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Redbull me on this mouse, is it really the best?
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a thread died for this
Ask Again Later
if a man with no thumbs
fights a man with one arm,

...who would win?

>AMD drones BTFO forever.

>AMD isn’t the only hardware company making waves this week at SIGGRAPH 2017. NVIDIA is looking to bolster its position in the professional graphics arena with a few new breakthroughs. The first of which is the addition of two new external graphics solutions that are targeted at professional artists and designers who primarily work with notebooks.

>NVIDIA is making it possible for these professionals to use either Pascal-based TITAN xP or Quadro graphics cards within an external GPU (eGPU) enclosure. NVIDIA will be partnering with a number of hardware partners including Bizon, Magma, and Sonnet, who will make compatible solutions available in September.

>“While more computer power than ever is needed for VR, photoreal rendering and AI workflows, mobile systems are getting thinner and lighter, with limited performance and memory,” said Bob Pette, NVIDA VP for Professional Visualization. “Our eGPUs can now solve this problem, enabling creatives to plug into our most capable GPUs so they could do their best work on the most graphically demanding applications.”

>NVIDIA is also playing up two of its strengths in artifice intelligence (AI) by launching the OptiX 5.0 SDK. With version 5.0, the OptiX is gaining ray tracing support to help speed up processing with regards to visual designs. This new release also adds GPU-accelerated motion blur along with AI-enhanced denoising capabilities.

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Hey yeah that's cool and all ..

>AMD drones BTFO forever.

You can't help but piss all over yourself, can you?
So, if regular Titan is 999$ how much is this gonna be?
It's a "Professional" eGPU so you can expect it to cost $500 for the base model.

How difficult is your first programming job out of college? Pic not related unless it describes how you feel.
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I was hired fresh out of school and my superiors knew this. So it was a good learning environment with deadlines, so I spent a lot of time learning on blogs and stackoverflow (I had to learn Adobe Flex form nothing).

The first year was tough, the second year was fun and any subsequent years are now boring.
I was given nigh impossible tasks of achitecturing out enterprise software and administration fresh out of college. Was funny how they thought i was going to do that. Next job i actually learned things and got gud
picture describes how I feel but it's not what your thinking it's not because of my experiences finding a programming job right out of college because thats not my profession but rather I feel like the picture you posted because you were born and because you posted this question

Alright guys, I need your help. I think I burned my gpu. It's a GTX 980. Long story short, stupid puppy peed on the power strip, and it started to fry before I could do anything. I tested everything on the computer, and it works fine without the gpu, with the monitor plugged in the motherboard, so the PSU isn't destroyed. I tested the card on a friend's PC and it doesn't work, so I guess it's trash.

My question is. Since the warranty hasn't expired. What do I tell the shop to convince them to replace it or give me my money back?
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>letting wild animals near your electronics
You deserve it, cuck.
Not helping anon
thats interesting that your computer at least seems to work otherwise and psu isnt totally shit, yet your gpu doesnt work

There is literally no reason to use Linux. Heck, there's no reason to use anything other than Mac OS™ and Windows™(10®). Why, the poorfag asks? Allow me to explain-

You use Mac for-
>showing cute videos to your friends
>sniggling up with your gf
>going hiking and casting to reddit
>just being a super relient go-to machine that'll have your back in a pinch

Windows you use for
>playing video games
>making expensive machines
>school computers

Linux, on the other hand, exists only for these principle reasons
>watching adult cartoons
>making elaborate screenshots with a bunch of random numbers with a drawing of a girl
>harm children through the internet

And those don't sound like what makes OUR tech community so great. Take a hint from the winning side and dump on Linux.

Pic related: LOL
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I agree. Stay away from Linux, we are full.
All operating systems are garbage. At least Linux is free garbage.

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Thinkpad pro player edition

>What's this cup?
It's a tournament in which every boards faces each other in a simulated soccer game.

>Our players
4Mechanical Keyboards
5Terry A. Davis
7Programming Socks
14No Time For Love
11 Install Gentoo

>Group H
We gotta be the champions of this group to face other's groups champions too.
/gd/ – graphic design
/int/ – international
/g/ – technology
/co/ – comics & cartoons

>Our next match
>/g/ vs /co/ 4 August 2017 20:30
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if we lose to fucking /mlp/ again i swear i'm killing some faggots
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>No time for love
Our desktop threads have been autosaged and banned for more than a year.
fuck off

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Any zsh users here?

I am migrating from bash. I had a bash function that takes argument $1 as a parameter, but in zsh I get "no matches found". The function works, but I think i'm just not passing the argument as the parameter in the right way.

How do I do it?

