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internet speedtest thread
how fast are you /g/?
just upgraded
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>fios finally came to my building

good feel. nyc here, $70 a month can't complain.
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$30 a month. 5gb data cap. "LTE". This is the signal I get downtown.

What's the oldest 4chan image in your archives?
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deleted my folder yesterday for 2nd or 3rd time this year.
>1 folder
>17 items
>deleted my folder
Why would one do such a thing?
Doing my bit to keep 4chan fresh and exciting.

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A or B?
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I vote C as well.
I'm trying to learn it but too retarded to comprehend all those shortcuts. Are there any tutorials that's not right in the face?

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Does anyone else on /g/ have a massive fear that one of their surge protectors will catch fire and rek all their stuff when they are away or asleep? Should I wrap all my strips in tinfoil for fire containment?
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Don't buy chinkshit and it should be fine unless it gets rekt by lightning.
Nope. I have a decent one and it is inside an old computer case so nothing would happen.
>third world problems

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U seem to like this pic
pro: performance
con: everything else
I never grew into it.

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Do you ever get frustrated with boomers and their inability to EVER fucking know what they are doing with technology, even after screwing around with it for years and years.

My dad and my aunts and uncles are STILL asking me shit like "which one bigger? megabytes or kilobytes?" or "how do I download this program into my phone" or "how do I free up space on my phone" (when their phone already has 90% of the storage space free).

God damnit.... just fucking GET WITH IT. God damn. They have all been messing with this shit since the early 2000s when they all had desktop PCs. Then they moved to flip phones and laptops, and now to smart phones. And all this time never learned a damned thing. They still.... STILL cannot use their tech any better than I could after my first fucking WEEK with a computer when I was a teenager (I'm not that young either).

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where do I subscribe to your blog

all I see is a button that says report
Yea, I gave up.
Im like the lord now, I only help those who help themselves.

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This is the best set of watch ever made.

3 year battery
Water resistant
Used by NASA
Can see it in the dark
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>Used by NASA
kek'd. as if that means anything you fucking baka.
implying nasa is real
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I'm trying to NOT look like a loser at starbucks here...
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Dell Latitudes and HP Elitebooks do.
>I'm trying to NOT look like a loser at starbucks here...
>thinkpads are literally used by tons of law firms and other corporate gigs
Exactly, this is why you can get them in good condition for so cheap.

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Is this a super bad idea or what /g/?

I don't mind how simple Keepass is but I can't sync that shit with my phone if I don't have access to the database file and a copy of Keepass ready. Worth trying to a cloud password service or am I just signing away to have my shit breached?
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Is the database encrypted and is it able to be decrypted locally?
I'm using nextcloud and keepass. Able to sync databases across all my devices and I control the 'cloud' myself. Best option imho
You mean for my Keepass? Yeah that one is password protected/encrypted.

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Hey guys, i'm in a bit of a bind.

Been relocated to an area basically in the middle of the fucking woods with no dedicated internet connection.
My only hope has been to use my phone for a shitty hotspot and get dial-up's bigger brother for a connection, but this is still not viable for pretty much everything in terms of usage for the month. While I can deal with the speed I can't deal with my data limits. My carrier has an unlimited plan but pretty much no carrier has unlimited for it's hotspot.

As it is I already pay extra per month just to be able to use the hotspot, it's bullshit they flat out don't allow hotspot on an unlimited data plan. My main ask is if you could please help this pathetic anon in figuring out how to enable hotspot for free without going through my carrier so I can switch to their unlimited plan and flip them the bird on my data usage.

TL;DR - I need hotspot for my iphone not through my carrier so i can utilize unlimited data plan. (In the woods, switching carrier wouldn't guarantee viable service.)

It's a GSM iPhone 6 if that makes any difference. I would be eternally grateful anon, please, you're my only hope.
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Bump for knowing?
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You will submit to your misery.
jailbreak if you can and pirate mywi from a shady cydia source, or get a cheap android and root it, pick your poison OP.

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Post em'
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there's a guy who's giving away a computer for a bottle of fresh morning piss.
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Seems like a good deal off craigslist for once.

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Who else uses their laptops on the toilet?
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I have a netbook and a UMPC for that
I use them on my designated shitting street
I'm gunna come find you on those irc channels.
Prepare your anus, OP

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I think GUI designers are bloated by default.


Minimal deploy stuff is a bit heavy (even for widgets)


Why even ask?

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61762083
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Anime a shit
Why always an anime girl?
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anime website

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you're son (2).jpg
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What do we do about the prevalence of adblocking software ruining the revenue of legitimate sites? I can't believe it's even legal to effectively steal content you haven't paid your dues for by viewing the advertisements that go along with it, I don't doubt there will be legislation in place in the future preventing it.
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t. butthurt his blog isn't generating money

deal with it
agreed. hopefully there will be punitive actions against people who use adblocking software in the future.
i wonder who could be behind this post

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