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What type of joke is this
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Inb4 phone posting but,
Which Google Dev is on fucking crack?
If you have more than half a brain you can figure it out after the first time
your fault for being a phone posting nigger

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Just a reminder that China didn't allow Windows into their PC market when they first allowed sales of personal computers. Even though a billion people were exposed to Linux first, they still pirated Windows practically immediately, meaning a billion people have confirmed it's not just about being exposed to Linux first, it's about Linux being garbage compared to Windows/Mac.
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Explain this (from 1 months ago)
When was that? 10-20 years ago?
You can't read or comprehend sales of windows have been legal in China for years now.

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>he calls himself a programmer
>doesn't have putrid smell
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>calls himself a programmer
>just a coder
>doesn't smell like curry
>he calls himself a programmer
>just a code monkey

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What's the point in 5k when people have barely started to use 4k?

What's the point in 4k when the screens are only 24"?
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5k seems very strange. I think 4k will be the standard for a while and then double to 8k.

That screenshot makes my CPU hurt though.

You can't even see past 1080 anyway
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>That screenshot makes my CPU hurt though
How old is your cpu for that image to impact anything?

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"Some nigger at Intel said 'Gee, we have as much silicon as we want. What can we possibly add?' So they start fucking buttfucking the fuck out of the chip, fucking pumping it full of fucking shit. And now we got a fucking bloated fucking piece of shit CPU. And that was actually the CIA clawing back. And it's fucked up."

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Sasuga Terry-kun
>this it's literally completely coherent and would be expected out of any activist who knows about the Snowden leaks and Vault7
Godspeed with the comfy kino vlogs

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We are making a web browser!
PREVIOUSLY >>61261352

In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we collected the most wanted here and plan on continuing with the creation.

To contribute follow the WORK PLAN, join the IRC to ask developers for a repo, and get to programming!

WEBSITE: https://retrotech.eu/netrunner/
IRC on Rizon: #/g/netrunner
IRC guide: https://pastebin.com/YDbEWRHV

Gitgud: https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner/
Teknik: https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner, https://git.teknik.io/eti/netrunner
Github: https://github.com/5yph3r/Netrunner

- Host project at savannah.nongnu.org
- Set bug tracker and mailing list in Savannah.

1. Browse links2 source code (you can use Ctags for tagging functions and files).
2. Expose API and give access to everything (scripting through executables is planned).
3. Give total control over the DOM, put options in files inside a hierarchical folder structure referencing sites and subsites.
4. Implement a link grabber for every link and media type to be parsed by scripts and independent applications.
5. Create an uncomplicated switch to general security profiles located in saved files.
6. Implement ncurses simple tree style graphics for bookmarks, tabs, advanced security policies by site, etc.
7. Work in the framebuffer graphics rendering.
8. Open API to javascript support (version 2.1pre28 of links2 had javascript enabled).
9. Cache, logs, cookies, and other data storage options.
10. Ports routing proxy management.
11. Vim/Emacs modes, dwb hints and quickmarks.
12. Optionally add parser forHTML, DJVU, PDF, epub, etc.?
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- Options by site.
- Granular control over incoming traffic like Policeman (more detailed than uMatrix).
- Granular control over outgoing traffic like Tamper Data or like Privacy Settings (the addon).
- HTTPS with the HTTP fallback optionally in a new instance of the browser with functions like HTTP POST disabled.
- URI leak prevention like "No Resource URI Leak" and no plugin enumeration.
- Local CDN like Decentraleyes and Load from Cache.
- Cookie management like Cookie Monster.
- Option to turn off disk usage for all data (cache, tmp data, cookies, logs, etc.), and make cache read only.
- Randomizer for user-agent and canvas fingerprint.
- Custom stylesheets like Stylish.
- Userscript support like Greasemonkey.
- Proxy management like FoxyProxy.
- Simple ports routing to use networks like Tor or I2P.
- Simple switch to universal profiles to be used like blocklists from uBlock, or like Privacy Settings.
- A configuration file like Lynx for universal profiles.
- URL deobfuscation like "Google search link fix" and "Pure URL".
- Search customization like surfraw, dwb or InstantFox Quick Search.
- Reverse image search like Google Reverse Image Search.
- Use of external applications to open links, replacing video player with youtube-dl and MPV, for text input by a text editor, browse protocols like ftp/gopher, or as a file picker.
- Use wget web crawling feature like a DownThemAll.
- Send commands to a monitor (and command history) to keep browsing while commands are working.
- Simple emacs-like keybindings to menubar by default for new users.
- Keyboard driven with dwb features like vi-like keybindings, hints, quickmarks, and custom commands.
- Configuration options from an integrated command-line.
- Non-bloated smooth UI like dwb.
- Import bookmarks from browsers like Firefox.
- Written in C.
- Low on dependencies.
- GPL v3+.
- Framebuffer support like NetSurf for working in the terminal (TTY).
- Actual javascript support so we can lurk and post in 4chan.
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This will be shit
how can i help? I know ruby on rails :^)

