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Anybody else hide their power level?
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Yes. In my experience, many people still don't recognize any level of nuance in computer skills. They assume that because I know how to install an alternate browser and an ad blocker, then I must be some super elite hacker who can fix anything and everything with their computer. It's as if I assumed that just because someone knows how to drive stick shift, then they should know how to rebuild my transmission for me. So I usually just pretend I'm as tech-illiterate as anyone else.
Most of the time it's all pain no gain if you people know you can fix computers.
Yeah. The phrase "I write compilers" doesn't impress people.

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I currently have all things Google at the moment, I'm thinking of changing everything over to Microsoft ecosystem. Was wondering if any of you /g/uys have this setup. For example, Outlook.com for your email, Onedrive instead of Google Drive, etc. Thanks.
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I just use both.
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My only concern is, nobody has anything remotely close to Google Photos and that thing is the bee's knees.
Yeah there are obviously going to be services you side much more with. Photos is comfy. Bing Porn Video searches are comfy. So on and so on~

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Why don't they just scrap HURD? It's been in development for literally 27 years and it's not even remotely usable. Not even RMS uses it.
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still an alternative if linux ever becomes dog shit
Linux is already dogshit, if by "dogshit" you mean "too complex for its own good." But HURD takes software complexity to a whole nother level. Plus, the BSDs always exist, and they actually work.
Fuck you OP, we are waiting for it and you can't take us away.
HURD is the future and our last hope.

Hey android fags.

I need a cheap smartphone for a second phone number and some online banking?

You autistic fucks with all your specs is like wading though a pajeet street full of shit. Its confusing as hell.

Can someone recommend me a cheap new phone for under £130 ($150)

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Zmax 2
RedMi 4X
look for a xiaomi in that range you wont regret it

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Welcome to /fag/ - Friendly Apple Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Mac OS X/macOS and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly Apple Thread ***

If you would like to try out OS X/macOS you can do one of the following:
1) Install an OS X/macOS version of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
2) Dual boot a version of OS X/macOS of your choice along with Windows or Linux.
3) Go balls deep and either buy an Apple product or build your own Hackintosh.

>Should I buy an Apple product or build a Hackintosh.
An Apple product will receive direct long term support but on the other hand cost much more and offer a worse price/performance ratio than a self-built machine.
A Hackintosh is cheaper and more customizable (cases for example) and won't burn your wallet, but also won't receive direct updates and free upgrades to newer versions of the operating system from Apple. The process of setting up a hackintosh will require basic knowledge of partitioning and installing an OS with certain tools provided by a small, but helpful community.

For more detailed information, use your favorite search engine
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does High Sierra offer any security improvements beyond the usual hardening of Safari?
AFS, you fucking retard.
Who /idort/ here

>Uses Macbook Pro for work and productivity
>Windows rig for gaming
>Linux for almost everything else (and /g/ cred)
>Chrome OS (which is still Linux) for dabbin on the haters

Even PJW moved to BitChute. Why isn't /g/ helping Bitchute grow?

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It's a meme
And I don't give a shit about PJW
seems appropriate

oh and fuck off with your shilling
so why am I supposed to care about a 90 IQ britbong?

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What math books to read for general CS self studying?
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also interested in this
Trick question, innit? If you were capable of understanding mathematics, you wouldn't be wasting your time getting a CS degree.
who said anything about a degree? I dropped out and am steadily employed as a dev.
Just looking to further my understanding.

Of the only two DEs worth a shit, which does /g/ prefer?
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MATE. XFCE is deprecated.
XFCE, just learn how to configure properly.

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Anons, how can I do to find out who turns off my computer remotely and what can I do to avoid it? is there a type of lock?
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sorry bruh, it's ms doing it and you can't stop it
NSA here.

Sorry about that, we are just updating your backdoors. :^)
My boss do that everytime. But I can prove it

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What's the worst mistake you've done in your field?
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Entering it
Visiting /g/.
Being born.

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Do you dream in code, /g/?
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Sometimes. And it fucking sucks because it doesn't make sense and it's stressful.
Has this kid done something with his dreams?
That's pretty much what that kid dreams too.

What websites do you visit regularly /g/?
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people.com, to see if I'm in the list of 100 hottest men
github, /g/, /mu/, reddit

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Hey ///g/// give me your most aesthetic DE for arch linux
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xterm &
xterm &
xclock &
exec twm
It sure as fuck isnt CDE.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin told schoolchildren in his country Friday that whichever country controls artificial intelligence first will "rule the world."


Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to schoolchildren Friday on the first day of classes, saying the country that first masters artificial intelligence will "rule the world." All schools in Russia begin their new school year on Sept. 1, which is called “Knowledge Day.” In an open lecture to children across the country, he said “the future belongs to artificial intelligence” for all of humanity. He said:

>"Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world … The movement of the eyes can be used to operate various systems, and also there are possibilities to analyze human behavior in extreme situations, including in space … If we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today."

Advanced AI technology is reportedly a key component for Russia’s next-generation fighter jet, the MiG-41. Putin’s 45-minute speech—the standard length of an instructional hour in Russia—was delivered from Yaroslavl, approximately 160 miles northeast of Moscow. It was broadcast via satellite to more than a million students in 16,000 schools across Russia.
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Digits and the world will be ruled by an AI clone of Putin in 20 years
ah yes, very true indeed
>implying the AI won't just be uncle's Vlad conscience uploaded to some quantum computer hidden in the Urals

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What is the first thing I should do/install when I get a new android smartphone?

>inb4 "sell it for an iphone lmaoo"
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Install gentoo
Remove Google. Easiest way to do that is to unlock it and flash Lineage.

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