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>Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has revealed that discussions are underway regarding the creation of government centers for cryptocurrency mining, according to local publications. Meanwhile, a bill is being finalized to provide a legal framework for digital currency including bitcoin.

Just as I thought would happen, governments are getting into the cryptocurrency game. We're just getting started. Hide your Vegas, hide your Voltas, they're buying everything out here.

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imagine how many african children could be fed with all those gigawatts
Aren't they talking about bitcoin mining? That thing is pretty useless on GPU
It only says "Cryptocurrency Mining", you should assume it's not just Bitcoin.

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It's been trying to install this update for 5 hours now. Why is the Windows Update service so fucking broken? Never had any trouble with updating on Macs or Linux. Why is it still such a fucking nightmare?
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>updating windows
enjoy your ram hog
And supreme collection of games.
Windows is trash.

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Hey /g/

I got a pair of Sony MDR v6s and the jack snapped

1. What jack should I buy to replace it with keeping the sound quality.

2. What do I need to be aware of when replacing the jack?
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Just about any jack would do. It's still fucking metal. All you need to do is just solder a new one on. I've done it a lot of times. Only thing to worry about when getting a new jack is the shape, durability and material choice.

I'd be more woried about getting the old one out. Also >>>/sqt/

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>25 threads about rx Vega
>10 threads about frogposting
>3 threads about discord
>1 thread about airplay dickpics
>0 threads about dnscrypt or dns security or router security general
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Welcome to /g/
yet you killed a thread for this
I'm going to do a thread tomorrow.

Totally idiot myself but nobody the wiser here.

I'm wondering why the media has not covered enough this resolution.
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How does this effect me?
Why does congress need to rule on this?
Why would anyone give a fuck about posthumously invalidating a 200 year old patent?

sup guys
i just need to know if there are the "adventures of pete & pete" dvds on any private video sharing trackers.
since i im not part on any, can you tell me if they are in yours so i attempt to register at them?
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you can still get the complete series on public ones
if you want i can download it and reupload on i2p
just give me link from tpb

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Where do CS kids get the idea that math isn't an integral part of all computing fields?
Why do they throw a shitfit when they're expected to have a strong math base in order to understand entry level CS texts?
Do they really think they can become "software engineers" without mathematics?
Why do webdevs even attempt to go to college? You don't need any mathematical rigor to shit out CRUD web page code.

This isn't some isolated thing, these threads are from the last day alone.
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CS is not codemonkeying
>Why do webdevs even attempt to go to college?
Companies prefer degrees

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Why are you still not using Riot? Riot.im is a decentralized chat program that grantees freedom of speech free from corporate influences.


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how good is it?
Because i use Tox

we'll follow your bootlicker fashion trend, boy howdy ya'll

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what if Microsoft released win 10

so that everybody would stay on 7?
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Install gentoo.
>incoherent gibbersih
fuck off Pajeet/Rajesh/Mohammed. go back to learning English/
most people i know didn't. most peoples outrage lasts a week before they come back and desperately wolf down the shit sandwich they turned down five minutes ago.

i had to try SEVEN FUCKING BROWSERS to find one that was even comparable to chrome because people are so fucking lazy that they'd rather continue the ass rape than try to find a way around it.

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What kind of teenager would Steve Jobs be today?
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One that took better care of his pancreas.
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Considering what he was in the 70's, he'd probably be a green haired nose, tongue, ear and eyebrow pierced, pro-SJW, pro-LGBT, pro-fat acceptance, and pro-feminist double mochachina neo-vegan hipstard.
Who cares he's dead

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Speed test

>tfw no other isp in my city
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im not even in a city
Neither am I particularly. ~30 minutes from one.

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where are the framerates and minimum frame rates?

So you're happy the rich are getting richer while competition dies as Zen processor sales have been abysmal and AMD isn't counting the miner craze as a net plus
>without fail jewtel shills show up to co-opt Nvidia successes because they're in full on panic mode

what to do with ~$200 in AWS credits?
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Masturbate while watching the money quickly disappear through their proprietary products

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I want to log in to somebody I know's Facebook (I know their login details). This person lives in a different country to me, so if I log in they will receive an email saying that someone from my location has logged in to their account.

How can I prevent them from receiving this email? Can I use a VPA (like Hola) to give my IP a similar location to theirs, so that even if they do receive an email, it will be alerting them that someone from their location has logged into their account, raising less of an alarm?
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Install Kali Loonix

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I need some help, /g/.

I'm on a train trying to connect to my VPN, but all the ports are blocked. I could login to their website and request port forwarding (and change the password instantly), but the website is blocked too.

I need to find a workaround using OpenVPN or something, can someone help me out?

Virgin, if you're reading, fuck you, you're all cunts.
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As an absolute dumbfuck solution just install Opera.
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>not running your vpn or just ssh on port 80 or 443
Login to your router you fuckwit

>t. Immobile Virgin

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