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How do we protect ourselves against a cataclysmic solar storm which has the potential to destroy all critical electrical and electronic infrastructure?
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Just let it happen, things have gone too far already.
>buy guns
>buy property in the middle of nowhere
>build underground bunker, dig a well
>stock up seeds, canned food, etc.
>materials to construct your own electronics and automation
>when shit hits the fan enjoy mad max
>you can hunt niggers without repercussions

city is a death trap, food and water will vanish within a second
I actually want it to happen so I can start working on my book backlog. I spend so many hours online on useless shit.

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Is it time to break up Google?

Note the nota benes because you fags are festering with divisive memes. See this derailed thread >>62185692
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>nota benes
i don't know what this means, you stupid college educated bourgeoisie shitcunt
Here's a sample would-be divider:
Notice how he tries to direct discussion towards infighting rather than the topic.
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Can anyone help me?
I wanted to try out this new Youtube layout (mainly for the dark theme), but it says that my browser doesn't support it. I have the most recent version of Firefox and it says that the most recent version of Firefox is supported, but it isn't apparently. I'm confused...

>pic related
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Try it with the latest Google Chrome :^)
no thanks :)))
>most recent version of Firefox
no you dont

Is 3:2 a meme resolution? Should I buy a chromebook pixel and put linux on it?
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You can get a 2013 model refurbed for a low 200 if you lurk ebay.
Linux works fine, a full replacement of chromeos though leaves a shitty warning development screen each startup. After that you hit seabios and it's smooth sailing.
I see people more often doing tjhe dev mode chroot thing which seems pretty easy.

Is that more advised than doing a full boot into linux? I guess it depends what one will end up doing but if the performance is not shit then coudln't hurt.
I have one and I use crouton.

If the heat or battery life doesn't bother you, it is an amazing machine.

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Is this still the recommended mp3 player?
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>Tfw you get your MP3 player out and everyone looks at you like you're insane
For poors 10 years ago? Yeah maybe.
Sony Walkman is /g/s recommended media player.

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Does anyone know anything about it?

It is a form of cognitive communication (auditory and visually) and I am being tortured via it.

I'd appreciate any advice in how to handle it.
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go to sleep

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>Cat scratched my display
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Good thing monitors cost peanuts these days.
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>he fell for the cat meme

It serves you right.

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Post your .xprofiles/.xinitrcs.
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what if I don't have one
export LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=ja_JP.UTF-8
export LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8
export GTK_IM_MODULE=uim
export QT_IM_MODULE=uim
export XMODIFIERS='@im=uim'
export XIM=uim
/usr/local/bin/mozc start
uim-xim & [/code]
My .xinitrc
xset r rate 170 80
xset m 3 0
xset -b

case "$(hostname)" in
xrandr --dpi 120/eDP1 --output eDP1 --primary;;
xrandr \
--dpi 120/VGA-1 --output VGA-1 --primary \
--mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal;;
xrandr \
--dpi 110/VGA-1 --output VGA-1 --primary \
--mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal;;
xrandr --dpi 100/LVDS1 --output LVDS1 --primary;;
xrandr --dpi 100/LVDS --output LVDS --primary;;

nohup nm-applet &
nohup redshift-gtk &

if [ -r "$HOME/.wp.png" ]
xloadimage -onroot "$HOME/.wp.png"

xrdb "$HOME/.xresources"

killall -q ssh-agent
eval $(ssh-agent)


xmodmap -e 'pointer = 1 2 3 5 4'

exec i3
# exec xterm -bg yellow -fg black

WTF is an .xprofile?

why aren't you using a 35-inch monitor?
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there are no good ones yet.
27inch 144hz 1440p
Because its not IPS or OLED, no 144hz, the ppi sucks, no Freesync or Gsync, no vesa mount

trash monitor
I have a 27" 1440p 144hz freesync benq and I have the urge to upgrade to an IPS

but there is nothing better to step up to, every monitor has a glaring weakness

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What's your current job, where do you live and how much do you make a year after taxes?
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Jr Data Engineer
After taxes & 401k contribution about 42k iirc
The Netherlands
0 euro starting
consultant application dev at a java specialist company, with sides of html/css/js, sql, and whathaveyou
glorious antwerp
21k not including end of year bonuses (plus a nice volvo with unlimited free fuel and private use)

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Got the letter today they're cutting my welfare payments. I was so close to having enough saved up for an i7-4790K and GTX 1080 and Z97-G45 motherboard.
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serves you right for not voting hillary into office jamal

register next time for zuckerberg 2020
Not a 'muricuck
'muricuck would need decades to save up for a 1080 alone

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just clean installed windows 8.1 on my new gaming rig, still in Internet Explorer. What browser should I download, Opera or Chrome?
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brave and vivaldi

When are you going to wake up and accept that forth is the most supreme programming language?

You are falling behind of the most elite autistics of /g/

Hop on the forth meme for great success
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Trust your inner forth self

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i have 4(four)(iv)(2^2)(чeтыpe) pcie 2.0 lanes.

can you beat this ?
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