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Windows 10 is coming up on 2 years old and there isn't a single fucking Google app in the entire Windows Store.

Google obviously wants to murder Windows as an OS.
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They're doing a shit job of it if that's what they're doing.
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Google CAN murder Windows if they integrate Windows emulation well into a much heftier version of Chrome OS that does not depend heavily on the Internet to function.
No they're not. Microsoft is doing it themselves

I'm starting Computer Science this fall, what kind of computer should I get? Should I get a Mac or PC? I'm mostly used to Mac but maybe PC is more ubiquitous in CS?
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Get a thinkpad and dualboot Ubuntu and Windows
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>maybe PC is more ubiquitous in CS?

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mac os

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Which linux distro would you recommend to a cute girl that has only used Windows?
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I'm a little girl and I use Gentoo.

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Why not a netbook + butterfly keyboard?
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The butterfly keyboard was very complex, required very tight manufacturing standards and was really only relevant in the context of a square laptop (4:3 aspect ratio). By the time you're making a widescreen laptop it become pointless.
Now, you might ask, what if I wanted to make a netbook based on the iPad's 4:3, 2048x1536 that is common, high-quality and relatively cheap? Then you'd be better off doing something like the IBM S30, which requires no extra complexity and allows you to leverage other cheap, commodity parts.
pic related the next best alternative

>inb4 its wider than the screen
i personally like the molded curves look
they could also utilize that space on the monitor for front spacing speakers

/g/ it's getting dark helpp
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how do i keep the cia niggerz away?
Just hunker down and don't make any noise, sun will be up again soon anon
That's if the CIA lets the sun rise this morning. They control the weather and soon will plunge us into a very long period of nighttime.

Best free Anti-virus, better than AVG and MalwareBytes?

inb4 installgentoo
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common sense 2003
Not using at all is best anti-virus.
Not clicking on the ads they show on pornhub or whatever site you jack off on.

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By indie game developers I don't mean all of them. There are some great guys like the people behind games like Owlboy or Undertale that are absolutely good guys and good at doing their job.

But there is a big, big part of both successful and, even more, unsuccessful "gamedevXD"s that really should be banned from using a PC.

I was browsing /r/gamedev lately and the amount of retardedness astonished me. Even your stereotypical pajeets are better than those guys, seriously.

There's people claiming that everything more optimized or modular than cowboy coding is overkill, that planning good algorithms instead of just randomly slapping your hands on the keyboard until it "works" is stupid because "it takes too much time", and cherrypie, that "Java is almost as fast as C++ if used properly".

I mean, I know that 99.999999999% of people browsing such subreddits are fags who won't get anywhere with their shitty code, but I was very impressed to see how much compSci ignorance and arrogance mixed there is in those communities compared to basically every other technology field.
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Oh yeah I forgot, there are also those guys who say "why do you want to know which technique of doing this is faster? Just do a benchmark!", ignoring basically all of the reasons why algorithm analysis exists (for my friend Tom that browses here who doesn't know: not all PCs have the same exact hardware configuration and while some performance gap could be imperceptible to the point of being impossible to catch on my PC, it could weigh a lot more on another user's less performing one, and even like this, one single execution of a technique on a simple example level doesn't really mirror how things go when there are a lot of players).

So guys, don't study why quicksort is better than bubble sort, just do a 5 elements array and sort them with both, you'll see which one's faster XD
(Fun fact: bubble sort will win)
Dude what r u expecting, game devs are like pariah of programmers

Is anyone here an actual freetard?

>be me
>t400 libreboot with trisquel
>8gb ram TB hardrive
>no getting spied on
>no jewish tricks
>can do everything but play gaymes

Why in the fuck are you still being subservient to the NSA and all the other botnets? Do you have any self respect? What is your excuse to not being completely free (as in freedom) /g/?
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>Is anyone here an actual freetard?
No not completely yet, but I like the concept.
Windows 8-10, and the lack of enjoyable new game releases is making the transition to full freetard easier for me now though.
o/ t400 with libreboot and parabola gnu/linux-libre reporting in!
Yes I'm a freetard. I do most of my computing on either my x60 with libreboot or modified dell optiplex (better Mobo thats libreboot compatible).
>no jewish tricks
are you aware stallman is jewish

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how realistically will take me to self teach myself a CS bachelors?
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I'm not going to comprehend what indecipherable mumble of autism speak you just attempted to communicate with, so here's some CS for you.

what are the odds that OP is able to read that
>Go to law firm
>You: I taught myself law online
>Firm: fuck off

>Go to a construction firm
>You: I taught myself structural engineering online
>Firm: fuck off

>Go to a hospital
>You: I taught myself medicine online
>Hospital: fuck off

>Go to software company
>You: I taught myself programming online
>Software company: You get the job!

