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*blocks your path*
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Who is that right guy? I hate him now
Elliot Rodgers canadian cousin
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Remember me?

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a real language
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who did this
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it was me
i did it
Oh fuck, hang on

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When will the mining meme end so GPU prices can finally come back down again?
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You™ Just® Wait©
Next month
Sure thing kid!

Help me decide on a new cheap phone /g/

I'm stuck between a Xiaomi Redmi 4X 3/32gb storage and a LG X power 2/16gb.
The Xiomi is more expensive and overall better. But it only has a 3 month warranty from the seller, while the X power has 1 year warranty from LG.
Are chink phones durable?
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Does anyone here has the 4x? If yes does it have overheating problems, shitty camera and video recording like i read in some reviews?
Get a bootloop 5x

Really make u think... check out spg desu

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>CUDA 9 is the fastest software platform for GPU-accelerated applications. It has been built for Volta GPUs and provides faster GPU-accelerated libraries, improvements to the programming model, compiler and developer tools. With CUDA 9 you can speed up your applications while making them more scalable and robust.

>Download the CUDA 9 Release Candidate (RC) today to try the latest release.

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But muh games
why would someone use CUDA and bind themselves to NVIDIA instead of using OpenCL and being flexible for hardware replacements.

what if AMD releases better hardware, but you cucked yourself into using CUDA?
>what if AMD releases better hardware
about as likely as the sun rising in the west

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What are your thoughts on portable apps?

Personally I think they are great and I use them locally on my own computer instead of installing anything. That way I can do a clean install and be back up and running with all my programs and settings preserved within an hour without having to reinstall and configure everything again.
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Install gentoo
Makes me remember when I was a teenager and couldn't install anything on my WinXP due to "you need to be an administator etc...)

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I've made an executable that receives and sends UDP packets.

How do I deploy it as a service on a Linux VPS?
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youi just run it

Wait a second so you made a network application but can´t even run it in linux. That´s like making a car without knowing how to drive.

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Who is running old hardware that runs hot? I want to die in the summer heat as my piece of shit xeons from 2007 turn into a furnace on idle
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This opteron server raises the temp of the room. I might have to get better cooling because currently I'm using 2 old fans I pulled out of an optiplex zip tied to some heatsinks.
Nope, can't do that. I already did my time running Prescott in the earlier days. No way.

I'm running an HP microserver because all it does is serving files anyway.
i got a 2500k powering my home storage server
runs cool as a whissle

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I have been hacked on my laptop, phone and emails. My PIN number is blocked and I jjsg got a message from my dad who I haven't seen in 4 years mind you he doesn't have my new number as I have an international one. I tracked the IP adress but it was bounced signal. Can anyone help me? I've been very stressed about this and it's caused me to take pills to keep calm. Anyone know what steps I should take in order to help with my security ?
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pin from phone? format it or bring it to the store l guess

delete everything or format pc/phone cause you prob have a virus and change passwords
Worthless phoneposting shitskin.
I have this PIN number to unlock my sim are it got changed. And yh I'll bring my phone in. And I got rid of the Hard drive for my laptop Apple is shit.

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How much memory does 10,000 open TCP connections use on Linux and Windows?
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*in mbytes of consumed RAM.
'bout tree fiddy

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Here's regularly scheduled daytime VR shilling. All text is a WIP.

>Current state of hardware/software, and what we're getting in the near future

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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What kind of performance are people seeing on Ryzen?
Depends on how the application uses the CPU, but in general it does nice if all the cores are being used, otherwise the improvement from a 4 core CPU may be limited.

This thread might interest you:
fucking WHEN are we gonna get specs for gen2

its been nearly 4 years since Crystal Cove and we are still on essentially the same specs

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Newbies:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread: >>61701883
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Are vintage Rolex Air King a meme?
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Explorer is better.
I wish I could like the explorer but the new typeface for the numbers is strange to me. And 1016's are too high in price for what they are and would buy something like a JLC with that money.

I am a web developer, and till now i always had clients that payed. But now it happened. One of my clients does not want to pay for his site. Not returning or answerning phone calls, nothing. but i still have all the passwords, FTP accounts, everithing. What is your idea on what to do?
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put a lien on his house. sue him in small claims court. i dont know
Just fuck up his site if you've access to db and shit.
Change the passwords and put up a "Site is undergoing maintenance" page one every location until the client calls you and sorts everything out. You don't want to sperg out and wreck the site like a kid, but this should be subtle enough that the site users in the meantime don't disassociate with your client.

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speccy thread
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Sexualized drawing of underage girl.
age is just a number
How is Ruri being sexualized here exactly?

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