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Windows + Piracy > Linux

Prove me wrong
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>try to prove me wrong over a subjective taste in software
You presented the argument. The burden of proof lies upon you. Prove yourself right.
>windows users are cyberspace equivalent of niggers

really compiles my kernels
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>Windows + Piracy


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Let's collect some anectodes of normies we know who ended up making a mess using tech the wrong way, like people chatting with random strangers and getting too confidential with people they didn't know, people destroying their work for some technical foolishness and stuff like that.

I'll start with a guy at my college who typed his unmasked root password on the terminal by accident and thus let me and a friend of mine access it while he went to bathroom, and discover some porn pics unmistakably put in the "Pictures" folder. We then warned it because we're good guys, he's just too much of a normie for a CS student, doesn't really get informed about anything but what we do in class and he's really limited in his actual CS skills for this. He only cares about taking good grades.
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ITT, idiots who think they're not normies because they "hacked"
I know one of the people who got 15 minutes of primetime news fame for an e-cig torching his car. I can personally attest that he had (and likely still has) no meaningful understanding of:
- lithium batteries
- USB power delivery
- voltage and current, as general concepts, and
- how he dun goofed.
"Macs can't have viruses right?"

Floens you cuck why is clover not working
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Dumb phoneposter
I bet your using public WiFi that has port 443 blocked you dumb phone faggot
Works on my machine

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If you're not cryptomining, folding or running simulations, why do you need a powerful GPU? Please don't tell me /g/ posters actually play games and/or use windows.
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I have a fcking R7 250
I didn't learn enough about bitcoin when it mattered so I fell flat in interest regarding powerful tools.

To me anything "powerful" is something that doesn't lag with firefox
because it will stay relevant longer

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navbar blizz.webm
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What's this style of navbar called? I want one like that for my website but I don't know how to search for the effect name. Searching for things like "dynamic navbar" and "morphing navbar" didn't come up with anything useful.

It's a floating navbar that morphs into a slimmer traditional bar.
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Base navbar has transition property on everything

Detects scroll (pageYOffset to a particular position using JS)

Depending on if it's < or >=, it adds/removes classes to element(s) to show, hide, or change content

No easy way to do it than to code it yourself, so get to work
Look into scrollspy. Never used it personally but it's part of bootstrap (not sure whether it's a standalone library). You'd listen for the user scrolling then change the navbar's class and define a transition between each navbar class. The classes might be a) width 80%, margin-top 20px; and b) width 100%, margin-top 0, for example.
Thanks, will look into it.

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>Macbooks are overpriced
>Ok, show me a similarly priced laptop with the same specs or better. Reminder that $1300 rMBPs are light, have a 2560x1600 retina display, the best keyboards and trackpads in existence, 8GB RAM, outstanding battery life, NVMe SSDs, and the best build quality and support in the business

Can we finally put an end to this meme?
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>Under 200 dollars(includes any replacements or parts you may need
>respects your freedom
>Built like a tank
>Give 1100 dollars to your mum for raising ya
also protects your virginity since no woman will ever date a thinkpad user
no you can't. windows users or gaymers are devoid of logic. you can't make sense to these people.

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How do I stop spending money on stupid hardware upgrades?
>inb4 bad goy!
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>sim card removed
>anime porn of ambiguous age
>loli/shota explicitly illegal in canada
This is a police trap if I ever saw one.
Buy a thinkpad x200 and libreboot it and install gentoo. Should be good for a long time.
>certain drawings are illegal
How can anyone justify that? Lmao

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Has anyone considered adding a CPU to a CPU?
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if you have intel cpu, you're in luck. too bad you cant use it yourself though
Have you considered going back go Reddit?
Dumb frogposter.

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ever steal BTC?
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How can you steal what isn't real?
well you could make "real" money stealing a fake item
wondering why /g/ doesn't try it
no, i'm not a cyber nigger

Got an apple watch series 2 as a gift (42mm). Problem is... it's rose gold (I mean, let's put aside that its an apple watch for now).

I'm a dude and this thing looks gay af. Anyone know of a strap that can make this potentially much less gay?
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>gay wrist fedora
If it was a regular watch you could just buy 22mm straps and stick them on with the 100 year old standard spring bar attachment, but NO! This is a tech company attempting to make a watch so EVERYTHING must be proprietary.
Sell the watch and buy yourself the new iPad or something.

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I live in the south and it gets up to 105F here, so when I play games my mouse hand gets sweaty sometimes. This is really uncomfortable and I was hoping some of you would have tips how to combat this? Wiping it down every once in a while isn't a solution for me. Is there perhaps a glove that keeps your hand cold instead of warm and also quite thin?
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There are mouse with fans inside
Antiperspirant will work on your hands. It's just inconvenient.
Had same problem, but now i just got a habit of washing my hands every hour.

Name a better laptop
>protip you can't
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t420 with quad core processor and FHD IPS mod
Thinkpad Retro 25th Anniversary Edition

>8 Core Ryzen
>4:3 4k TN Glossy Display
>Stylus Touchscreen
>Chiclet Keyboard
>Buttonless trackpad and no red rubber thingy
>Starting price $3,999

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>get new Ryzen 1600X CPU
>build my 10th computer, building since 1998
>pop everything in, boot up
> no POST
>reset CMOS, still no POST
>MB has CPU debug light on ...
>Check CPU
>look underneath
>One pin bent so far it's parallel to the board
In my my life i never got a bent pin WTF AMD I HATE YOU SO MUCH

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at least it's AMD so you can actually fix it
>bending a parallel pin
It'll snap retard
put it on the hole of the socket it's supposed to be retard

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Is anyone else considering/has sold their relatively new gpu to minefags and then going to buy a much better one when the price crashes?
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It's going to the moon, baby.
i need my GPU

tough call as my card doubled in price. I actually have a stockpile of old shitty computers that might have some GPUs that cryptofags want
ETH is gonna crash eventually retard

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I have 500$ to spend on any tech related item. Wat do /g/entlemen?
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get 2 dragon dildos and one of those 150 dollars fidget spinners
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Spend $400 on the machine and $100 on juice packs
Treat yourself to a nice 4K monitor. LG makes a nice 4K IPS that I've really like so far. Can't remember the model off the top of my head, not at home ATM

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