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Redpill me getting a SSD drive.
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Currently expensive for reasons, absolutely worth it for the speed increase IMO, just don't do something retarded like use one for media storage.

Get a moderately sized SSD (200-500GiB) and use a secondary HDD / mounted NAS volume for pictures/videos/etc.
mlc or tlc?
I recommend getting a 250gb ssd to put your os and video editing software in it. And put all the other stuff in a 2 or 1 TB hdd

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What is the lowest spec power supply you can use to drive the new AMD RX Vega 64? Is 620 watts bronze ceriftied enough?

What is the lowest spec CPU you can use with AMD RX Vega 64 to still get great results? Is i5 3670K and 8GB DDR3 ok?
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RX Vega 64 uses 295 watts on average. You probably need something better, also your CPU is a little underwhelming. Maybe get RX Vega 56 instead if you don't want to upgrade everything else in your system.
The PSU's recommended by AMD are 850W for aircooled Vega64 and 1000W for the Liquid 64. The 56 is probably going to be 650W or 700W.
Disgusting. Miners can have them

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Why would anyone want to build a PC right now when SSD's, GPU's, and RAM are all horribly overpriced?
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Because even with all that, it's still worth it to get away from Intel.
Take a look at your OP pic ... that should be reason enough.
>buying into the AMD meme
Kek, their GPUs are inflated because of miners, and their processors are all garbage @ single-threaded work.

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Is working at a start up stressful?
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nah man it's all jeans, flip flops, and ball pits
>carry out the responsibilities that would normally be divided among 3 people
>work for >10 hrs most days
Checking multiple venture endeavors 10 years later is pretty stressful.

I bet its more stressful for some that sued in New York instead of Alabama or Massachusetts, especially when their claims were malicious and bogus. The judges may need to be put under investigation. Those things carry like up to 40 years of prison time.

I'm not sure what to do about all of them.

Mark has been the best steward of them all, if that can be a given.

He has helped me to build/rebuild a multibillion dollar co.

Richard Fairley

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You faggots didn't tell me how addicting programming is. I'm losing track of time with this shit, it's like crack. And I haven't event learned all the basics yet.
Am I autistic?
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>I haven't event learned all the basics yet.
Absolutely, until the projects get bigger, you realize it's all been done before, you don't get a good grade for it, and the time to reward ratio goes to shit.

But I could spend hours on brainteaser type puzzles without a complaint.
programming is fun until you get a job in it

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Why the fuck is no one talking about this?
For like 90 bucks you can have a great little SSH terminal, or even a comfy bed laptop.
Did anyone buy a pinebook yet? Strongly considering buying one.
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does it run skyrim?
I don't like chicklets
also, don't want a webcam and the macbook aesthetic is gross

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What do you think of smart fitness bands?
Are they really useful or just another jewish trick>
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The fit bit ones are a Jewish scam.
Yea fit bit for heart rate is wildly inaccurate
>smart fitness bands
What is their purpose?

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How many people here use Devuan? How have your experiences with it been?
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I use Devuan to bag my groceries and carry them out to my car
I'm using it in my desktop and have no complain. Is Debian without systemd. You shoul try it and explore by yourself.
Why would I use a distro without SystemD? Who in their right mind would use an init system other than the best one around?

>I-its too complicated!
Maybe for a brainlet like you

>I-its a botnet backdoored by the NSA!
Do you have any proof to back this statement? No.

>Mr. Poettering is a hack!
Hes way, way more capable than you. You cant even comprehend his skill.

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Anyone here using tab groups?
I personally can't imagine using my browser without them. If come FF 57 there's no webextension for this, I'm not updating and possibly moving to Waterfox.
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Even if you sort them, it's still tabhoarding. Close your damn tabs and make some sorted bookmarks in folders for fucks sake.
Why would I bookmark a site I'm visiting temporarily?
When you visit 50 sites "temporarily" at the same time, it stops being "temporarily".

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Why would he create an anonymizing network for criminals /g/? Tor is used by criminals.
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navy created Tor
So is facebook.

only 2-3% of traffic goes to onion sites.
Because of support groups, they're just addicts?

Why was anonymous started? Why was it named that?

Why was facebook started?

Richard Fairley

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>Come home after working a real job. Take 200mg caffeine pill on the drive home
>start coding
>after 4 hours, have only produced 10 lines of working, production level code

...is this about average or do you just write tons of garbage quickly that you have to delete later?
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>200mg of caffeine
>not ripping a few hits off a teener of ice
And you morons wonder why you're unhirable.
Take 10mg of short-release methylphenidate instead, it's more effective and has fewer side effects
>wake up at 7AM
>go to class until 4PM
>go to work in a warehouse until 4AM
>sleep until 3PM to avoid 5PM traffic
>go back to work until 4AM
>repeat on Sunday
>sleep from 4:30AM to 7:30AM
>go to class until 4PM

I am installing gentoo from ssh using my nexus 5.
I bet winfags cannot do this with winblows.
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stupid phoneposter
>he doesn't have the official powershell app
Non winsiders really floor me
>I am installing gentoo

61745158, number of the retard.

What websites still force you to use flash in the year 2017?
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Google Finance

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why on earth are you using chrome?
because i don't have autism

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