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I'm using 6.0 and write/read speeds are shit.

Way worse than when I used windows.

Anyone thing 6.5 is worth it? Fuck removing the C# client, I hate the webui but if it works better overall I'd switch
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who /vmm/ here?

proprietary pooloos GET OUT
be a man and use proxmox
Because I like having everything being a piece of shit?

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The current state of Linux gayman
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ebin post breh
It's not even exclusive. Windows has it too.
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I keep coming across 0AD in my package manager. What's its deal? any good?

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>miners buying out every mid-high range graphics card
>GDDR5 shortage
When will the struggle end?
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Miners are the jews of the consumer world.
My country will nuke yours since it has nukes and people know it.

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Is this a meme?
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>still not using a flux architecture.
VIPER is superior. Debate me.

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Hey Guys,

I usually don't post and am more of a silent reader. But today I have been confronted with some strong issues where I need the help of the only people I can think of right now.

I have a younger brother who is being cyber bullied, he is 14 years old and on his phone he has been receiving messages from a stalker who constantly texts him his location and how he is watching.

I read up on RAT and other trojan viruses that could be giving him the location, also have checked his phone for the same thoroughly.

Currently this person uses whatsapp to target him and contantly changes numbers probably by using some online service to register fake numbers.

Currently the number used by him and by which hes sending the messages is:

+1 (567) 333-7373

Any information regarding the number or any ideas about how I should proceed will really help.

Currently Im in the process of checking how to disguise trojans in an image or a file that I can send him and receive his true information.

Thanks guys!
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You must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan sweetie.
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Tell your younger bro to grow a pair
You could start by switching to an iPhone so you don't have to worry about possible malware on your brother's phone.

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>Like Firefox for Android for awesome WEBM player, huge add on selection (including ublock), sync and overall good feature set and UI.
>but too slow, sluggish scrolling and crashes on certain pages.
>Hear about how fast nightly is supposed to be. Killing add-ons and Soros/SJW botnet be damned.
>Install nightly. New tab page is bombarded with pic related.
>Try to long press the normie sites and pocket shit to remove them, no option to do so.
>Go to my "benchmark" websites, nightly somehow performs even worse.
>Check back new tab, the sites are still there and I still can't remove them.
Well, this is it lads. If this is the future of Firefox I am done. What is a good alternative for Android that has feature parity? Preferebly something that I can sync with a Windows/Linux desktop version.
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Brave for mobile, Waterfox for desktop
This. Despite memes and all the shills shitting up the board, Brave is the best browser for mobile right now.
I used Brave for a bit and I liked it. What annoyed me about it was that it has the stupid Chrome "open tab in background animation", it has no sync or add-ons and that the desktop version is garbage.
As for Waterfox, I saw zero difference between it and normal Firefox other than the logo tbqh


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>single fan 1080 boy
But at what cost to the regular 2 fan models
Are miners gonna scalp

Is a 1030 gt okay for light games and maybe even mining? Please respond

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So been looking into VPN services.

any of these good? and if not, what's a good alternative?
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bumping for suggestions
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Any good free VPN ?
Can't use PayPal in my 3rd country

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Poll for operating system:
If you use an unlisted variant of a common distribution (e.g. Devuan or Xubuntu), select the common distribution.

Poll for desktop environment/window manager:
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Fedora and gnome.
I'm about to install Salix, but I haven't chosen between xfce and MATE. Which one uses fewer resources?
>Windows 10 is winning

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Memes aside what is the best firefox/chrome fork that respects your privacy ? Not interested in Pale Moon last time I tried it, it didn't seem very mature and had quite a few bugs/crashes
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pls respond
GNU IceCat
waterfox is pretty based

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I've been recently looking into the Surface machines and narrowed it down to the Laptop or Book. What I'm debating in terms of specs is: The Laptop quad-core i7 with has no GPU computing or the Book dual-core i7 with GPU computing?
I plan on using whichever Surface for the sake of remote machine learning work, finishing my undergrad, and for graduate school in a few (1-3) years, which will presumably be in data analytics/science/ML. I plan on getting the 16RAM, 512SSD for whichever I choose.
I know that image recognition/signal processing for Python's TensorFlow highly recommends using GPU, but is the quad to dual core trade-off worth it? When is the best time to buy- Cyber Monday?
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The laptop only has dual core. Just so you are aware
does it have thunderbolt for external gpu
what is that?

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Who /rich/ here?

Taken with my iPhone 7.
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just now? you're late to the party
Who /want to upgrade to new iPad Pro/ here?

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Vega need some love before volta electric funeral.
What is this autistic shit trying to show? Cheaper GPUs get lower FPS? Really groundbreaking stuff, OP
you can almost get a 1080 Ti for that price
also MSRP for a 1080 is $499, too

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So I got a breadboard + Arduino set (Elegoo UNO Project Basic Starter Kit), what's some cool shit to do with that?
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might wanna specify that I got it because I have too much money for having not many friends, so I try out all kinds of stuff.
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>getting something for absolutely no reason
>not knowing what to do with
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Since NTFS is faster, can accomodate for larger volumes and can handle larger files than FAT32, why does it exist? You can R/W NTFS on Linux, OSX and Windows, so why don't manufacturers ditch FAT32 on storage devices?

Sorry if it's a dumb question.
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Your average consumer wouldn't know the difference anyway.
>can't copy files over 4 GB
>won't notice
Old systems/appliances still require it

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