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So my father's hard drive crashed and we replaced it with a new one. What's the best data recovery software to try and recover all the pictures he had on it? He didn't back them up unfortunately :(
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Read the sticky. Sage.
Ballsack Potatoes
OnTrack software, or their sevice

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So who's the bigger retard in this case?

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I wish the AI to just nuke the planet and end it all.
I think they're both babby-tier programmers but they both have highly intelligent engineers at their disposal.
They both should die in a fire.

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is this how you do it?
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yes, this is the correct procedure
>tfw fully free
What am I looking at?

Here's someting a lot of people dont get about Apple.

They're premium products. That means you pay a premium for aprosuct that is all around superior.

Sure, you can get a chinkphone which on paper has the same specs as an iPhone. But its missing the superior security, app ecosystem, build quality, design and optimisation of the iPhone which makes it work better.

Sure you can buy a PC for a lower price than an iMac. But after 2 yera your PC will be slow to boot up, slow to load basic tasks and is vulnerable to viruses.

That's where Apple shines. Superior quality, better security, a more pleasurable user experience. Those of us wih money are happy to pay a premium for that.
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100% bait or memeing, kek
get out of here fag
welcome to /g/ newfriend :^)

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My brothers work recently got rid of what i believe to be is a server. this is way outside my field of expertise. could someone tell me what it is and how much it's worth
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it's a server and its power hungry, if you are american it's considered as useless and shit because modern equipment is cheap there
i still like these, although i prefer rack models, (1950 would be the rackmount model of this) they are old but can run virtual machines and yes they do eat a shit ton of power
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How come the background looks computer generated even though it is not?

Take away the panda and it looks like the frostbite engine.

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You know that's a man made landscape you dumbfuck
Are you sure?
Turns out pandas have been extinct for years.

Can they compete with Samsung and Apple?
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They still exist?
Shouldn't have shacked up with Microsoft
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i really hope nokia succeeds with this phones
the lumia phones from a few years back were great apart from windows mobile os

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In its most recent attack against the online alt-right, Microsoft along with the support of Facebook, Apple and the mainstream meteor have decided to cancel MS PAINT in an effort to minimize future memes.

How fucking retarted must be Microsoft?
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>what is gimp
Paint isn't dead.
It's just getting put on the Windows Store.
Oh, wait, that is dead.
Oh well, RIP.
A piece of bloated shit software that takes 10 seconds to load

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how can I encrypt a folder in windows so it only open using a strong password?
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Make a new partition and use Bitlocker.
Anything higher than AES 128 will do the trick.
but this only works on windows
is there a linux alternative?
Partition encryption built in linux?

So it looks like the 1300X can hit the same clockspeeds that other Ryzens can. Hopefully more consistently, too.
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Some other Cinebench scores for comparison. Keep in mind 1300X will probably cost $120.
The whole point of Ryzen 3 is they're the badly binned chips. I really doubt 4ghz is going to be common.
Not necessarily. Just that the other half of the 8 cores is bad and therefore disabled. The other half might be good.

...Like programming, SEO, web design or something like that that I can learn online and for free and give me some extra money? I´m starting to getting interested in computer science because I want some job and I can´t find shit in my country. Can I learn at least the first steps for free? What webpages, books, YT channels and what not recommend? What is most wanted by the companies? Where can I sell my skills online, or at least show them to the world to help me to improve my work? I want to be commited and put some hours in. Sorry for reposting this from /biz/, idk if this is where I should put it
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OP bumps now
Research skills.
Explain please

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How should I sync Keepass across devices /g/?
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Using a password database, you mongrel. How else do you think?
Use a hashing algo to generate your passwords from one master password and the name of the place the password is for. No password manager needed.
Put the db in Dropbox.

Recommend me a good image gallery downloader.

My go to has been Bulk Image Downloader but lately I've encountered a few galleries that BID won't dig though, so I need new options.

DownThemAll is shit for my specific purposes btw.
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i recently bought BID because it was the only program i could find that could download FB albums

now Zuckerjew changed how albums load and it no longer works, and the author of BID doesn't appear to give a shit

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>wanting to upgrade my rapsberry
>shit fucks up
>nothing works anymore
>well, we try rebooting
>kernel panic
linux just works, they said.
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Should have installed real UNIX on it if you wanted quality over a quick meme.
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Fuck, I just realized that it had some weird as configs on it which required some hacking to get shit working.
>tfw no backup of those
not world ending, but shit obviously. Well, maybe I learned my lesson today
You might have a bad SD card or you fucked up your imaging process somehow. Download the image again and then try a new SD card. It's just basic troubleshooting, Anon.

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Good. We need to stop the ameritards from reproducing.
Thank God. Indians and niggers will now become the dominant species and lead society forward.
all throughout history
civilizations grew and collapsed
nothing is eternal

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