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>co-worker claims to have fixed a bug
>request him to write a test to prove it
>he gets butthurt and goes crying in the corner

will normies ever learn?
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> cd code
> ls
> ..
> cd code
> ..
> ls

Godaaaam I should teach koding
Maybe stop being such a pompous fuck?
I want to lick her feet

Help me troubleshoot issues with my keyboard.

I recently bought a new keyboard. I got the CM Storm Quickfire TK with Cherry MX blue switches, but i've been experiencing random disconnects. Basically the keyboard disconnects and plays the USB device disconnect sound. The sounds usually plays 2 more times and then the keyboard starts working again. This happens every 30 minutes and is annoying the hell out of me.

I'm running Windows 7 and here is what i have tried so far.

>Using different USB ports.
>Uninstalling the device/drivers and reinstalling them
>Installing manufacturers drivers.
>Disabling the USB Selective suspend setting under power options.
>Checking USB settings under BIOS. USB Legacy support enabled.

I can't figure out what the hell is wrong. Maybe there is something else i haven't tried. I'm pretty sure that it's not an hardware issue on my PC, cause my previous keyboard worked just fine. Maybe it's a faulty keyboard and i have to return it.
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Had the exact same problem (with the exact same problem)

I just used a different wire. There was something wrong with the connection/
Exact same keyboard*
I tried the keyboard with my laptop and it seems to be ok. Approx an hour and thirty minutes have passed since i plugged it in.

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is there a browser that doesn't use resources as intensively as the mainstream ones but works just as well? does pale moon do the job?
what browser would you use on an old computer?
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do not use palemoon on android use the unstable or stable channel instead on the desktop.
Palemoon on android has not had any updates ever since last year in august because moonchild does not have the time to deal with it too.

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Can someone please explain what's up with this liquid like thing on my samsung phone screen? My phone is working fine but still. Anything dangerous?
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That's the TouchWiz
the liquid from your liquid crystal display is leaking out because the crystals are broken
It took me a second, but that's a solid fucking pun you asshole.

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I have mpv.
We're sorry you can't afford a real OS.
mpv is also available for windows and mac

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What does /g/ use to anonymize torrent downloads?
Is there any decent way to hide my IP except paying for a VPN/proxy?
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Nothing, since I don't grab HBO shit or porn off TPB.
tribler m'nigga
Looks good, thanks.

AMD RX Vega Leaked Benchmark Shows It Ahead Of GTX 1080 – Specs Confirmed, 1630MHz Clock Speed, 8GB HBM2 & 484GB/s Of Bandwidth

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It also probably costs 3x more and it will burn your house eventually.

Great deal
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Are there any software at all that's guaranteed by the author to work under designed condition? Nobody has the balls declare something like

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>Nobody has the balls declare something like

Exactly. Some smartass (((customer))) thinks of a bullshit he cannot do in your program and sues the shit out of you.
you would be an idiot to make such a garantee
the closest are mission-critical software, and even they will pobably have to include legal mumbo-jumbo to limit liability in case of exceptional failure conditions. there's pretty much nothing that guarantees perfect operation at all times. humans error, and forces of nature are things you can't control. and hardware fails too eventually.

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>solve the captcha and click on verify
>mini captcha pops-up to verify the 'verify
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>not using legacy captcha
>try making a thread you fuckface
>making threads
new google captcha are clearly made for account registering forms and stuff like that, that you theoretically only use once
4chan is misusing them, blame 4chan not google
You can turn on Legacy mode.

I still prefer having captcha than how 4chan was in 2010 or so. The spam was unbelievable. But why the FUCK is this image shit here now? What were they thinking. The old text way was fine

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>run exe
>nothing happens
>fan noise increases
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>using windows for anything
It's like you want malware
And that's the end of that thread
Better malware than zero productivity on Lincucks

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Hey anon, what are the best powerbank brands right now?
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Xiaomi. Not even joking
this is relevant to my interests. The last two I bought turned out to be complete shit (more so than the OP pic).
This is not relevant to my interests, I simply charge my devices while I sleep.

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Should I sell it guys, or it's ok?
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literal garbage
Maybe. But I am asking about the screen. I've never had IPS display before so I can't tell if 200 cd is ok or not
mine's 400cd.

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How do y'all feel about it?
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It's a meme.
Now fuck off to >>>/biz/.
How the fuck do you even plug the GPUs with them so close?
PCIe raisers. Google it.

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>integrate an ad blocker into a browser
>but only allow it to block ads on "selected" websites
Literally why
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are adblockers really that much of a problem, or are they just jews?
Google is an advertising company, idiot.
Obviously they're not going to block their own ads.
Oh vey if you don't want your ads to be blocked better pony up!

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A place to get microphones for cheap?

I am looking to buy the Blue Yeti or Blue Spark but don't have money for the whole $100 and some dollars.
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What are you using it for? Blue is trash

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