for pete's sake and get off of here.
fuck off faggot why are you even on here
t. NEET KHV 24yo
Been here since 2012 why leave now. How about YOU leave.

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Is it normal to sleep in the same bed as my mom at 20 if I get lonely?
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it's only weird if you do compensate by giving her the fucks
You mean at the same time as your mother? greentext if possible
no but its cute

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>going to attend West Point
>Reception Day is on the 3rd
>still a virgin
>80% male school with anti-sex policies
Did I miss my opportunity? No girl showed any interest in me sexually all through high school. Since I'm not a Chad I doubt I have any chance with the small number of girls here, either. I'm practically guaranteed to be a virgin for the next 4 years I'm guessing.

Am I fucked? I especially don't want to end up being a beta army provider to some dependa whos probably cucking me on the side.
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Dude you're going to a military academy. Fuck women. You're not fucked.
just have sex with your roommate
>being gay with other cadets
I'm not attending the Naval Academy, sorry.

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Does anyone want to play PUBG with me?

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Please Ur Butt Gayly

Penis U Betcha Guys

Pretty University Boy Gangbang

Prepare Ur Butt Gary

Penetrates Uncle's Butt Gloriously
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pretty true orignales
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pls respond

more madotsuki

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