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/vlg/ - Void Linux General

Call of the Void edition

This thread is for those who are interested in Void Linux, use it, need help with it or want to try it.

Benefits of using void:
>no systemd
>xbps package manager
>just works
>rolling release
>libreSSL instead of openSSL
>over 5000 packages and growing daily
>musl or glibc

>No systemd
Void Linux uses the runit init system and services supervision. It has the benefits of fast boot and shutdown times as well as simple and easy to write init scripts (in addition to having hundreds of pre-written ones).

Powerful package manager with dependency resolution. If your desired software isn't in the repository, build it with xbps-src and consider adding it.




>IRC (irc.freenode.net)
#voidlinux - general chat and help channel
#xbps - development and package maintenance

Contribute packages, wiki entries, guides, &c. It already has a logo but there's plenty more to do as the distro is still in its early stages.
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Post wp pls
I'm torn between installing Gentoo and Void.

You need to work on your rice game, OP.
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I cropped it from this picture.

It works for me. I'll probably just change my terminal emulator colour scheme to match my desktop's but that's it. Maybe add a void icon where the awesome icon is.

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Creator of GNOME uses a Mac.
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Designer of Mac-lookin DE ended with Mac.
>Mac-lookin DE
thats a stretch.
GNOME is the most popular the most polished DE.
why do you care so much what OS other people use?

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Is GPD Pocket worth its money?
How many anons bought them?
What do you use it for?
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too large for a handheld game
too small for a laptop computer

who is this for?
want to buy for traveling and flights.
waiting for price to drop or possible new model w/ better cpu
Yes and no depends what will you be using it for ?

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Is chiru.no just a meme or does FLAC really sound better?
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flac is good because it's better for storing music not because it actually sounds better
mp3 and other formats put a cap based on the average human's hearing limits.
some people aren't average so of course FLAC sounds better for them.
flac is good to have because you can convert it to any format without distortion or degradation

listening to .flac is kind of a meme (not as big a meme as vinyl), I normally use .ogg

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Is Quantum Computing gonna kill cyber security?

>I've been hearing from physics people, some of whom are quite CS literate, that my plan to go into cyber sec is a fuckin meme unless I double major in physics and thoroughly familiarize myself with quantum mechanics in order to stay relevant in the coming age of quantum computing, which will turn cryptography, and other major parts of cyber security on its head; going as far as to saying that most companies will hire physics people instead of CS similarly to how some accounting firms started hiring just mathematicians instead of accountants because the math got ahead of their level.

Is this just physic majors' way of pretending that they're relevant and that their highest aspirations aren't just being a neckbeard professor, or is this actually worth considering?
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>cyber security
no such thing
Cyber sec is a fuckin meme anyway, the vast majority of real attacks are based on social engineering and require only a very low baseline of technical knowledge. If you want to go into security you should go into physical security or as an opsec consultant
Welll, 99,999% of the "security" engineers don't know shit about the theoretical aspects of cryptography, so I don't see why this need to change once the really smart people come up with quantum proof encryption algorithms.

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>will use windows 7
Lmao. A depreciated os is litteraly better than anything ganoo+loonix has to offer.
penguin proles BTFO
Go away jew microsoft shills
>damage control

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Anyone use a 17in macbook pro still? Thoughts?
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no, we don't drink starbucks and have gay sex.

macbooks were so great with antiglare
Say what you want but sitting in Starbucks on a nice comfy couch drinking a large coffee and browsing the MacBook Pro is pretty damn comfy.

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Give me ONE (1) reason why you're not using windowmanager/GNUstep as your default graphical user interface.
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Because plain i3 is lighter, more efficient and I can get my work done just as well, if not better.

Isn't GNUStep abandoned?

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rec me a phone that

1) has a good built in dac and amp
2) has a good battery

that's it
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Lg v30
ive considered this but it just seems like overkill for my needs. i might just get a cheap phone and a portable dac/amp.
why not get a PMP?

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62349370
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Why do people think they can "save the world" and become a catalyst for "social change" with their programming?
Why do people think they can "save the world" and become a catalyst for "social change" with their shitposting?

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*tears your screen*
heh... nothing personel
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>linux has the best looking deskt-

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How do you go beyond unlimited?
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by still having data caps on all of them
>data cap

I'm getting mixed messages here
if it was just unlimited they would get sued

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>tfw you fell for the SSD meme
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>oh no i have so much free time now what to do
>HDD dies
>rescue it
>SSD dies
>you're fucked
Never trust user data to SSDs
>wow I wish my computer was still slow and shitty like back in 1999!

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Greetings wise ones
So, my old 750ti is in dire need of replacing, but what graphics card shall I get?
I'm not the most knowledgeable on pcs so I need advice, here are my specs

motherboard: gigabyte ga-78mlt-usb3, which i believe has a single pci-e x16 slot
cpu: amd fx 8350
RAM: 8gb
Wattage: 600w

I know it is far from the nest build, and I may upgrade to 16gb of RAM aswell, but what gpu shall I get? or shall I invest in a new FLU first?
I'm looking to spend £150-£400 on the graphics card alone

or shall I ask /g/?
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Shall I ask /v/?
holy shit
>new CPU, not FLU
Wow anon you really are retarded
Go ask the pcbg

why is google allowed to verify itself
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probably because google trusts itself
can't anyone do this?
i dont

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