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sup /g/irlfriends

I've been doing machine learning shit on a shitty 5 year old laptop and now I'm wondering if I should run my nets locally on one of those nvidia graphics card bad boy laptops

do you guys just ssh to run big instances from a desktop or is local worth the mobile graphics card investment?
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Don't do it on the laptop. You can try some stuff first on AWS GPU spot instances first, and if you really want to get into it and STICK to it, then build your personal workstation.
Also Jupyter Notebook is great for remote machine learning purposes.
oh yeah I forgot about jupyter

how does that work? as far as libaries, so far I've just done some skiddy shit with tensorflow and everything else by hand with numpy

can you basically setup your desktop as a server and connect in through jupyter?

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Please, just please, stop the RMS bullshit. He didn't even like this board (remember?). I swear to God can we have an actual friendly LINUX thread and not a fucking battle between the /fglt/ and /flt/. I think we should just fucking make /fgt/ for the friendly GNU thread (yes I know it looks like it's faggot but I'm not insulting you FSF extremists). Please. I'm tired of seeing 2 of these now ever since they've split. /g/ used to be free of this foss fsf bullshit.
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noun: people i disagree with
this post is the truth

too bad it's gonna get raided by /fglt/ and /flt/ in a few seconds tho
Yep. That's /g/.

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>popups are 90% ads, 10% useful things that shouldn't be popups
>browsers still allow popups

>ad visibility does not matter at all, what matters is advertising the right thing to the right person
>even Google is fucking terrible at targeting adverts
>most ads are animated to increase visibility, and this just annoys the user and lags the browser

>animated adverts are the reason people use adblockers
>no adblockers just filter out animated adverts
>sites which beg people not to use adblockers use animated adverts

>there is absolutely zero reason to show someone an advert twice
>get shown the same advert a hundred times

>phone screen space is very limited
>all mobile websites will take up the top 2cm with a navigation bar, and the bottom 1cm with an advert that you are very likely to accidentally click on when you try close it

Obviously, the purpose of an advert is to show you something you want.
If you want it, it doesn't matter how visible the advert is.

I think the root causes of the problems with advertising are:
>advert producers think that anything matters past the first acknowledgement of their advert
>advert producers have zero reason to not make their advert totally obnoxious, even though the reward is tiny
>advert displayers are paid based on both clickthrough and advert obnoxiousness, when it should only be one or the other
>Google leaves it to bots made by advert producers to determine whether a user will be interested in their product, when Google bots could do it much better (For example, not giving adverts for expensive things to someone whose searches indicate they're trying to get a job)
>adblocker programmers punish all advertisers, not just the annoying ones
>popups aren't yet deprecated
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>there is absolutely zero reason to show someone an advert twice
but there is, repetition causes people to remember that stuff better

I might manage to ignore the name of a movie or game once, but show me an ad 10 times and I'll probably remember both the name and the catchphrase. so the next time I'm thinking about recent movies and games, I'm gonna remember that too

also there's stuff like food ads, its not like mcdonalds tries to make you aware of their existence, they just want to make you feel like eating some of their burgers once again
If I see an advert for something I'm interested in, I'm gonna click on it.
I don't need to see it ten times, because if I'm interested, I would have clicked the first time.

And internet adverts are rarely food.
>purpose of advert is to show you something you want
No. The purpose is to show something you don't want. Why would anyone pay to show an item one already likes and is willing to buy, waste of money.
The most valuable ad is one which makes you want something you otherwise would not.

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>Can't paste in the password confirmation box
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that's some gay shit yo
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false

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Why aren't you learning solidity?
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Because I'm not a programmer, just a shitposter.
Holy kek
cryptocurrency is for poor people

Check what I got from Ali
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a thread died for this shit

it was probably /v/tard gpu or cpu shitposting so whatever
thats pretty cool dude, watchu gonna do with it?
put in my ass ofc

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What does /g/ do to protect xir's electrical stuff? Poorfag MOV surge "protector" strips that wear out in a few years, being a good goy and plugging an UPS directly to the wall to be sacrificed, or the uppermost antisemetic SM filter option that will last forever?
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stopped reading there
UPS die for their purpose. Good for them. Although I've never had one take a direct hit. I had to replace the battery on one after 10 years, though.
But it's oh so enlightened and forward thinking.

