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>create text
>try to move it
>whole image behind it moves instead

gimp is such a piece of shit

even fucking pixlr is better
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There's a option to only move the selected layer.
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Every complaint I see of gimp is people who don't know how to use it. It isn't that fucking hard. Google your problem and you should be provided an answer. Seriously just started using gimp the other week and after figuring our the basics it is eazy peazy.
GIMP is shit but this specific post is retarded.

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redpill me on nodeJS
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it's server-side JS, that should tell you all you need to know about what a fucking AIDS-festooned sin-infested shit-heap it is.
>server-side JS

why would you want this ? Is Java or C# that difficult for normies to learn ?
the only reason I could think that somebody wants this, is that people want shit that doesn't make sense all the time. Some people want to end their own lives. Some people want to chop off their penis and become an asian woman professionally. Java and C# are perfect for mediocre people who want to do server-side operations. I'd suggest picking something less faggoty like Python, Go, or a Lisp if you're doing /wdg/ backend shit.

are there any non-meme ways of preventing carpel tunnel that actually work, or is it just part of the job and you should expect to get it eventually in your life?
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depends, if your going to dismiss things that would actually help you as 'memes' i doubt you'll find anything. I use a trackball, i have coworkers using ergonomic mice and keyboards, etc. I'm afraid ergonomic things in general are going to be 'meme'-ish in that they're not standard form-factor and being outside the norm come with a certain level of pretention or assumption of real need. If your health is a real issue to you, you should just seek out any possible means of assistance and not worry about what it's internet status is.
I'm 23 and I already have it. Am I screwed or can surgery fix it?
>non-meme ways of preventing carpel tunnel that actually work
yeah push ups

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Lately I have been creating facebook accounts, but they do not stop disabling my accounts.
This is not from Facebook, it is someone who tries to annoy me. How do they do that? How do I disable accounts with just the profile link?
I would like to know, I hope someone with knowledge can explain how. Thank you!
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HTML fingerprinting, IP address etc.

Facebook can use HTML fingerprinting to get the serial from your processor, this in conjunction with your useragent (OS, language, timezone, screen size and dpi) then your IP address flags your account for suspension. It will be an automated process unless you're making a new account from a new ISP in a different country with a different computer.

However somebody notifying Facebook of your prior accounts will bump you up in queue. All they need to do is provide your current new account + links to your prior accounts.
I can not help it?

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The future is now.
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the future is everyone using node.js
they'll just put node in web assembly, mark my words
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Yeah, you're right
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>uSiNg NoDe.jS To SeRvE NoDe.jS ThAt wIlL Be rUn On nOdE.Js

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if google home/alexa are always listening, where do they store all that
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On tape.
The Cloud!
NSA datacenter

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Someone was blackmailing me and threatening me on Facebook on a fake account. They had nude photos of me, one of which I was under 18. I am currently involved in an investigation where they are filing a search warrant for Facebook to get the persons IP address. Can anyone tell me how long this may take? Or give me any pointers?
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we need the pictures to help you

Maybe you shouldn't have taken nude pictures and then posted them online.
Dumb cunt.

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moot are you okay?
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Literally the most massive botnet and most people are completely unaware of it.
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He serves the google overlords now. He is lost to us.
Send an email to [email protected] and ask him yourself.

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Pist best gpus you can get for the price

This one is mine GTX 950 Strix pretty good performance I got this for 150
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I have years old 480GTX that stomps all over that garbage and is like $50 used.
File: 1482701642956.jpg (13KB, 463x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>$150 for a fucking 950
>Suggesting buying used gpus


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ubuntu pic.png
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Hey guys I switch my laptop from windows to ubuntu but it won't connect to the internet? Any advice?

I've already looked around but can't find anything useful.
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Read the sticky newfag.
>I've already looked around but can't find anything useful.

so you thought to come here?
Open a terminal and

It's the Google servers, post output.

What if bit coin is a conspiracy to sell more gpus and advance technology faster?
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bump for interest
Old cc's are asic mined. The new cc's are cpu mined.
its happening

old thread: >>61556266

What are you working on, /g/?
[Bonus] Daily Programming Challenge!
How would you protect your program execution from attempts to inject arbitrary data into resident memory?
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>Created before the bump limit
>Doesn't follow OP format
Delete this invalid thread.
Too soon and picture unrelated to programming.

Sage and report.
>to inject arbitrary data into resident memory?
You dont have this problem with functional languages who are run-time safe.

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I was looking through some of the vault 7 wikileaks and I was getting confused a bit by some of the names, like why would they name a thumbdrive infection tool Drifting Deadline or an android app that redirects SMS messaging Highline? Some of them make sense like Pandemic but others just seem too out of nowhere. Maybe idk enough about technology and computers but can someone try to help me out
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Names are memes in the most literal sense of the word
It's a meaningless name. It allows the name to be used without giving away what it is.

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Redpill me on manjaro /g/

I've been steadily getting tired of Ubuntu over the years and I've really been wanting to switch over to something else. I'm tired of waiting for Ubuntu's lazy devs to push app updates and using old libraries which most of the time still aren't stable.

>inb4 botnet
Yes, I'm one of those I have nothing to hide fags and it's not like Ubuntu isn't a botnet anyway

>inb4 install Arch
I've installed Arch before and while it's fun to tinker with I don't really see it suitable for everyday use

I like having the ability to access the Arch repository for a few select things that I don't care if they break but not for the essentials.

Any other distro recommendations or personal accounts with Manjaro?
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stopped reading there
i'm a huge user of Debian, so Manjaro was my first
Arch based distro. i used the i3 community.

I like it only because it's come with i3-gaps already set.
>nothing hide fags
stopped reading right there

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Name a better headphone in the same price range $50-$300 that sounds and feels better than this.
Protip: You can't

has 8 drivers 50mm and 20mm rest
3.5MM jack in. :)
Bluetooth with 25 hour battery
Niggerbass with hifi quality for the rest
Werks flawlessy with old and new bluetooth devices and connect while I fucking push the power button.
Feels comfortable
All metal nigga
Nice weight
7.1 Built in for your GAYMING

Don't drop them, I broke a piece of metal from the frame that protects the cables from exposed sunlight.
No anc :(

I payed 58 euros but only like 50 at the end cuz cashbacks.
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ok so, lets get down to business:
X drivers is a meme

what decent headphone doesn't have a removable cable (not that those are good) and plus, those are fucking bluetooth, of course there isn't a cable dangling out of it you stupid fuck

bluetooth makes the sound quality shit (probably wouldn't make a difference on those though)


k, you got me there i guess

so does everything above $10

i see plastic everywhere


7.1 is the biggest meme since FLAC

these are shit. buy some sennheisers/beyers
Don't reply to tripfags please.

Thank you.
you got 2 ears, multiple LITTLE drivers in a headphones is useless
Take a good headphone with only two driver

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