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How come gtx 400-500 and HD5000-6000 didn't get vulkan and dx12 support? They seemed to work well enough on dx11?

Was it a hardware limitation? Or just a lack of support to motivate people to upgrade and buy new cards?
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It's 2017 man. A GTX 400 or hd5000 is not usable for any modern dx12 game, even in the lowest settings
Yes it is even at 1080p. Low-medium would be fine.
Vulkan too btw.
My setup:
Intel [email protected]
>HD [email protected] & 650MHz RAM
4gb 1600MHz RAM

Lowest settings:
GTA 5 = Wont run at all
Hitman Absolution = 8-10 fps
Minecraft = 15-20 fps
Rocket League = 25-30 fps
Source engine games (CS:GO, TF2, GMOD, ETC.) = 50-60 fps

This is why.

Should I buy Surface Pro?
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I did. Don't get the m3 4 GB version unless you like remote desktop.
are you retarded?
No, just get the book, same thing better keyboard

Is firefox running like shit for anyone else lately? it's been fine for years but the last few weeks my pc feels like a single core Pentium 2 when i'm browsing. as soon as I switch to edge everything works fine. please save me. it takes 10 seconds for everything to happen. as in everything.
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Happening to me as well, not just on my Linux box but on my Macbook as well.

I've switched to Vivaldi until it's fixed.

if it helps, I use

https everywhere
ublock origin
new tab homepage

disabling them doesn't seem to make a difference. redownloading firefox seemed to speed it up a bit for awhile but it eventually became slow again. my rig is

5820k @ 4.3ghz
16gb ram
Samsung 950 pro
It laggs up the whole system when loading a page and it seems to be by the same amount no matter what hardware you have.
It's shit but currently the best of the worst feature wise.

What the hell went wrong?

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He's a professional
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>You're nigger You're fucking nigger!
where's the video of him spilling his drink
>uses noobuntu to run his OS
>trashtalks Linus

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What is the best free shell I can get?
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A sea shell

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What are you working on, /g/?
cia niggers wanna know.
Previous thread: >>61398050
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Idris is the only practical language today
Reposting because I'm still clueless:
I wish to learn about https://gitlab.com/xonotic
It's a very impressive game in some ways and it's completely open source, so that's nice.

But I don't see where I should start learning about this project. How do you approach something like this? I don't have any specific goals aside from figuring out how the warpzones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORh6NfQRDxg) work so smoothly (this video isn't a good representation since it's recorded from a demo perspective, ingame it's completely free of artefacts). But I'd also like to get a general gist of the engine.

Should I run some graphing tools on it? What do I do?
install gentoo

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Post your aliases:

alias please='sudo'
alias leave='gnome-session-quit'
alias q='exit'
alias c='clear'
alias shutn='shutdown now'
alias spac='sudo pacman'
alias pac='pacman'
alias saura='sudo aura'
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A lot of these won't work cause you didn't pass arguments, but who am I kidding, you've probably never even used Linux before.
works on my machine
What are you even talking about? And does 'clear' even have arguments?

What the hell does EPYC actually stand for?
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Ebin Processor You Cunt
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It stands for "Haha fuck you Intel, Itanium fucking sucked."

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>must provide a phone number to use twitter

Why do websites do this?
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So the government can track you down easier if you post illegal things on it.
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twitter phone.jpg
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I am back, /g/

I met this dude who bought a container full of brand new Model Ms. I bought these for 30 bucks each.

Still deciding what to do with them.
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>2key rollover

Lol sell them on ebay for $300 a pop.
sell them for higher prices?
Depending on how many you have I'd make a simple site and sell them or sell them on eBay. If I had like 1000 I'd buy one of those plug and play websites for small business. If I had 100 I'd eBay them. Or I'd see how many I could unload through Reddit if they have a mechanical keyboard autism subreddit.

Programmers of /g/, are you part of the open source contributing high salary elite, or mouth-breathing proprietary code monkey scum?
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I'm a fucking living meme so
>tfw my job somehow turned into "Anon we have all this internal code and we want to open source it you're in charge"
Is the raw data available? I would like to see the variance

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This is such an enjoyable experience now. Why did I wait so long to do this? Did I miss any other important ones?
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Try filtering "This is such an enjoyable experience now. Why did I wait so long to do this? Did I miss any other important ones?". Really improved my experience.
Seems like your filter doesn't work.

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Aside from the fact that it can't be used without a GUI, is there anything wrong with Sublime Text?
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its atoms retarded brother that none uses anymore

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It looks kind of ugly with the default Windows 7 aero theme.
Atom is slow and a resource hog. Sublime is lean and fast. Atom is free but at work someone else pays.

After reading online about AOSP and LineageOS I still don't understand why custom ROMs exist. I keep hearing customizability over and over again. Do people install custom ROMs just for shiny new UIs?
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1. No gapps.
2. No gapps.
3. No gapps.
4. Rooted by default.
5. Ricing is easier.

But mostly no gapps. Fuck that caner.
>Rooted by default
Most ROMs arent

Wait, can't I just root a mobile running AOSP and remove the google apps myself?

Post your re/g/rets
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Wasting time trying to use Linux as a daily driver.
I don't regret it, I just wish it was better

>Anniversary update
>Can still Alt+F4 the window

Is there anything Microsoft doesn't fail at?

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