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What are you doing with your pies /g/?
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I'm wondering what I should do with mine. Maybe I should set up Pi-Hole?
Kodi box for my dad lol
I jizzed on it

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Let’s say we had an opportunity to start from scratch in the near future and build a completely brand new operating system targeting desktop computers. I’d like to hear your opinion, what would you like to see? Doesn’t matter what your technical knowledge or experience is, as you can explain it in layman’s terms if you wish.

What type of kernel should be used? Microkernel/Monolithic/Hybrid/Other? Why?

What type of filesystem? Any particular features worth implementing or perhaps something already exists that can fulfill all the needs?

Should such and OS focus on backwards compatibility with older hardware/software/porting or should it focus on modern hardware and only be forward looking?

What type of desktop environment should be used?

Are there any other features or ideas you would like to see implemented?
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why bother when macOS is already perfect
Nobody here is intelligent and experienced enough to answer that question
From a layman (concerning OS architecture):

Ubiquitous and easily implemented compatibility with any and all non FOSS systems, programs, and peripherals while being completely FOSS and KISS. Also a very marketable and continuity driven UI like all the good things about macOS. Maybe based on Unix.

Name a better programming language. Spoiler: you can't.
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C is literally the perfect balance of speed and usability.

I agree with you OP.

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>in his language "engineering" comes from the filthy blue collar peasant word "engine" and not from "intellingence"
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>filthy euro pretends his shit culture can stand up to proud american innovation
Bait, but

>filthy blue collar peasant word
>filthy blue collar

ok bud

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Please convince me to switch to Linux. I'm starting to get really sick of Windows, but I keep from switching to Linux over small things. For example, I like being able to just install programs on Windows with just a couple clicks.
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>I like being able to just install programs on Windows with just a couple clicks.
How hard it is to type 'sudo apt install %%'? Or ok, you download .deb package, you click on it, you click install, that's all. 2 clicks installation in Windows is bullshit.
btw if you have laptop with nvidia gpu in it and you still complain about 'muh two clicks install', don't switch. You will get wrong impression.

What is your login sound?

Here's mine: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1BB2tSxxDJu
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none. all my system OS sounds are disabled.
fuck system sounds.
>expecting big ben
>actually a respectable start up sound

Why the fuck do people dislike Vista again?
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I like it desu
Because they had old computers, and were unwilling to upgrade. I built one a month before release, and I liked it fine.
It was insanely unstable upon release.

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This isnt about which is better, clearly IPS is. This is about, should i really get it for my needs. I dont do graphical work but i will watch the odd movie or porn on occasion.
I want two monitors to put into dual mode(side by side) preferably max 23 inch each monitor.
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Got both, TN has better colors but is bright as fuck and hurts your eyes. IPS has worse colors but has that yellow tint that's better if you stay on your pc for a long time.
>watch porn
Definitely go with IPS
>TN = quickshot

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>3.5 GB/s read, 2.5 GB/s write
The only way to boot
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Just wait ssd 970 pro in less 2 month.
>not a pci ssd
*suddenly doesn't show up on bios*

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Hey, I'm going to New York in a few weeks, I don't think I can take pictures with my phone so I was thinking of getting back into the disposable camera game. Partly for the nostalgia factor (I have great memories using these in the late 90s early 2000's) and partly because I need something cheap.

Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone one here has used these recently. What's the quality like compared to let's say a digital photo from an iPhone? Which brand makes the best ones? I'm probably just going to get Kodak because that's what I used as a toddler and I want the nostalgia rush, but if some other company has a much better camera I'll go for it.

Thanks in advance.
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why cant u use your phone
Fuck off you fucking tourist get out of my fucking way
Stop stopping in the middle of the goddamn street
Go with the cheapest and get a lot

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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"
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Never gonna make it.
brilliant post m80 @62243546
Who are you quoting?

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Hello, /g/entlemen. I want to install a GNU/Linux distro on a USB drive for troubleshooting purposes. For my use case, it needs to be fairly lightweight and have good built-in driver support. What would work best for this?
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the answer is always Xubuntu
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i've used systemrescuecd
Looks promising, thanks

who /hype/ here?
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Go away
Hype for what? It's a phone. Grow up, holy fuck.
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Post how long your display has been running
>it even counts the time it was off
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>even counts how often the "auto" button was pressed
Is this a botnet screen?
>she fell for the .flux meme

Who does this? Why start bidding the price up with 6 days left? What kind of brainlet is behind this? Show yourself.
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This is why people aren't allowed to be happy on eBay
ehehehe it is I, I bid the price up on all thinkpads with no intention of buying them
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It was me sorry

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