# my function
function function() { osascript /usr/local/bin/function.scpt "$1" ;}
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Don't know if this'll help or if I'm just a moron who doesn't know what he's talking about, but $N, where N is any integer, are positional parameters and you can't assign anything to them.
Code test
No you're right, it is an arglist, just like argv[] in C-ish languages. I think you're supposed to be able to access the arglist in this way.

the way it works is i call my function, and pass it parameter $1, then execute the function.

I tried changing it to $0, $1, and $2, just in case it were indexed differently, but I'm pretty sure that my first argument is $1.

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Is this a great deal for 35$? I found a graphics card GTX 295 with 1792MB, 896-bit and 220GB/s bandwith. I wonder what kind of cooling and CPU do I need for it.
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/g/ pls tell me. How does it compare to a GTX 750 Ti and a GTX 980?
No, it's ancient trash. You should be getting money to take it off his hands.
What if I resell it for 175$ ?

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What is the most beautiful graphics card for you anons
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1080 ti.jpg
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not even close
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Only gaymer retards with windows on their PC cases who crave bling and think of their computers as Barbie dolls care about what a card looks like.

All of you manchildren and underage fags make me sick.

In these coming days of data caps and all that. What is the most preferred way to rip DVD's/BluRay's

Is it MakeMKV --> Handbrake

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>Compressing a compressed video

MakeMKV and that's it, fag.
>Is it MakeMKV --> Handbrake
Why would you use Handbrake afterward?
I don't understand.

Millennials have 0 standards for video quality, as is to be expected from a generation that watches movies on cellphones.

These are the same people who cause 600MB 720p copies of 2 hour movies the highest downloaded version.

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What is the /g/ appliance manufacturer of choice?

I bought an LG washer/dryer combo because it was on sale and it vibrates like fuck, I actually got a complain from the neighbours downstairs because of it. I returned it ofc and now I'm shopping for a new one.
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>he trusts a company that makes $7 mice with his laundry
[spoiler] Miele [/spoiler]

How much storage do you have in your phone and how much it's actually used?
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16gb, so far it's been useful as the apps have more space to fill through their retarded cache management ways
8 Niggerbytes of kike killing storage.
Feels good man

/cag/ Companionable Apple General

/cag/ Apple General is about discussing past, present, and future apple products as well recommending replacement parts and upgrading existing apple products.

Recommended used apple products:

>2011-2013 Used Macbook Pros
>Early 2009 or Mid 2010 Mac Pros
>2012 IPhone 5

>Replacement Parts for Apple Products


>Recommended Apple Stores to buy new or used Apple and Mac Products


>Apple News


Apple Products NOT recommended to buy new or used

>Any 17" Macbook Pro
>2006-2010 Macbook Pro
>2013 Mac Pro
>2015-2016 Macbook
>Any 11" Macbook Air (Used or New)

If you are interested in buying old vintage apple products Ebay, Craglist, OfferUp, LetGo are good places to buy, sell old vintage.

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I'll help get this thread stated. I recently ordered a 2017 13" MBP none touch with base i5, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. I'm already thinking I made a huge mistake though :( Apple gave me some shitty nigger Beats worth 300 I can sell on eBay but still......feels like I'm going to end up returning it. I also miss my Thinkpad
What happened to /fag/?

File: board-sockets.jpg (75KB, 425x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So this cap is missing on my motherboard that I want to use. The board is an Intel S5000PSL server board that is an engie sample. I only intend to use one socket as I only have one CPU.

Now I have a capacitor size larger and smaller then the og size. 1200 uf 12v. I have a 1000 uf 35v and a 2200 uf 35v. Would any of them work? Any other solutions are appreciated too
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Install Gentoo
Buy the same caps, and replace them all.
If the cap was ripped off or damage then you can replace it. If not then what's the point?

Do you know any companies which will offer genome sequencing but:

1)) Perform the "fullest" genome sequencing in the market (uses the most number of genes). Whole genome sequencing, if it commercially exists, would be incredible.

2) Offers both a) Ancestry and b) Medical Screening.

3) Doesn't retain your genome data to sell to insurance companies or make genocidal viruses. Bonus points if you can just download a file containing your whole genome (or parts of it) in Unicode.

4) Is under $1000 in price.

List your best.

>inb4 23andme
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>Doesn't retain your genome data to sell to insurance companies or make genocidal viruses.

many of these services use third party data processing/analysis firms that may or may not store or sell this information without telling you, or store the data insecurely, or warehouse the data in such a way that it will get out there later down the line

don't do it friend
But if its not tied to your PII then who cares?

I am coming to the point where I need to know my ancestry. I'm going to do it one way or another, I just want to consult with /g/ first and maybe you'll help me from doing something stupid.

It doesn't take much to extract PII even among claims to "anonymize" information

t. former medical tech engineer

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