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Why is Chrome not saving all the history, but only part of it? Is there some third party software to view browser history (with search option included)?
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Not using chrome, what's missing there? Are you sure it's not just buggy single-page website not submitting history entries? (not chrome's fault)
Has happened multiple times, this time particularly with multiple youtube video pages. (definately chrome's fault, why defend the megabeast?)
Plus I think it has happened with other browsers too. Firefox is also Google's anyway. Chrome is the most stable (not at all stable, but the least not at all stable), so that's why I'm using it.
You don't have to believe me, whatever, but at least recommend some third party.
I noticed if you have two (or more) sets of Chrome windows and buncha tabs, Chrome only records the history of one window set

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Hey /g/ im starting a collection of microphones specifically for bad quality. Like the Logitech C920 for example. Please suggest any mics you may know about that is complete garbage like terrible eq, background noise, etc. Thanks!

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The Logitech C920 is a webcam, anon. Not a microphone.
click the embed link and you will know why

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Have you ever heard about this company?
Is it truthworthy?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Are there any things cool to do with my new crunchbang installation?

How to rice it out?
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install gentoo
Sorry, but crunchbang is dead. You could try bunsenlabs, but I'm not sure if it's the same.

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>le reddit boogeyman
Explain this?
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4chan is long dead, OP
Phoneposters were a mistake
/pol/ was a mistake
And nomods were a mistake

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What are you using and why?
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Logitech G502 Proteus core. Because sale at best buy and programmable keys with dpi switch. Braided cable too.
atmega32u4 keyboard with a layer dedicated to the mouse
MX Master

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I just got a huge flash drive

What are the essentials I need to put on it other than the files that I wanted to store on it?
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>Western porn (POV)
>JAV porn (POV)
>Haha Musume Donburi: Oppai Tokumori Bonyuu Tsuyudaku de
>Russian military ciphersets
>Classic memes
>Stage 3 tarball
>Pics of your mom's floppers
Meant MIRD-150, wewps.
Best JAV I've ever seen desu
Porn and reaction images

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Instead of continuing to push Google+ they're going to turn YT into a social media platform
Just another reason to avoid YT
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may be this also explains their "cleaning up" efforts
Wait isn't this basically the Streams they had back in the day.

can we solve it ?
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no because it's gibberish
"op is a fagget"
Is transcript available online?

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RedHat love thread.
Just look at this company and all the things they did for the GNU/Linux community. You can use their amazing enterprise distro for free with no strings attached. They provide us with one of the best and balanced desktop distros on the market and unlike Canonical they respect your privacy.
Sure, they do make questionable decisions but even those decisions are clearly well-intentioned.
Even if you don't like things like systemd you will still find a lot of contributions to GNU/Linux that you can appreciate.
RedHat needs more respect.
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>being this assblasted
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Where do I sound assblasted, anon?
I agree with this post. Systemd is philosophically problematic, but in terms of actual usage I don't really have any issue with it.

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In this aeon, it would seem that arbitrary limits are imposed on the amount of information superhighway bandwidth one can use per Gregorian calendar month. Why is this so?
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How does the Judaic daemon play into this?
They put arbitrary limits on things so they can either charge you overage fees, or, sometimes, upsell you to another plan that's identical except without the arbitrary limit.

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Which one of you faggots created this?
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i made the logo
>The mission of the project is to leave the user with a shit web browsing experience.

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Hey /g/. I've been thinking of buying an mp3 player lately. Is it worth it, and if so, what's a good <$100 choice?
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Ruizu or Fiio, check /csg
Those should be decent.
get rockbox compatible hardware or get wrecked
What does rockbox do if your player already has the ability to play many formats

What's a clean looking, minimalistic icon pack for Android that doesn't bog down the system?

Pic related made me think of this.

Also, post other questions that don't deserve their own thread.
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I have this weird issue with Youtube and Netflix fullscreen in chrome. I always have a slight border around the top and left hand side of my second display, where I can see my wallpaper.

This only happens with Chrome, Brave and Edge don't behave this way.
I want to learn about BIOS. Know of any good resources?

Pre 2011 Apple products are a far better value than "Classic" ThinkPads and compromised Androids
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The Core 2 Macs are all shit. The 2011-2013 era Macs are the best value.
ugly, I bet you can't even pour two bottles of water on the keyboard without breaking it.
good, sell them.

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