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Alright /g/tards, lets make some book covers.

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Hey /g/, what are some shitty Linux distros so that I could point and laugh at?
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all of them
Gentoo und all *buntu

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Why aren't you using a Core i9?
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Are you retarded?
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>not having 72 cores
It's summer, I don't need a space heater.

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Fag Lovers:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread:
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mad thread.
Quick question.
Say im looking for a watch with a visible tourbillion that
A) is not shit at time keeping
B) is somewhat affordable (400 bucks tops)
Nope. Cheapest Chinese tourbillon is 500usd+. If you want a visible balance wheel (that isn't a tourbillon) find something from orient, they have good timekeeping and decent looks for the price.

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>Bought an iPhone 5S in 2013
>Still still gets software updates to this day
>Still looks and feels premium
So how are Android phones from 2013 holding up?
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Using a Galaxy S2 from 2012 just fine.
My Nexus 4 could handle 6.0 fine, but Google dropped it

Too bad the battery is kill
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new OP5 lasts 2 days on average. kek.

and the warranty is good for a day. kek

people who pay more than $150 for chinkshit phones are morons and deserve to get fucked by them.

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Sticker thread
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Cringe thread
>being this new
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CloverOS GNU/Linux

Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga
Current LiveCD: https://github.com/chiru-no/cloveros/releases/download/20170630/CloverOS-x86_64-20170630.iso
Github: https://github.com/chiru-no/cloveros
Package count: 2327 http://cloveros.ga/s/packages.html
Official IRC channel: #cloveros on Rizon
License: WTFPL
Mirrors: https://uswest.cloveros.ga https://useast.cloveros.ga https://fr.cloveros.ga
Current CFLAGs:
CFLAGS="-Ofast -pipe -flto=8 -funroll-loops -floop-block -floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -ftree-loop-distribution"

Previous threads: https://warosu.org/g/?task=search2&search_subject=cloveros

CloverOS GNU/Linux is scripts that creates a Gentoo image and a packages repo (Binhost) that contains unique USE flags and CFLAGS. It aims to be an out of the box desktop distro. (The LiveCD is already built)
New mirror: useast.cloveros.ga
Mirrors now run on OpenBSD
New things added to repo: alienarena avp darkplaces doomsday ezquake-bin lsdldoom nexuiz openarena quake3 sauerbraten urbanterror warsow wolfgl xonotic
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Wait for livecd link to work and for the site to come back. I made this thread a little early
should I just
sudo emerge --sync
to get the latest repo?
That syncs your Gentoo portage tree. It's similar to apt-get update.

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>>>> OP==fag
oh shit
is this comparing the length of each string or something?

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Hey 4chan, i'm looking for a simple mining virus that can be implemented easily with a rat. thanks
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No problem dude.
Check ur inbox dude

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high quality image format
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wats the highest
Undeniably it's .jpg .

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hey faggots how wuold you switch the value of 2 variables with only one operation?
i have the answer, just curious of how you reflect on problems
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Install gentoo
install ubuntu
Do your own homework, fag.

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Need help deciding between two laptops to purchase.

Dell XPS 13, or Inspiron 15.

Both are i7-7500U. I can get twice as much drive space and RAM with the Inspiron, but the XPS has 3200x1800 on a 13 inch display, which I really like, and it's more portable.
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>I really like the other one better

Fuck you dude, just pick the one you like the best.
That's the problem.

I need an objective party to tell me I'm a dumbfuck and to get the better option.
>objective party

Yeah, no, go fuck yourself.

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PPC? What should I do with this old iBook G4? What distos still have PPC support?
Inb4 install Gentoo
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Install Tiger and TenFourFox

Enjoy comfy shitposting machine.
Start a restaurant, you've already got the stove.
but where to find tiger :( cant find a good torrent

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So there's been this plain white work van sitting in my street since early last week. It went away over the weekend but is back again tonight.

It doesn't belong to any of my neighbors and it has out of state plates.

Should I be worried?

Pic isn't mine, but similar to what I'm seeing
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send them a pizza or something
no, you shouldn't be worried about the van

they already have your data, what the fuck do you think they need a stupid van for

they have fucking SATELLITES
Just walk up to it and knock on the window.

I emulated the game Welcome to the Game in real life. It's kinda weird to see my desktop so empty.
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>dell speakers
>taskbar placement

neck yourself you kissless virgin faggot
you did what?

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