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How hard would it be to take one operating system kernel and integrate features from other kernels into it?
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As easy as installing gentoo.
If you only listened to Stallman and developed HURD instead of L*nux it would've been dead easy because in HURD every part of it is it's own separate server/daemon running in userspace talking to other server/daemons via a standardized communication protocol.
That sounds slow as fuck

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All hail the new king of /g/

his specs
>rasperry pi a+
>(has a model b2 in his drawer)
>(also has an arduino in same drawer
>uses old monitor
>uses vortex 40% keyboard
>has cat
>known for wearing seat cover and grey hoodie
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who is this semen demon?
The op.
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here is some rare footage of the king taking a poop

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itt: We post our browser back in middle school
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Internet Explore or Firefox
Firefux playing RuneScape

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Mozilla employee admits that privacy-invading professional software is better than open source alternatives, and there's no point in using freeturd.
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He looks like a tremendous prancing la-la homo man
more like sellout
anyone that works anywhere remotely close to the vicinity of this industry has already known this. it's not an opinion it's fact.
Anyone who disagrees with this is retarded or a shill.

GA is leaps and bounds better than anything on the market.

Why is this allowed?
Where i can be free of linux?
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It has been obvious for the last several years that Ubuntu has the same style of vulnerabilities implanted in it that Windows does put there by the US military industrial complex.

Its only natural that they combine the two OS's into one
It's optional. If you don't want it, simply don't install it. There is a demand for it so this is a solution to that demand.
TempleOS and macos if you never ever use the terminal app.

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When did my antivirus start selling coffee?
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Now if only they made coffee that actually tasted good
Literally coffee for Windows users

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>/g/ complaining about windows 10
>not realizing people complained about xp until sp2
>not realizing vista was complained about because it was new
>not realizing the beloved windows 7 was complained about until sp1

everyone hates change until the next version is released.

once window's new ui design is released linux and hackintosh users will come crawling back
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Okay, full stop, shut the fuck up and stop trolling.

>/g/ complaining about Windows 10
Windows 10 deserves it, 8 and 8.1 were better with a start menu replacement. Microsoft firing half the QA testers in 2014 while forcing a rapid release cycle leads to far more buginess, while the default settings and telemetry that can't be disabled are still horrible.

>not realizing people complained about xp until sp2
XP deserved it too because it was a resource hog and less stable than 2000 while new features barely worked and took up way more memory/CPU that you could have used to run the required antivirus and firewall at the time. SP2 coincided with a firewall that prevented a lot of infections, improved hardware conditions, improved maturity of the driver model of applications, etc.

>not realizing vista was complained about because it was new
Vista was complained because it was a fucking horrible compromise OS at launch that MS pussied out on key requirements on, ruining the stability and speed.
1) Microsoft was going to enforce an actually important minimum specification where Vista actually would have ran good. But OEMs bitched and Microsoft relented to Vista "capable" which ran like utter dogshit compared to XP (which ran fine on the same hardware).

2) Microsoft made drastic changes in the driver model, particularly the display driver model, and kernel to improve stability. But they only enabled kernel patch protection + driver signing (to ensure drivers passed Microsoft certification to not be dogshit) on 64-bit editions. With pretty much all OEM machines shipping in early 2007 with 4GB or less of RAM, they shipped them with 32-bit windows. Drivers were unstable as fuck since they were rushed out the door with real testing.

>not realizing the beloved windows 7 was complained about until sp1
I'd like some of whatever you have been smoking, as it must be strong.
>the trap meme
i want to fk that lil boi

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It crashes with code completion plugin enabled since first time I tried (5 years ago). This still wasn't fixed and I can't do it too because I don't know C++ (need to learn C first). Anything else that works on Linux, has similar features (GDB integration, code completion) and doesn't hog resources?

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I always used sublime text with a bunch of plugins for C and C++.
non-retarded keybinds pls

What's this? Any idea?
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portable ipad battery charger gen 1

Is there even a GTK Theme that can compete with the Arc Theme? I think not, but prove me wrong.
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Which version of windows is this?
Adwaita > Arc

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This man was ahead of his time. He innovated the home computer and phone market in such little amount of time.

Is there anything he couldn't do?
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If he was so smart, why did he die?
He's dead, now the pajeet at microsoft is the innovator

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I have been apart of the chrome bot-net for too long and I am therefore trying to pick a new browser. However, I am uncertain as to which one. Thinking about firefox-forks. Moreover, I am prioritizing the following:
>add-on support
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Why not Vivaldi?

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Realistically, how dangerous is it to torrent? Say something popular like game of thrones from piratebay public trackers, with comcast + windows 10?
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It's not dangerous at all to me because I don't live in a country controlled by a corporate oligarchy, and police and judicial resources are spent persecuting people who pose a threat to society, and not people who transfers series of zeroes and ones through wires.
Get a VPN.
Very dangerous. I had a friend who tried to pirate anime on windows 10 and the fbi showed up outside his house not even 10 minutes later. Install gentoo

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these repeating digits, tomorrow!
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You mean tomorrow ten years ago?

hmmmm, I screwed that up, origin should be 1970. Consider this:

> as.numeric(Sys.time())
[1] 1499981033
How many hours

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I hope you're backing up your data.
Someone's back it up.
It ain't you.
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This is the same mistake Steve Jobs made 20 years ago
steve jobs' mistake was to eat coffee beans off squirrel butts instead of getting chemo
You wanna be safe?

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