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Someone gave me one of these iPads, what's with the white part on top with the holes?

Think I could trade it for a Samsung?
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As someone with an unrelated STEM major and a minor in computer science, should I just go back and get my second undergrad in compsci, or should I self study and then get a job?

I know I want to be working in this field long term.
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>self study and then get a job

good luck
Its depends where you want to be
What do you mean?

What steps do you go through before starting to code?
I was making a program to look for addresses on Google Maps and save the coordinates.
I went and spent quite a while of my time on it and after finishing, I discovered that what I was doing is called Geo coding and that there are full open source implementations ready to use.

How do I avoid going through something to later discover that there was a much easier way to do it?
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You research the problem and plan it out silly. Just like you did when you realized it was a solved problem. Now instead of realizing halfway through you do your research before you start.

Just don't spend all your time researching. I don't agree with agile much, but working code really is more valuable than some clever plans.
Thinking exactly about problem, sub divide on part,thinking about someone had same problem,start to research about approache,books,paper or real world software, and yes put some time limit about how deep you go without code working solution.

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Both QKSMS and Silence have been abandoned so open source apps are out of the question.
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chromaggus messenger. You have to pay $3 but it is definitely worth every penny
Signal functions well enough for SMS. Or switch your friends to https://riot.im and enjoy your federated freedoms.

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Data Usage.png
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I did this last year, and I'm going to do it again out of sheer boredom.
I'll post last year's results for now, and then in a few days I'll post this year's, once I've gotten a good amount of answers.

https://docs (dot) google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8iOFYLzODiA5AVxZW_QIFPrMpqZaLhI3V8Nr5S-tH3wxDIA/viewform?usp=sf_link
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Data Caps.png
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File: Internet Speeds.png (6KB, 672x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Internet Speeds.png
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File: US Data Usage.png (6KB, 1038x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
US Data Usage.png
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Given that most responses were from the US, I put together graphs for just the US.
I've also added more questions, to see how good/shit people have it, outside of just speeds and bandwidth

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I haven't updated Java in 5 years.

Ask me anything.
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Why do you even have it installed?
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which anime should I watch?
Write once update never truly ja-wah

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Is there any way to set up windows / *nix environment with the ease of use features that OS X has? I'm migrating from a MacBook to a Thinkpad and I would like to keep some of the nicer features of my current platform.

Things like KeyChain (and in general the security features of OS X), The multi-touch features (swiping between desktops is pretty nice), and in general the intuitive 'flow' for developing feels very smooth on my current machine, so if there were some kind of repo or package manager for exclusively high-quality free software, it would pretty much make my day to get a link.

*nix stuff would be preferred over Windows, but if the setup is nice enough I would be willing to make that sacrifice.
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>high-quality free software
>Is there any way to set up windows / *nix environment with the ease of use features that OS X has?
Get another macbook
Or build a Hackintosh
macOS has more good free software than Windows does. 90% of Windows 'programs' are the 8000th copy of a disk defrag utility or some shit. There's barely any quality in Windows world.

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aight /g/ I need your help. I bought an old G.E 3-5445A tape player and I broke it trying to fix it. Three wires came out of place but only two of them matter (pic related). I know I'm probably fucked but if anybody with the same model or knows shit about this stuff could help me out it'd be highly appreciated
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A pic of the front
Gonna need more pictures. Try taking a clear, bright photo of the whole board of the tape and leave the wires where they are. Take off that black tape too, this'll let us have a better idea on what the issue is.
>ge player

Waste of time, just buy something better.

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So if almost all of your add-ons become extensions by FF57, will you stick with it? Are there any add-ons that you need to have, or else you'll go to another browser? If so, which ones?
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DTA, Rikai-sama, classic theme.
I'd probably just stick with it if those were updated.
all the ones i care about will be ported or have been already. I'm good
I'll use Firefox forever. Can't let Google have a browser monopoly. And Mozilla fights for internet freedom, which is another plus. The only addon I need is uBlock Origin and it works on FF nightly.

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Give a Man a Fish.jpg
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Not sure if this is the right board, but I was wondering if someone could help me out with a few livestream questions.