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What DE do I use if I like KDE but hate how fucking buggy it is?
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lxqt literally uses the same theme layout and color schemes but with half the ram and no glitches, i'd try it if you like kde's aesthetic.
XFCE or KDE on anything that isn't KDE Neon, like openSUSE
Trying right now, I'm very picky though so I hope I like it.

>the perfect keyboard doesn't exi-
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>fucked up nav cluster
>no media controls
Yeah OK. (You)
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>not backlit

Daily reminder that a 14 year old Power Mac G5's are better computers than modern and gay PCs.
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I have one of these. It's useless.

Just gut it and made it ATX mountable, or put an aquarium in there.
I've noticed those threads for a while now.

In what way OP? In performance and efficiency, obviously not.
Maybe if the only OS available wasn't *BSD distros.
Or broken Linux distros.

Also no hardware acceleration for decoding anything.

>start studying CCNA training on youtube
>poo in loo "instructor"
>start studying A+ tuts with an american instructor

Am I going to make it or am I too stupid for this?
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never watch anything by an Indian. They are the literally the world's most incompetent people.
Eh, you know there are people who are still virgins at 30?

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Some hipster starbucks drinking faggot numale walked up to me with his stupid smug smile on his face and asked what I was programming.

Well I was programming a library for Linux in C. I gave him a brief description about it and told him it's written in C. Now this faggot was telling me I should rewrite it in Rust because it's safer, blah blah, better than C and C++, blah blah, nigger faggot kept talking about this shit like Mozilla stuck their cock up his ass and now he's spewing this shit out of his mouth. So I had enough of this mac faggot and told him I'm not rewriting shit and told his faggot ass to fuck off.
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Dumb frogposter

>Guy comes up to talk about a shared hobby
>Decides to talk at his level about a language he's familiar with
>Literal autistic screeching

dumb frogposter
nice blogpost

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Personal/portable music player thread /pmp/

What up /pmp/'s, so we've been having these threads for a while now and I noticed some of you prefer it to be called /dap/ since it's more of a catch-all. Is a vote on this needed or are you guys okay with the name as is?

Useful Guide(s)
• The General /pmp/ Guide has been updated again, thanks to your efforts >>61354899 → https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/fefcb363
• Converting an iPod video 5G/5.5G to a rockboxed player with an msata SSD and a 3000 mAh battery http://nullvoid.station.moe/Freedom-Hardware/Video5G-Rockbox/
• Third party battery guide
https://www.iflash.xyz/3rd-party-extended-battery-guide/Guide for iPod 6G/7G needs adding/making
• Rockbox 3.14 released, significant battery increase compared to 3.13. The battery increase was from the cpu scaling patches, which has been available on dev builds for a (long) while.
• Reminder to use Rockbox DEV builds when available.
• Use the SonyNWDestTool to remove the volume limiter/warnings on most of the Walkman series
• Please keep taking nice pics of your /pmp/'s so that they can be used as OP pics, I'm going through them in order of posting so yours will come up eventually.

•Anon needs help with his purchase >>61363959
•Another Anon doesn't know what Rockbox' Database is for >>61365746
•Anon rediscovers the joy of using a PMP over a phone, but he still lacks hardware controls >>61365907
•IMPORTANT! Anon remember us what's the correct CF to SD card for modding iPods >>61365992
•Anln complains about all the eBay iPod vultures >>61366204
•Nice blog post there Anon! >>61367536

Previous thread >>61362240
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Oh no!
I'd like to spend $100-300 on a decent dap. Long battery life would be nice. If you guys can recommend a dap/amp setup.
Sony A35 if you don't care too much for sound quality.
If you're willing to go used, there might be more choices available.

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