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Is it possible to program an Android phone from from the ground up?

Like if I root it and then I change the kernel and build from there? The way arch is done. I feel like standard android distributions are bloat.

Pic sort of unrelated. Phone pape.
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>install lineage os
>don't flash gapps
>freeze or remove apps you don't want

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>Took the redpill and learned that passive speakers are going to provide a much better experience than your standard 2.1 Logitech or other desktop package

Great, now I have to spend more time for research and money on speakers, and upgrade my desk to fit them.

>tfw to intelligent to be ignorant of quality
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>not smart enough to continue the research to find the thousands of quality powered speakers
Logitech speakers as well as all consumer 2.1 setups are garbage, did you figure that out all on your own or did you have to get "redpilled" for hours before you stopped arguing for your logishits?
Also no complete speaker setup is passive brother
What's the fucking difference between the amplifier circuit board being inside a speaker versus outside in another case.

Assuming you can open your speakers, you can still repair it when it breaks, or even get rid of it and use an external one.
Unless you're willing to spend about ~150 on a 2 speaker setup with a sub the shitty logitech 2.1 setup is ok for <50. IMO the cheapest you should go would be the dayton 800 sub with mecca speakers and the lepy power amp.

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Can you guys suggest me some good handy gaming mouses which eases hand and wrists.

Also, what are your opinions of vertical mouses?

pic unrelated
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nah, go suck a dick

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My mom bought a new Samsumg notebook and everytime she turn it on my internet goes to shit and I can't do anything on my phone or PC.
She had an other notebook and it did not mess with the internet connection.

Please help anons, I'm going crazy over here
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Its probably just downloading updates and using all your bandwidth well doing it. let it work for an hour and get off the internet for once
enable mac filtering
block tablet's mac address
Nobody's fault you have such shit internet.

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Just for the sake of curiosity I started a Python tutorial.

And I just found out it uses identation and a way to identify what is inside a for loop or if condition.

Is this serious?

I wonder how the discussion TAB vs SPACE for identation would go for Python users.
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PEP8 -> Indentation
>Use 4 spaces per indentation level.
No switch statement
did you just /thread your own post?

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Is there any collection/archive of software for WindowsMobile/Symbian/etc.
I've searched today for a specific game for 4 hours and it seems the it was removed from every part of the internet
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All I've ever found is that collection of Winmo software on the pirate bay, I think most of it is gone now, especially the commercial shit.

At this point I just wish I could find a good GBA emulator and a crack for SpaceTime and be done with it.

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Another day, another slide thread
That looks like a black baby in the thumbnail, but not when you expand the pic.

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What does /g/ advise on study tips for the CompTIA Network + examination?

Questions you missed?
Subjects to thoroughly study?
Details that get easy to mix up?
Common misunderstood concepts?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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anyone buy the new razer basilisk yet?

just ordered one to replace my old ass Logitech G500. the logitech G502 switched designs and now requires a claw-like grip. razer basilisk looks to be closest thing to g500 size/ergonomics for palm grip. i don't even play FPS, just MOBA, but I need comfy mouse for palm grip with 3 thumb buttons
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Looking to replace my G600 this year as well with something a little more simplified and comfy.

the M500 was the most comfy mouse i've had so I like the thumb rest thingy.
Maybe I'm buying into a meme, but I'm really happy with my deathadder. I mostly play FPS, it's been really comfy and has lasted a solid year and a half without issues. I also have really big hands & use palm grip
what about the new steelseries rival 310? only has 2 thumb buttons but looks good otherwise

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how to know if goverment is spying on me?
I live in germany.
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you live in Germany, so yes
>I live in germany.
>I live in germany.

The UK/US governments are definitely spying on you.

I just broke my CM Storm Devastator mouse while attempting to fix the fucking middle button and now I'm looking for something new.
What's a good comfy mouse, or keyboard and mouse combo that doesn't require me to sell my house?
I'm also really starting to get very annoyed by wires. I was thinking about something wireless but I'm worried about responsiveness in games.

halp plis
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cheapest non tiny thing you can find.
I'm using a deathadder & I've been pretty happy with it- I've got huge hands so it fits me well. Wireless mice aren't worth it.

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What do people have against pic related
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it wasn't modular
this was better: http://enderjs.com/
both are obsolete now
>both are obsolete now
what the fuck is wrong with javashitters

what's the jquery replacement then?
>what's the jquery replacement then?

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/g/entlemen, I need your help.
I'm looking for a laptop for school. It will mostly serve to do web browsing, taking notes, maybe watch a movie here and there, etc
What kind of specs/budget should I be aiming for (I'm kind of a poorfag atm)? Is there any particular model that is good for this? Thank you lads
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Get a VirginPad T420 or T430 for $100-200 and install gentoo.


Which pair of these speakers should I get rid of?

Cambridge Soundworks Newton M80
>DIMENSIONS 18"H X 10"W X 10¼"D

Technics SB-3
>Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system
>Frequency Response: 45Hz to 35kHz
>Power Handling: 50W
>Bass: 1 x 220mm cone
>Tweeter: 1 x 28mm dome
>Enclosure: bass reflex
>Dimensions: 270 x 440 x 237mm
>Weight: 8.6kg
>Year: 1982
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Yet another job taken over by robots.
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Japan did it long ago. Someone post the webm/gif. You knew which
Sure, but didn't take off. Now things are picking up in the west.
Robotic hotdog stands might be next.

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