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I want to overclock my old 2500k, which cooler do you suggest, /g/?

I have checked the following:
>Cryorig H7
>Hyper 212 evo
>Scythe Mugen 4

What would you buy? Other coolers are welcome.
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If you wanna overclock and stuff I'd honestly get a water cooled rig. Best part is most of the tubes and shit can still be reused when you upgrade to a new boar size/socket. Or if you can't afford it, then i'd just buy the cooler in the pic because I've had positive experiences with that exact same cooler with an arctic silver 5 compound. Pic for attention since yall only respond to posts with pics.
>Pic for attention since yall only respond to posts with pics.
I don't, I read the whole thread, but, wahtever.

I had a Scythe Ninja on a Q6600 which has replaced by a X5460, and i had a good expirience, that's why I am considering the Mugen.

Also, a watercooling on this rig nowadays, I think it's unnecesary, but I will probably build one on my next PC. I think the watercooling kits like H50 are shit, am I wrong?

Thanks for your reply
I'd suggest not running that fine CPU out of it's specifications. You'll risk damage to the CPU.

Does your editor even indent properly?
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>what is clang-format
The funny thing is, clang-format puts the numbers or any struct entries into the same line. That makes them look fine in vim, but emacs still fails the test with its floating closing brace.

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Why didn't they make it like this and put the fingerprint sensor on the back? That would look actually futuristic.
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That's one weird looking s8
It still has this ugly ass bezel, how can someone design something like this?
where is the speakers?

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>Soon Apple will have 3D images of millions of iPhones users and probably everyone who get in front of the face scanner.

Is it the future we deserve?
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It's the future you chose by buying surveillance equipment.

What is the great smartphone ever made and why is it the iPhone SE?
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Learn the grammar.
They are $100 now... must not have sold well

It's the moto /g/ of course you abhorrent faggot.

So, do /g/ know any good web where I can learn PHP?
Maybe something like Codecademy
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Literally just learn anything else, like Python on Ruby or Node JS... PHP is obsolete.
... The chances of finding a job knowing those are way higher than PHP
>Pajeet HomePage tools

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What was some malware you grew up with on your family computer /g/?

Pic related seemed to be pretty common
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>What was some malware you grew up with on your family computer /g/?
Anything to do with Limewire

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How will they ever recover?
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Aside from the 4G missing this thing actually looks like a better phone.
not even xiaomi is reliable beyond 6 months, let alone this unbranded slave labor product
asians have been copying iphones for like a decade. look at the samsung galaxy line.

Name a BETTER player than POTPLAYER (that isn't made for neckbeards that masturbate with text files to pretend they are leet haxxors)

Pro-Tip: You LITERALLY can't.
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this program is pretty good but its fucking annoying on windows 10

'an app has changed ur default program' or w/e popup on bottom right.. rly pissin me off. and i know its potplayer because it does it EVERY time i install it
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I use Films and TV for everything except acestreams.

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Is applel ded?
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Beats having the left side cut out. Did you get mad when an iPad renders an iPhone game with lower resolution?
Not but... After this Samsung will get closer than ever... Steve is having a party in his grave after the X...
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there was so much hype yesterday
with 70% of the catalog

now every person online is hoping this thread doesnt get bumped

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windows10tbh (1).png
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Do you like these intro screens shown by Windows 10? I especially like the quotes and interesting facts. Pic related is today's.
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>inb4 /g/, in their typical wisdom, for their own stupidity of installing a botnet adware OS, blames women
Pajeets are the ones who turned it into a botnet adware OS.

wicd or NetworkManager?
I feel like NetworkManager is a bit more unstable while connectig.
Post your opinion on the two and what distro you are using.
I am using arch.
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Fuck off Clarence.
I rather use wicd because I can switch through various internet connections in a few seconds. I haven't experienced unstable connections while using it. Also, using Gentoo here

I MEANT NETWORKMANAGER. My autism went here over 9000.

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What's the current state of AMD GPU drivers for Linux? Performance? Support of AMD-specific technologies?
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What kind of a vague question is this? Current state?

I meant what's the diffrence between open-source and proprietary drivers, how many of diffrent drivers exist for them etc.
>I meant what's the diffrence between open-source and proprietary drivers

Well, the open-source drivers can be studied, modified and redistributed freely whereas the proprietary drivers cannot.

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What happened to Microsoft guys? It's a couple of job postings I saw for which they answered that they couldn't sponsor visas.
On the other hand Amazon and Google are still handing them like it's no problem.
Are they in such a bad shape? Are the others using a hack to get more?
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I think they realized their problems laid in the pajeets they sponsor. So they're firing all the pajeets
If only
Big if true.

Also, interesting to watch what happens to a company of that size when it's run exclusively by Americans : )

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I plan on installing Linux soon but don't understand the key differences between distributions. For context, I am a programmer and would be spending a lot of time developing on whatever OS I choose to go with.

Is Ubuntu a good first Linux distro or would I be making a rookie mistake? What would be the benefits of going with Fedora, Linux Mint, or GNU/Linux, for example, instead?

Coming from a Mac environment (yes, yes), would Unity be a good choice or are there more preferable options for Apple-like (e.g. GNOME) or similarly comfy environments?

Help me out here /g/. I'm ready to ascend to a freer world of computing.
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GNOME isn't comfy it's ugly. Just get elementary OS.

Also the only difference between linux distributions is what you type in the terminal after "sudo" when installing packages. Ignore all posts stating otherwise.
>I am a programmer and would be spending a lot of time developing on whatever OS I choose to go with.
fedora is very popular amongst developers. ubuntu is good, nothing wrong with using it, but fedora aims more to the poweruser while ubuntu focused on mainstream users.
Ubuntu and Mint are both good first time distros. As far as desktop environments go, I would look for XFCE or Mate. They're both quite lightweight while still aesthetically pleasing (advance warning, xfce's default theme is ugly as shit but that's something you can fix in 2 minutes). Gnome feels weird and KDE is quite buggy..

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