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Anyone here ever used this before?
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nope, but looking at videos it seems like a cute way to teach kids programming. theres no reason for an adult to use it over an actual editor though

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I have some spare time and I want to code something in C. Ideas?
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how about you fucking kill yourself
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Good one, faggot.
A graphical tool for configuring SMB and NFS shares.

>We use Ubuntu as a base for KDE neon
>Ubuntu uses the information about searches to show the user ads to buy various things from Amazon

I already knew that Ubuntu is botnet but does KDE Neon has this (((feature))) as well since it's based on Ubuntu?
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but less likely to be helpful

>and the Amazon “Kindle” product for virtual book burning

What did Stallman mean by this?
>I already knew that Ubuntu
you did?

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found these infront of some1's frontdoor, did i do good /g/?
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You have to give it back Tyrone
Give it back Devuan
Keep it DeShawna

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you need mental help
>overcluttered desktop
Cmd+a, Ctrl+Cmd+n
no more problems.

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Last thread >>61479569




User Scripts(including opengl shaders):

Migrating from MPC-HC?


Vulkan(Linux only for now):

Test vulkan and post logs if it gives you any kind of problems.

For better playback quality paste this in your mpv.conf file:

Check your settings for compatibility errors by running mpv in command line or with


. Search the log for "dumb" anything or for [e].

REMINDER >>61479064
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Bump >>61500337
Since when there's an android version, and why isn't it on f-droid?
this media player is the ultimate mega garbage.
fuck you for this piece of shit.

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Why is this piece of shit still being used?
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backwards compatibility for old people and shit hardware
Legacy. "If it ain't broke, I ain't gonna pay to redo it in a new format."

If you want to see less Flash in the world, go find every use of it out there and recode the implementation in HTML5 and/or whatever else. Then send it to the host. Maybe they'll take you up on your free work.
It literally kicks up my 2017 laptop fans every time it's enabled.

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What's the optimal programming language?
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Install gentoo.

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Ok so let's look at this timeline.

>Intel has 8 Core HEDT processors for $1,700 for 3+ years
>AMD releases Ryzen 8 Core 1700x/1800x for $350-480
>Intel releases a rushed Skylake-X 7820x 8core for $599 MSRP

So how is it normal to have such a high profit margin for Intel?

You can tell me it's because they're Jews or they're a monopoly or it's about free market economy, blah blah.

But to chop off $1,100 off an item over a few weeks? How is that normal?

For example, the iPhone 7 32GB costs $236 to build and manufacture. They sell for $699. Profit for Apple is $463. (not considering obviously shipping costs, etc. etc)

So why is it ok for Intel to do this year after year and get away with it?
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if they could charge you 4000 for a 40 bucks item, they would.
only the 10c i7-6950X was that much.
the 8c i7-6900 was at a comparatively "affordable" $1100.
Whatever nigga, you get the point.

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Should I be an IT cuck or a military cuck?
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Don't go 25B Army though.
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>becoming a military slave

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>every photo bucket image ever posted on the web is now just this

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yeah pretty funny
That's what happens when retards use shit sites.
Not as bad as when imageshack wiped all their data.

Old thread: >>61496524
What are you working on, /g/?
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i want to POUND an anime BUTTHOL
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T-Thank you f-for anime picture! ....
A-Also, ... first for Ruby is the /c-comfiest/ language ....
>ruby is the comfiest language
only a girl would post this

Can someone write me a fake boot sequence in text? About ~10 lines will suffice. Make it look "retro" if you can.
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Why not just use a real one?
I'm looking at some on pastebin, I'm a bit picky.
Install source mage

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Will you use ReactOS when they release version 1.0 in 2083?
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Yes :^)

To be honest though they have picked up quite a bit of speed.

Now all we need is for risc-v to kill everything that has to do with x86 and x86 to become virtualisation shit like we do with qemu. Btw yes that will make this entire project useless and it will break compadibility of windows with old applications unless microsoft wants to make windows run emulated just like with arm.
Do you think people will find a way around the legal issues surrounding emulating x86?
Microsoft kindof did and it is not exactly illegal to get an arm computer and use qemu.

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What's the debian of *BSD?
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In terms of what is trying to be which is stable, solid, and secure: openbsd. In terms of community: freebsd.
Maybe the version of debian that actually uses the freebsd kernel.

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