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mild autism.jpg
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How do you go from this..
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..to this?
Autism of 2 different forms
He used to be young and dashing like us, but then he took a traditional folk dance to the knee.

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So how do you get into torrenting nowadays? I remember just being able to search obscure as fuck music on google and finding a shitload of well seeded downloads, what happened? and what can I do?
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Just don't use google for it, genius.
going to torrentfreak can help to find places.
spotify exists

>TFW have been a NEET for three years and done nothing with it
>TFW I could have actually learned programming and about technology and made money or gotten a meaningful job by now since I could have spent 16 * 365 * 3 hours learning
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It's not too late anon. At least get your basic A+, N+, and S+ certs to get an entry level IT job.

Those are way easier to get than becoming a software developer.
can i ask how you subsist?
You did this to yourself, and you will continue doing it to yourself with different excuses.

The only thing you need to stop having excuses for is ending your own life.

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Seriously, when is every job posting going to stop demanding MVC as the end-all-be-all approach to software? Every program I've seen using it is cookie-cutter garbage and the duhvelopers can't do anything that isn't already done for them. All it does is bring everybody down to the subterranean level of a street-shitting Pajeet and then we wonder why nothing fucking works.
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It's a good design pattern for the problem it solves. What's your actual issue with it?
What problem do you think it solves?

All I've seen to it do is bloat the codebase with 10 files per page and then paired with Entity to produce objects that can't have any logic in them. None of the code is ever reused and it's dog slow because there's 10 layers to bloat to get through to actually do something. In web applications you can't even change the color of some text without a postback and recalculation of everything on the page.

What was wrong with WinForms and ASP? Why aren't I allowed to produce simpler, more secure, more customized code anymore?
Honestly, I've only ever used it for my own GUI apps. Just makes sense to keep state separate from what you're actually displaying, and having the logic in one place that mediates between model/view. Sounds like you're pissed off at the enterprise result of MVC.

not ashamed to say I've blocked lebdit with this
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What's that?
It's a program called cold turkey that blocks you from being able to visit websites and launch programs you specify for a certain period of time in order to get things done

I just set it to block reddit for 3 months
why do you go on reddit

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what are the strengths of this system and is it worth installing?
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Get FreeDOS instead. Is useful to flash the BIOS.
there are zero advantages of squandering the power of modern hardware on a uni-tasking real mode operating system

on hardware more suited to it however there's so little to break on it that it's pretty rock solid and there's shit tons of abandonware out there to run on it for all kinds of tasks
and that's pretty much all it's useful for because it can't do much else
You should use it as your main everyday os, yes. The NSA gives no shits about it at this point and it doesn't even natively support networking so you're 100% botnet free.

Hey /g/, I just got pic related from an old computer from a friend and I was wondering if I needed an external antenna to let it work or if it already has a built in antenna.
Thank you for your answers
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shove it up your ass and find out
Ok so I need an external antenna but does anyone know what the input from the antenna to the card is called?

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61628058
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Learning C++
where is akari anon
why is the board down
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D sucks Dick.

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that bandwidth
not just the bandwidth, also Memory MHz
Install gentoo?

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>tfw no gf
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>falling for the gf meme
your life would be just as shit if you had a gf. in fact, it would be worse because you'd just attract a shit gf to begin with.
sudo apt-get install gf

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What's the thinkpad of smartphones?
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Moto G
Any dumb phone
Nexus 5

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where's the "they both suck" option
I'm surprised that there are more votes for KDE
you gotta pick the lesser evil

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Terry tells his life story.

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Makes me so sad too see anything about Terry, at least he looks calm in this.
I wish him the best
He's had a hard life. This video is the most in depth ive seen him go about his life so far. It's basically a story about how his mental health has fucked up his career and adult life. He actually had an apartment at one time and was more or less independent but his mental state got the best of him.
>Today I talked with
who called Terry ?

Is open--source software really developed more quickly than closed-source?

I found the following article, but I have not been able to find anything else to prove or disprove these claims:

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Here is the abstract for the paper I found:

Yes, assuming you mean if the same project would be either open source or closed source.
If no one contributes to your source code, it's the same time as it being closed source. If even someone contributes 1 line, it will have been quicker being open source than closed source.
Sometimes. Depends strongly on what it is. If its something that a lot of developers are interested in (or that a lot of developers just think would be really useful for something they want to do) then you can rustle up a huge community really quickly.

This is the kind of people who answer your programming questions: https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/
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>How to efficiently and effectively decline help, without being rude, or with being only mildly rude?
leftism was a mistake
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i wonder what's wrong with "no, thanks"
Please just look world builder or academia, full manchildren

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