I am using Open Broadcast Studio to stream music with VLC as my playlist. If I play music through VLC, I see the audio bounce in OBS, and I can hear the music on the livestream page. But, I want to listen to the livestream only and make sure certain tests, mics, and other programs aren't coming through the audio feed. If I mute VLC or OBS, the livestream audio feed mutes, too. Do you know how to mute all audio through my headset, but the actual audio feed won't mute, and still goes to livestream unhindered?

Do you know how to make VLC play all the music in a playlist once through, then start again but shuffled into a different order, play all that music once through, and repeat? Right now, if I test 4 or 5 songs, it will play some songs 3 times before another song may play just once. I'm sure there is a setting I'm missing because it seems odd this wouldn't be addressable.

I've seen lots of livestreamers use commands in chat to do things like open up a donate page or show song information or mute other chatters, etc. How do I set that up? I can't find that option anywhere in my youtube studio. I've even seen people use a "level up" system where the more you comment, the more "points" you get, allowing you more options and abilities over time. Kind of weird, but I think I could use that for my content.

How do I play music without getting the rights AND without getting ads placed on my stream? I'd like to offer free, uninterrupted music. Last stream i made I was blocked in all countries as a result of copy right.
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Lastly, right now my computer has to be on running the software to livestream. But it is my work computer and I need to edit and record audio and do all sorts of stuff on it that was coming through the livestream as I moved stuff around, rebooted after a glitch, etc. Do you know any servers (free or pay) that allows me to run my music playlist online, and then broadcast that server info and stream to youtube so I can use my computer normally, and simply check on the server every now and then if there are problems or updates? This way the server service can play the music 24/7 as I intend.

Thanks for the help in advance.
>Do you know how to mute all audio through my headset, but the actual audio feed won't mute, and still goes to livestream unhindered?
I meant to say, mute my headset from VLC and OBS, so that I can hear livestream clearly unhindered.
read the sticky

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What's stopping Google or Apple for creating their own Snapchat?

They can basically create an invitation for all Android and iPhone users, respectively. Even if it wouldn't be as popular, it would still make both of those companies more valuable and increase their net worth.

Like something like that could crush a brittle company like Snap. overnight.
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Because it's not about crushing smaller companies. Snap is not taking any business from lagdroid, jewgle, or crapple.
The bigger companies are interested in one thing, making money, and in extension, innovation to make more money.
The big companies can't exactly say "we have this new app, no one us using it yet but you should. It either costs a few dollars or has some ads, so we can make money."
Snapchat is for babies and Instagram Stories is far superior
hey look, TexasIsUnderwater.gif

How can a hardware manufacturer exist such that its hardware users can be absolutely sure that its hardware is uncompromised?
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The government makes sure that everything we have has a backdoor.
If another major manufacturer comes up close to intel and amd you can be sure there will be a backdoor for the government.
The government always wins.
The only way is to fuck the government with the backdoors until they give up the idea.
what if i get a yeelong and hand audit the design specs and fabricate it myself

So, I got a chance to choose between iPad Pro 12.9" 4GB vs iPad Pro 9.7 2GB of RAM.
Is 2GB enough these days on iPad?
I can get any of these for free.

Would prefer 9.7", but it's the 2GB that gets me worried.
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it's not a laptop
for a tablet running ios, 2GB is a lot
iPad on iOS 11 is able to do a lot of multitasking these days

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Anybody else annoyed by the fact that every webpage you visit, and everything you type and do online is tracked by the government?

How do I stop them from tracking me?
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install gentoo
You're not being watched by the Feds.

Do you really think that anyone in the Feds gives a shit about you. At most they quickly threw your shit through a keyword search and moved onto the next faggot.

If the Feds are truly listening into your Shit then you've done something to grab their attention.

Get off of the internet, stick to prepaid phones that are switched out every week, and move off the grid.
If you have posts on every corner of your property, any agents know to avoid you.
What is big data?
What is a drag net?
What are the fiber splitters installed in secret rooms of large data hubs?

Oh nothing lol

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cable management.jpg
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ITT: Post images about cool ideas to manage the cables of your battle station
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Some people hide their cables.

I like having that crap on display.
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Binder clips.

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