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Any tips for a C# beginner? I came from javascript background and now picking up C# because my work made me use Unity. Willing to explore more C# stuff beyond Unity, where shall I begin?
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Visual studio is mandatory, get that shit now. Also if you understand java already, C# is going to be easy as hell to understand.
Syntax wise most programming language shares a lot of similarities. What would you say a must know for a C# beginner?. I can cover most of the basic stuff like conditionals, methods, class, but I feel like theres still a lot more to cover.
Threads,Async, LINQ, tuples, optional, collections, generics.

Alright nerds, I'm getting into electrical engineering and my circuits class is making me extremely interested in possibly playing around with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I have no significant knowledge on these projects or if /g/ is even a good board to browse for discussion with these things. Throw me a bone and give me some basic guidance/advice. Thanks
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5th year of engineering here. Learn everything you can about embedded computers like arduino and raspberry pi, but do not get stuck to them, it is easy to fall for the Node.js and internet of things meme. DO NOT ENGAGE with those. EVER. Arduino should be just another tool, to make it easier to control small projects and prototype faster, but learn some PIC or ATMEL afterwards. As for the rasp, try to set up a home server with it, learn some linux basics and shit.
Thanks famicom

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Is this kill?
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yup, massive failure

used to make shit for them, sine wp7
I actually don't have the count of how many wps I've had anymore. Still got two 10s, and they are in the drawer and have been for a couple of years now
Is growing on the third world.

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>62162499
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>no thread up when I wake up
Wow finally.
there has been a thread for like 2 hours

delete this duplicate

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Hey /g/ I need some help figuring out a solution for finding phone numbers for people. Essentially, I have about 100 spreadsheet with roughly 400,000 people in total on them and each individual has their last known address, city and state along with previous employer but no phone number. What I need to do is find a way to contact these people and obviously a phone number is the easiest way to do that.. but who the hell really has landline phones anymore? I know there's services like whitepages pro and shit like peoplefinder but a lot of these look like cookie-cutter services of each other and all of them have a pretty redonkulous cost (something like $50 a month for 200 searches providing only basic info, or 10.00 for an extensive background and contact report per person). I just need to find out what company or service out there that is most reliable in finding a current phone number or contact information for someone using only their first/middle/last name and previous known addresses that doesn't limit how many searches you do if you pay for the membership. Anyone have any experience with this?
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I have an almost 9 years old pc, with no chance of buying anything new.
Should i consider suicide?
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Also, have to add that 9 years ago, it was at best medium-low end
post specs
Install Linux and make better use of your hardware.

I put zfs root from antergos on my shitty 60GB HDD laptops and run with compression to save more shit on them.

Can someone point me to some Oracle lessons, tutorials, anything where i can start learning Oracle online, and also I'm open to any wisdom you guys have to offer regarding Oracle
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Why don't you have 400GB microSDXC, /g/?
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Who cares about the size if the speed sucks dick?
people have different requirements. for me: no dual sim plus sd slot = trash.

Why not?
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>chink spyware
>confusing opera with vivaldi
OP if you ever manage to pull your head out of your arse then come join us

pic related

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Hopefully this puts the tired meme that 7 isn't botnet to rest, enjoy your unpatchable backdoors Wincucks.
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Hopefully, I prefer Windows 8.1
It's superior

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Vega 64 Cucks BTFO

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Bruh it's reaffirming the the 54 is better in everyway. 1070 cost with 1080ti performance
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>1080ti performance
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He's right though, in games without AA or CMAA the 56 almost matches the 1080ti.

Ever wondered why the 1080ti, 1080, and 1070 are getting massive price cuts? That's why.

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Which is the best of this three?
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I don't know what INOX is so I'm gonna say ungoogled chromium.
What's wrong with Iridium?

How the fuck do you set up a proxy for torrenting? I've been pulling my hair out over the last few days.

>try Dante which uses SOCKS5
>works, except it doesn't support IPV6 nor does it connect to udp trackers
>try Srelay which also uses SOCKS5
>same issue as Dante but it supports ipv6
>try Squid which uses HTTP
>doesn't connect to any clients or udp servers.

Fuck, I just wanna use qBittorrent over a proxy. Anyone know how to configure squid to work? Or do you know of an app that actually works with torrenting?
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Not OP but I also got a question about proxy's

Since they are trying to stop downloading I was forced to take a proxy but now whenever I try to post on 4chan it says my ip range or country is blocked

Why is this? it's very annoying now that I have to post on my mobile phone and not on computer
also is your proxy free? cause free proxy's are shit and dont work and if they somehow work they are slow as fuck

if you have a paid vpn just start it and go to whatsimyip.com and see if it works
You should be able to configure dante to do ipv6 and UDP

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>amd announces nvme RAID for Threadripper, no additional cost
x299 BTFO again.
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Delete dis antisemitic thread right now or I'll report dis site to the ADL.
>only 0, 1 and 10
>only 10 drives maximum

get this babbyshit the fuck out
Upgrade to epyc, goy.

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What does /g/ think about this China botnet?
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Is it really good for the internals to shove 8gb of ram and a turbo-capable core i5 in such a thin, fanless, metal body?
Don't even think about buying new laptops now, both Raven Ridge and 4 core Intel ULVs are coming out in a month or two, they'll both be the biggest upgrades for these low power/thin ultraportables since IvyBridge years ago.

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