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2018 will be the year of Redox OS
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Give me that CF-18, please.
literally what
hi Jeremy Soller

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>Linus and Terry A. Davis consider OpenSUSE a piece of garbage
>/g/ think it's better system for servers
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>his fucking complaint because it asked for sudo password for entering wifi password

What are the most obscure linux distros?
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VMware Photon
make your own distro and don't even release it or give it a name that way not even the pseudo hipster neckbeards on /g/ will be able to use it

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Is SICP really necessary if I already know loops and basic stuff? I used MATLAB as a glorified calculator at university as a non CS related STEM major.

I'm on chapter 3 and I find it boring. The concepts aren't hard but it is a chore working with cons, car, cdr with pairs and lists (and append, cons, (list x y) all existing). I don't understand why cons, car, and cdr weren't completely ignored as soon as lists were introduced. Maybe going fully though any textbook was always going to be boring but SICP is structured as if you should do that.

I wouldn't say I'm a total pleb. I just wonder whether studying more maths in my free time and codemonkeying would be better. I have never actually programmed anything in "the real world".
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How do you get the first element of a list without car? How do you iterate through a list recursively without cdr?

I know you use car. But why doesn't the book introduce that stuff and then say, "here's a few simplifying functions which we'll use for the rest of the book to make things easier"

Like python's list[index] or list[start] or list[end]

That's abstraction
Right, but that's what I'm asking you. What such abstraction is there in scheme? The stuff you listed, append and list, don't take care of this problem. The reason they introduce them later and make you work with cons is to beat the concept of Head/Tail lists into you because it's hugely important to understanding how scheme processes lists.

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Redpill me on DuckDuckGo
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duck duck goose
Why I use ddg: exclamation marks
I can instantly serch shit in proper website
!yt rickroll
!gh systemd

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How do I upload and watch YouTube videos without being part of the Google botnet?
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by using the net, you are part of the botnet.

go find a cabin in the woods and fucking kill yourself from anal bleeding.
You just hack the tubes.
Have you learned nothing here?
You don't

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Anyone ever tried cooling their computer with outside winter cold air? If that's the case please share your tips.
>inb4 condensation
This guys had this config running for 7 years without issues.
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Just open the damn window
condensation would be problem since you would bring colder air than your temperature, also you would cool down your room if your exhausts would go in room (maybe cold air leaking in your room?)
I had similar idea but exhaust instead of intake, so you wont heat up your room in summer (if you game for longer time or mine)
>Believing that condensation isn't going to fuck your shit up because this guy claims it hasn't fucked his shit up

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Alright, I'm going to a 5-day all-camping music festival on Wednesday, and I'm about to start packing. Never done one before, or even camped in years for that matter.

What would you bring /g/? Specifically, tech items that would BTFO the normies and hippies I'm camping with and make my life exponentially easier.

I'm already bringing a solar-powered portable charger, and a vape pen to suspend all my drugs in e-liquid.
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Dragon dildo, memepad and gentoo CDs.
>5-day all-camping music festival
Bring the least amount possible. Portable battery, solar charger, cellphone. That's it. The more you bring, the more you have to worry about. You're not going to be using tech at a festival if you're having a good time.

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Is there a replacement for this? Something that actually 'shreds' files so they aren't recoverable.
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Just write garbage data to the file a few times before deleting it.
With what? Small files I used to convert to txt and muck it up.
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>wut is shift + del

If you were a computer what would your specs be?
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Z80 68k

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Deleted almost everything from
My iphone and it says no space. Wtf? Cant even take a pic
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That shouldn't be possible
Apple makes the best software and hardware, hands down
Is this a photoshop?
Gtfo troll.

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Google Play services and some of its associated apps, such as Google Maps, constantly track your every move, and have access to your contacts, camera, location, microphone, phone, and pretty much everything else by default.

Is rooting one's phone the only way to get rid of all of Google's applications? Is there a way to maintain Google's stuff but prevent it from acquiring your information? Maybe some sort of app that blocks stuff?

It sucks 'cause I love Android, and I like Samsung's phones due to their camera quality and other aspects, but the problem with all of that is that Google's always embedded into everything.

What are some alternatives that some of you guys know of/have found/have considered?
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What do you have to hide
having something to hide and wanting privacy are not mutual requirements. I don't have anything to hide, but I don't have anything i want to show to the whole world either.

Safari has a bigger market share than Firefox. What happened?
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Idk bud ask your mom

Fake, opera should be the third on mobile, it have much more users than UChinkbrowser
Chrome is Androids default browser, the go to browser for mobile and desktop, and is bundled with a lot of software.

UC is chinkshit, bundled with every disease ridden software on the net and shilled for profusely, also comes on a lot of OEM devices.

Fireshit is bloated as fuck, requires you to have used it on desktop for you to even think about using it on mobile, for almost no gains except add on support.

Safari is stock Isuck.

And Opera is a mere corpse at this point.

Congratulations, the botnet won as usual.

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What's the best antivirus for Linux?
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apt update
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Where do you buy that?

Is it distros or distrii?
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a thread died for this

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