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>tfw got caught for pirating western TV shows by my ISP

Shill me your best VPN
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Shut the fuck up, Aqua.
Move to a proper country
>Watching TV
Piracy is dead, my dude. I ascended from the world of 3D (almost)

Any ideas? Post them here.
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As if we give them away for free
iOS simulator
nice try pajeet

What's the best bluetooth speaker I can get for less than $90 USD?
Is there anything that comes a little close to these?
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Maybe JBL Flip.
They are all horrible in that price range, so just find one with good battery life.
Mono speakers are gay

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Bull-shit: a) That's subjective as fuck b) Get used to high FPS and then low FPS looks like slide-show garbage c) Ironically, reality is "high FPS" so low FPS can look fake.
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Turn on motion interpolation.
SVP is not good enough
I like SVP but it would be a lot better if filmmakers would record movies at 60 or 120fps. 24fps looks like a slideshow.

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Is Tutanota the sucessor of Proton Mail?
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I'm sorry, what?
We all know that Proton Mail is fucked up, and cock li is mail for the memes that can be easily shut down by the police.
>We all know that Proton Mail is fucked up
We do?

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>the state of artificial life software

It's so depressing.
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No, it isn't
>OP flailing
I'm also depressing.

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Rust is literally the most energy efficient programming language:

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Go is getting BTFO
>Rust is literally the most energy efficient programming
Pythonfags will justify this.

Hi guys, /biz/tard here just with a question for you all. Do you rate this browser and what do you think of the mercury rollout?
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It's pretty shit senpai.
It wont take off and be popular all of a sudden, some people here shill it but its barely usable.
Slow as fuck too.
Slow as fuck, little to no extensions. Don't believe the shills, it's not worth your time.
it's a browser made by an ad company. Basically a gimped chromium with a shitty adblocker built in. Shitty since it tries to get you to whitelist the ads that Brave is gonna fund themselves by selling. Pile of garbage desu

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How does one become a h4x0r?
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Wear black clothes, post screenshots of browser console and CMD prompt on facebook.
By fucking off to lainchan and never coming back.
By getting a rope and tying one end around your neck, the other to the top of an overpass.

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>The Pirate Bay has begun to test embedding a Monero-coin crytocurrency miner, CoinHive, on some of its pages.
>The system is being investigated as a replacement to traditional advertising.

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It has already been done people will not like it.
Why would TPB even bother with shit like this when they can't even provide daily torrent backups of their site?
>no mention that it rapes the CPU

lol everyone should block this shit

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So, openbox users, how are we gonna deal with Wayland? As fas as I know there is no good substitute for a simple but efficient floating WM like openbox on Wayland.
Are you gonna stay on X or change to GNOME or KDE?
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Sup openboxfags, what taskbars you prefer?
>try out gnome on wayland
>push to talk doesn't work in any VOIP
>literally impossible in the design of wayland
>devs tell you to implement it in the compositor
what the fuck is wrong with these people? are you fucking serious?

So what do we do now?

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We start reading NEWS rather than OLDS.
Bull fucking shit
go to /k/ and they will tell you why it happened twice.
Cryptopgraphically sign GPS beacons

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I finally root my phone. Can we have one of those threads telling which root-only apps are a must have?

>tfw Nougat
>no xposed for it
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There's really no need for rooting these days. I used to do it all the time but desu with custom launchers and browsers with built in ad-blocking I don't miss it at all. Plus it screws up Android Pay, Netflix and most banking apps
and it fucks up trying to update

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Is Pajeet for real?
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yeah no
Android isn't going anywhere. What else would Apple copy useful features from?
>Incredibly expensive device could be about to kill cheap and expensive devices
I don't follow.

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>block location requests from facebook
>facebook still knows where I am
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Why are you using Facebook
You were tagged in a picture or something
No it's a fake account.

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