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/g/ I just bought a 2017 MacBook Pro non touchbar with the base processor, 16GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

It isn't even here yet and I already feel like I've made a terrible mistake. I got the most expensive headphones Apple offers for free for the current deal, they cost 300 bucks and I was going to sell them on eBay to get some money back. I have a desktop I built myself and I use and Android phone. I felt like I was losing touch with reality, so I sold my Thinkpad and the desktop is for sale. I was going to get the MacBook, then get an iPhone when it comes out and sell everything else. This was supposed to help me be a "normal" person again so I could focus on school and fitness instead of 4Chan, Gaymes, and muh superiority to Appletoddlers. But now I feel like I'm pretending to be someone else.

>tldr I bought some Apple shit for the second fucking time to try and be a normal person instead of weirdo nerd and now I'm having second thoughts.....................Pls help
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macs are nice but why should a computer define you as a person? it's just a tool
>conformist frogposter
Keep the desktop, just use your mac book for normie tier stuff and have your desktop be your autism box. The laptop and phone will be nice when you are out an people will see you but in the comfort of your own home you can be your autistic self with your desktop.

>don't mind me, just pirating this software
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should have went with the adblock perspective, would have drawn more (You)s.
>both you and the other guy get to have their own wallet
what is the problem here?
We discussed this one million times already, copying isn't stealing, and the right to an idea doesn't exist.

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Anon, I got myself Ryzen 1600 and some DDR4 RAM, now, what is the best (and relavtively cheap) motherboard for AM4?
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I have a msi tomahawk b350 working with no problems.
I am thinking about ASrock B350 Pro4, because it has 3+3 phases.
I'm using msi b350m mortar, pretty much since r5 launch and it works great.

>this person is responsible for the most important process in your computer and the most important piece of code after the kernel
>8 years from now you'll meme ''why didn't you prevent this?''
Don't tell me I'm not trying to prevent this before everything is lost
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What the fuck? Since when is (((Poettering))) involved in OpenRC?
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RIP Linux, yet another great thing completely ruined by the Germans
> guatemala kek

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well, he finally did it. Anon finally built that PC he always wanted after pimping and scrimping for a hard don long time. Please shit on it, comment-san and tell me what to do better
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what I expect dont let me down
>RX 480 on 768p

Sell that card and you can upgrade your whole system. Also

Captcha: street for sale
Why did you buy an RX480 for an Athlon X4 845

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So I just got an ipad for work.

Want to put some movies on there to watch, but it says I have to sync them via itunes . A) fuck itunes i don't want to download that and B) i can't resync the ipad to a new library because I would lose some work apps.

What's the best way to do this? Never used an apple product before.

Any help appreciated Lads.
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That's a cute dove
What a lovely dove
Post more of this songbird.

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Why is this the comfiest distro, /g/?
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Ubuntu Gnome
Because it's based on Crunchbang, and Crunchbang was comfy.
I like Ubuntu with xfce4, runs snappy on my lithe single core x120e (4gb ram tho).

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Whats the browser with the absolute lowest RAM usage?

I have used Chrome and now i am using Vivaldi and both are fucking garbage with Ram.

Vivaldi right now is using like 400+mb with 3 tabs open
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Any text-based browser, but you'd have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of functionality since a large part of the web is now graphically oriented.
its good on linux but botnet10 users report high usage i suspect ms poojet shenanigans

op if you want low ram use old FF builds like 4 or something
most browsers today use webkit-like engine and shit on ram

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Prices will be more competitive and the old industry will die. Thoughts?
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>Access to literally infinite storage for pennies per month
>1TB provider cap

What a load of bullshit.

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And i make this.
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you made a fucking Pentium III when you were bored?
imagine what he do when he's not bored
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How the f does one change their user name using usermod with system dicks running in the background?
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Just create a new user and rename the home folder.
That's what I'm trying to do but it doesn't work when the user you're trying to change is being held hostage by system dicks. But I already went into recovery mode and changed it because no one seems to know how to get around it
You create a new user and delete tge old one. Systemd is not agnst that.

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What did they mean by this?
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Works on Chrome, maybe you should uninstall SJWfox
>his browser tells him everything is OK all the time
literally big brother

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>Let's put a botnet in you're sink
Has the interwebs gone too far?

Also, which OS is this?
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>Complains about botnet
>iPhone users
Your reflection lol

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I am in the field of cyber security or more specifically cyber security focused software development since pentesting is more about knowing how to use your toolset instead of being able to program it.

So last year I spent quite amount of time with Python, it was really easy & fun to learn. But it was just not enough for full scale software development. So this year I want to devote my time to learning C++, and adding Python + C++ combo to my skill set.

Currently reading Stroustup's "Programming: Principles and Practice using C++", I know that it is written for newbies but coming from a high-level programming language background where some of the subjects are highly abstract I just want to refresh my knowledge with low-level stuff this time.

So here is my questions:
1. What the fuck is wrong with C++ 11/14/17? Is there a reason why people don't like the newer standards or is it just a meme?
2. C++ has some overhead compared to C, it is a very known thing. But is the overhead optional, can't I just disable the stuff that I don't want and minimize the overhead in the final build?
3. MinGW vs. MSVC? Practically speaking.
4. Which IDE would you recommend? Currently using CLion but still haven't decided, might switch to VS in the end.
5. Any book/resource recommendations? Especially cybersec programming.
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You can check the cert c++ coding guidelines, and after check some coding standard depending on what you want to do
>C++ has some overhead compared to C
Doing OOP in C leads to worse performance than in C++. Templating allows to idiomatically do things that would involve runtime overhead in C at compile time. So no, it's not "a very known thing".
C++ is split up into two camps. The first one uses a small sunset to reduce runtime overhead. To other uses all nice features C++ has at the cost of runtime overhead.

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What android music player to use?
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Because I dont know any other.
Blackplayer EX or Phonograph
Just sing the song yourself

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