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>firefox 55 doesn't run local flash files
what firefox based web browser should i use now?
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>not running old .swf and .dcr (shockwave) files in an XP VM exclusively
anything else is wrong
Why not just run and old portable version of FF/PM/whatever? You're not going to be connecting it the the web anyways, right?
Pale Meem doesn't have this problem.

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which one to choose, the most important thing for me is to run win7 in Linux Host, and that the internet connection is not deteriorated in the VM

thx for tips :-)

(Vmware is free, or not, there website is confusing ...)
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qemu/kvm ofc. virtualbox is shit
do you use a frontend for qemu, if so which one, i don't want to break my head in the console ...

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Anyone else excited? :D

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>Anyone else excited?

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Why ever use Go over modern C++?
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because you want to finish a project in a day rather than a month
Because C++ is an unholy monstrosity that extremely few people fully understand.

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Sup /g/,

I had an NDA from an old company that finally expired, am I supposed to capitalize on my trade secrets now? Wat do?
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Ignore the fucked up image, using an iPhone. Anyway, NDA is over now, wat do?
post it here obviously faggot
install gentoo

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What a good mid range laptop for college?
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Xiaomi Air 12. Watch any review of it on youtube, and it's around 500 bucks if you look hard enough.
lay off the heroin, it's deadly

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Remember when they said Ipad was going to kill PC? Good keks time
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PC sales from 2009 to 2010 grew 13.5%, in 2011 that growth was 0.5%, in 2012 0%, in 2013 -10% and it keeps dropping
but PC is still dying. a laptop is the best of both worlds.
it has unironically killed the PC for normies

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is Git actually useful or can it be replaced with basic file management?
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people used to do just that. there's a reason git is popular
why is it popular
Are you retarded or have never coded in a collaborative environment?

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I'm eyeing up a particular t440p, but the seller describes a pretty iffy problem:

"battery will sometimes say plugged in not charging when its charged to less than 100%."
"The battery does charge Its just that some times it seems to stop charging when it gets within a few percent of 100. when you click on the battery icon it says plugged in not charging no idea why it stops short it will charge up to 100 just sometimes it doesn't."

Sounds pretty whack to me. Do you think the problem could be something easily fixable like the battery? Or something worse?
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Power Manager probably stops the charging before it's full, that's a basic feature of Lenovo's power manager software that comes enabled by default and stupid normalfags don't even know the shit they have installed.
It's designed that way.

If it started to charge every time it fell to 99% it would go through way too many charge cycles wearing the battery out very quickly.

I think it goes down to 95% before charging back to 100%

What do the RMS fan boys think of 4chan itself since it runs on proprietary software?
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Who cares, they're retarded manchildren anyway.
Actually I'm pretty sure it runs free software, they just don't share it.
But Anon if they don't share the software that means that the software isn't free

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Compare with this vid showing an i7-7700K w/ same version of CPU-Z at stock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3xR7kJ4O7s

Single core 2200
Multicore 9650

2323/2200=5% increase
13980/9650=45% increase

I'm guessing 4.7 GHz single core and 4.2 GHz all core. Pretty impressive numbers if true.

However it remains to be seen if they can actually keep this beast cool using TIM and if they're going to charge the same price as the i7-7700K, or if it'll be more expensive.
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>I'm guessing 4.7 GHz single core and 4.2 GHz all core

Which would be exactly what the last leaks claimed. /g/ was so certain that they were fake too. Do you guys ever get tired of being wrong?
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There were two leaks, and one of them was completely wrong.
I know. The more recent leak listed 4.2GHz on all six cores out of the box though, and the experts on here claimed that it was just a fake edit of the previous one.

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What's this foreign crap in my programs list? One is highlighted and the other has the mouse next to it. I'm not bilingual wtf.
I've already ran a full scan with windows defender.
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do you know what .NET means, gringo ?
Yeah its from visual studio but I only chose the English language pack.
Foreign fuckers will always look for a way in.
You need a fire wall.

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How do we force 4chan devs to drop Google's recaptcha for another non-botnet verification system?
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>verification system
self hosted captchas are always better than external botnets.
Google's recaptcha data can be used to link user's account and posting material together, virtually eliminating the anonimity imageboards at least pretend to profess at.

A natively implemented verification system would have the data be only relevant on a single system, keeping it locked out. Botnet however wants everything to be linked so it's easy to trace and target individuals.

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>women are better programmers than men
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if you took all the comments out the one on the right would have less lines of code

also, "hacker code used to steal nude photos", hahaha
If was a man posting the difference and saying men are better, they'll destroy the man's life.
so girls are better programers because they need recognition for the code, and ad obnoxious bugs like return 5 because lol i'm so random :P?

inb4 women start programing self driving cars and they code a pull over for cute puppies function.

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>converted all my MP3s into FLACs
>they sound phenomenal now
holy shit guys I thought it was a meme. flac is real deal. thanks for the advice.
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FLAC doesn't make the music sound better, your music just won't degrade over time now.
You're doing something wrong if your music degrades over time, friend.
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My music doesn't degrade over time because I use lossless.
That was my point, buddy.

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