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Does anybody know when this thing will be released?
I've been itching to get it but i have yet to hear of a release date or how far they are from one
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No idea. still waiting
Nigga it's been out for years. Dunno when the Surface 5 will come out tho
why would you want one?
shill thread

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What the fuck is this guy's problem?
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what he do now?

i boycotted him after he was a douchebag to one of his giveaway's winner (he didn't send the prize and then blocked the winner on twitter and called people idiots on twitter aswell)

oh and also, last time i looked at his channel, literally every 5th of his videos was sponsored ads
Fetal alcohol syndrome.
who is this guy?

Tampafag here
Rooting around in my old stuff I found a Grundig YB-P 2000 radio.
Considering I'm about to get buttfucked by a Hurricane I figured that i'd be good to have but I'd rather listen to some International Stations that play music than the same 10 emergency broadcasts but I'm not sure how the shortwave works or what stations to look for
Think you guys can help me out?
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Have a bump
First check 5000, 10000 and 15000 KHz, they're the standard time and frequency broadcasts from the government. If you can hear those, you can probably hear other stuff too. If not, try to get up higher or near a window.

Frequencies under 10 MHz tend to come in better at night, and over 10 MHz are better in the daytime. Checking those standard broadcasts I mentioned above can give you an idea of what's "open" at any given time.
What is to know? Only thing besides scanning channels is different times of the day different locations are easier to hear because of solar effects on the ionosphere.

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I'll start
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>you will never get to see 128bit CPUs with 16+ EB ram in your lifetime
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>tfw fell for the 16 EiB RAM meme
>you will never get to see 128bit CPUs
What? Some CPUs are already capable of crunching 512-bit operations with AVX, we blew past 128-bit a long time ago.

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How do you communicate online, is it just banter or more? Please copy or click on the link below to participate or find out more.

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Would you concider 4chan social media?
Why on /g/ from all the servers that you could have chosen
I am genuinely interested in hearing your answer if you are even human
I am a bot too nevermind

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what the fuck
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>using discord
you asked for it
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That's good copy senpai desu

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Devuan vs Void Linux which is better for security/stability/speed?
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I am installing void right now

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when did you grow out of "ricing"? Me, I was 15
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You have to be 18 years old to post here Charles
When I was around 21 maybe. As you get older you start to feel like time is passing faster. With that it feels like your rice inevitably breaks more often as software gets updated more often. It starts feeling like a hassle maintaing your rice through the update cycles.

Now I mainly do lighter customisation that I can be fairly sure will be easy to maintain.
Never did stop

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What sorcery is this /g/?

I just bought an Asus laptop G752vs non OPC version and I was made to believe that the laptop 1070 has more CUDA cores and less clock speed than the desktop variant but after running heaven this thing has a clock of 1976mhz and memory speed of 4180mhz.

Did I win the silicone lottery and/ or how is this possible? This is the non OC version of this laptop
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Pascal runs easily at higher clock speeds, the Boost clock Nvidia quotes is extremely conservative, Pascal GPUs can easily boost well beyond the stated boost clocks

I understand that but after checking out forums and shit most people with the OC version of this laptop which is 500$ more are only seeing boost clocks in the 1800's

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How do I install drivers for Windows Vista on modern hardware?
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look on driver area on hardware manufacturer
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You can use Windows 7 and install Vista Theme
its just not the same

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>infinite scrolling
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>infinite shitposting
shut up grandpa
>infinite scrolling
>has button bar
best websites ever

Looking for some advice. I bought a Surface Pro 3 a while ago, I got student pricing so it wasn't bad, the i5 model. I like it, I have Windows and Gentoo dualboot. It's nice for watching anime without the keyboard cover on it.

Though, I'm starting to desire a more traditional laptop. Assuming I sold the SP3, what would be the best laptop for me to purchase /g/?
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watch ebay for mislabeled thinkpads, or those without pictures, or those that are broken but for a great price.
fix up for cheap.
Thanks anon. I'm not too well versed in ThinkPads, what should I be looking for specifically?
Brown logs floating in bowels of water in closet-like rooms. Find one of those, & you've got yourself a top-shelf ThinkPad

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what are some modern laptops but with trackpad BUTTONS
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hp elitebooks
Thinkpad, technically.
the new ones don't

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I have rooted alcatel_OneTouch_I215X-2MVDEU1 tablet with Android 4.4.2 kitkat installed on it. I'm trying to use some xposed modules on it, i have successfully managed to install xposed and it's framework and reboot it. But after i install one module, and reboot it, my phone stucks in a boot loop until i restore the factory version of my phone/wiping all the data using recovery mode. How can i successfully install modules without getting stuck in a boot loop? I really want to use xposed modules.
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Don't bother /g/entoomen, fixed it
- OP
not funny

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