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How does the new mega work better than the old one? What makes it so secure?
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Don't use it use Firefox Send instead send.firefox.com
Mozilla though? Do you really think they aren't in the same boat as Google?I think mega is more trustworthy because of the story behind it. Mozilla used to have contracts with Google, so I feel like they probably have some back doors.
Kek, the creator of Megauploads and Mega doesn't even trust Mega anymore. That's saying something. No matter how SJW you think Mozilla is they are still one of the most ethical and privacy respecting companies.

Icecat for windows?
No windows build. Why?
Why are GNU/FSF so lazy?
>Hey you can install our browser in your red hat botnet but you can't on windows! haha
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Just use chrome like a good windows baby :^)
Because they don't want you using Windows.
what's your OS?

I need to buy a laptop for college classes soon. I have a MacBook Pro right now and I want to upgrade. I've been looking at some RazerBlade laptops and I like them. Problem is that I also develop iOS apps and I don't know how well I could do that if I boot MacOS onto it.

What should I do? Buy a new loaded MacBook or high end windows computer? I'm doing computer science and want a nice programming machine. I will be loading windows onto the mac or Mac onto the windows.

My budget is 3k USD. Help me, /g/
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you can go thru college with a $200 junker that's popular on /g/. that said, if you are comfortable running a vm of mac-os, you can get away with just about anything from that last 5 years easily.
only upgrade a new mac if you are completely hooked into the ecosystem.
I legitimately think the XPS is a good line. If you like smaller laptops, the 13 inch variant is nice, but I personally use the 15.6 inch version. It's an incredible overkill for bare minimum specs, but it'll get you through college and, if you have a heavy workload after, it'll carry that too. The GPU you can get with the XPS 15 also works nice if you connect it to a monitor for light games/photo editing/video editing.
get whatever you want, only a fucking tool comes here to be told what to do.

you arent going to be doing anything that is going to require any major power besides the 3 hour visual studio install if that. anything serious is going to be handled on the schools infrastructure

fuck off kid

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It's the future you chose.

>In San Joaquin County, 10,000 new warehouses jobs have helped cut the unemployment rate nearly in half — to a little more than 7 percent — over the last five years, according to research by Jeffrey Michael, director of the Center for Business and Policy Research at the University of the Pacific. “They’re certainly a big deal for the region,” he said. Still, the good economic news has been shadowed by questions over the growing role of automation in the retail business.

>Amazon says robotic machines work in tandem with humans at its warehouses, rather than replacing them. But the industry is pushing hard to expand the frontiers of such technology, raising doubts not just about warehouse jobs but delivery work that could be made obsolete by driverless cars and drones.
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Idiotic pipedream
that robot is buff
We need more immigrants to reduce the employment cost so that we can avoid the evil automation.

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Is there an alternartive to Leafpics? i like Leafpics but i feel it's missing some features. Been using F-Stop but i'm not sure if it's better.
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Quickpic you fucking idiot
Quickpic is horseshit, and a botnet with adware.

Use "Gallery" on F-Droid. Simple, powerful, FOSS with lots of customization.

Simple Gallery > all other galleries

Are there enough MSPs out there to make a general? Also, what is your preferred RMM?
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I knew /g/ was only NEETS
Non of you have a real IT job do you?
mstsc and sccm

Eh, never fell in love with it. What are you running on your ts?

Sup /g/, I'm laying the groundwork for an IoT startup, and was wondering if I could borrow your expertise on the manufacturing side. I would be trying to find a compatible embedded computing device, and contacting the factory in china that provides that product's hardware to use it as a basis for my own product.

Problem is, I'm a tech guy, business is new territory to me.

I am looking for pointers on finding a contact point for the factory, any tips or tricks for dealing with them, what to say when calling... any stories or info on getting from planning to production which is the biggest obstacle before anything else can proceed.
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hire a consultant you cheap nigger

Have you used a consultant for this kind of thing? How'd that go for you?
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Where does one go for this sort of thing, never even heard of it.

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What is the comfiest distro and why is it slackware?
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Really shit thread. As much as I'm interest in SW.
Because it only does what you tell it. No more. No less.
It's Arch + i3.

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