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Is LinusTechTips /g/?
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It is, even though nobody wants to admit it
>Consumerist idiots that have little to no understanding of how the underlying technology works
Linus is one of the most cuckiest /g/ people out there

so yes he is /g/

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Screenshot (22).png
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ITT: we post reasons you are tied to windows.

Pic related
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Mah Gamez
Wait, people actually use tile mode?

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Public trackers: easy and accessible, but zero incentive to seed. All non-Hollywood-prolefeed torrents go dead after two years at most.

Private trackers: pure autism controlled by power-hungry teenagers. Incentive to seed, but torrents go completely dead forever after a police raid.
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niggus noggus
does the police raid private trackers??
I thought private trackers were all about being secure
file sharing sites have similar problems. even usenet has DMCA shit. It's almost like it's illegal and people try to stop it from happening

Opinion on rather not so popular TREKSTOR SURFBOOK W2 ultrabook ? it's only 300 +/- euros.

I saw it at local Saturn shop, what stood out the most was the price and weight which were great.


Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300


64 GB (I assume eMMC) which is not bad, a lot of those cheap netbooks come with 32GB. Upgradable with micro SD.

14,1inch IPS-Full-HD-Display (I think that's excellent for that price)

1500g weight.

My uses: Skype, discord, browsing/movies.

what do you guys think ?
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That's some garbage alright.

Follow the chinkpad meme if you need a cheap one.
>My uses: Skype, discord
/g/ does not support the use of non-free software.

Please go to Reddit.
It's basically a windows tablet with a keyboard
Price is far too much

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Why is it that you want me to learn to program /g/?

Is it because you appreciate my brain? Do you think I will contribute well to programs?

Or is it just because you want someone to be your waifu.
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Because you need a job and it pays better than being a receptionist.
i'll do networking instead. more hands on and pays about the same

Where does Bill Gates keep his money?
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in several banks like any sane person
A bitcoin wallet hidden under his mattress
Under his mattress

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So is there a good rolling distro out there?
So far I've tried Arch (broke after second update) and openSUSE Tumbleweed (had some problems but nothing you can't easily fix. Not bad, but very slow to boot).
What about Solus, PCLInux and Debian (Testing, Unstable)? Is it possible to have a reliable and fresh system with them?
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Your too stupid for Linux. You can't even pick a distro without someone telling you what to do. Just stick to Windows.
I would like to use a good system but don't have time to test every distro out there. You have to use a system at least a couple of weeks to understand it's pros and cons.
First post isn't 'Install Gentoo'?
/g/ is disappointing.

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Are there any free non-botnet e-mail providers with 2FA, or am I doomed to GMail?
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iCloud 8-)
At least Google isn't scanning your mails anymore :^)
protonmail has 2fa

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Is it safe ?
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Looks safe to me anon!
No, the devs are too lazy to release security updates.
systemd is a virus. Go back to Windows, dork.

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