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are you all self taught, or did you attend a certified lgbtq+ school to learn?
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both, schools barely teach programming, it's a fucking joke
I paid a university to give me the piece of paper for certification, but already knew all thw material.

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So, how's Google or Microsoft dethrone Apple?


Android -> fail
Google Glass -> fail
self-driving car -> fail
Google Plus -> fail
Hangouts -> fail
Google Now -> fail
Android Pay -> fail
Andy Rubin's Robotic Division -> fail
Nest -> fail
Google Cloud Platform -> fail
Project Loon -> fail
Project Ara -> fail
Project Tango -> fail (and uses Apple chips with PrimeSense)
Google Contact Lenses -> vaporware
Google Daydream -> fail
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>Android -> fail

confirmed bullshit bait
> dethrone Apple
From being gay and shit? Its impossible. They are too strong in that area.
You know tim cook is gay, right?

Also see pic related

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If Vega barely competes against Pascal, what's the rush?
>amd delivers a turd
>nvidia pushes back volta
Why release anything when the competition won't show up?

Fucking AYYMD fags I swear to god.

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>Dell makes better ThinkPads than Lenovo
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look at all that unused space on the palm rest
they should really market it as a nifty cutting board
i bought a dell inspiron a long time ago and it made me swear off dell products forever
Wouldn't be hard.

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why is this thing so fucking loud
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>reference coolers are loud and inefficient
No fucking way man.
Because it's a reference blower card being compared against aftermarket models on a retarded skewed graph.
You're welcome.

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I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
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You're required to if you use private trackers. Now if we are talking about shit like thepiratebay, you're an idiot to seed.
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>he fell for the private tracker meme
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>when seeders block your ip for not uploading

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>not using decentralized FOSS software
Altright aren't retarded because they're nazis or whatever, they're retarded because they use proprietary centralized software and expect to have their freedom respected.
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E2E encryption is the only way I choose to communicate in my private life. If people want to get a hold of me, they are stuck with E2E.

I'm not even alt-right. I just value my privacy. Centralized doesn't mean shit when its open source and E2E encrypted.
Until they take their servers down / black list your IP or account. But if the server is open source as well as your client then you could run your own instance independent of the original developers, thus decentralizing it and keeping the power over your communications out of the hands of strangers.
I see no reason to do so. If such a thing is going to happen, they will go after the more mainstream shit first (WhatsApp, Protonmail, etc), giving me time to react due to the shit that I use.

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>Graphics card doesn't have a VGA port
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>in the holy year 0f 2017
>Graphics card doesn't have a DVI port
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>graphics card doesn't have s-video output

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Hey - can i get some feedback on this?

I just wrote it - It's a modified implementation of deep convolutional generative adversarial networks with a focus on creating artwork.

Basically, I've written scripts that get huge datasets of artwork, and then train a GAN on it. The GAN is a collection of 2 neural nets (a generator and discriminator) that use each other to get better and better at
>generating things that look like they're from the dataset
>discriminating between real dataset images and generated ones
over time, it'll learn to paint whatever type of art you feed it, and if you scroll down in the readme you can see results. (pic related is after it looked at 14,000 landscape paintings).

Please help me out with what I could do to make it more interesting - and just feedback in general - literally anything is appreciated. I wanted to write some stuff to accompany it (maybe some stuff about machine creativity or whether or not what the network generates is "art", but i dont want to sound like a goddamn loon...

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>its an anon makes art libs even more worthless episode

god speed

which dataset are you using?

try cubism, or a specific artist like david hockney

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/g/ I need your help.

>agree to make app for small business owned by friend of a friend of a friend
>he's a contractor he wants the app to collect data and create estimates for client
>pretty simple will probably take me a few weeks to do
>his business did about 1m in sales last year

a) How much do I charge him

b) How much would a professional app company charge for this

c) Should I charge him hourly or agree on a lump sum up front

d) Should I ask for money up front

Don't let me down /g/uys
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Why not ask a contractor yourself? Then just use their prices
>A- Price
Average rates for specialists go for $30/h.
>B- The rest
A professional company can provide lower rates due to having more monkeys to program.
>C) hourly or sum
Provide him both alternatives offer a per hour charge or offer him a a 48h Value payment( ie: he pays for the entire time of your work despite you spending more or less then 48 hours to make it)

>D- Money up front
If you feel like he's going to weasel out on you I'd ask for a small deposit of 2 hours work.
>48h value payment
I don't understand, can you explain more about this?

Manufacturers are putting resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other small electronic components inside the printed circuit board itself to save space.

How do you feel about this?
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its fine. only thing that burns out on boards like that are voltage regulators, and capacitors. and obvious chips.
>cap bust repair or diagnosis is now impossible
>you now have to throw away the whole thing if a cap busts

"Muh thin" normies made this happen.
Only downside for sure. But smaller things isn't always a bad thing.

Speccy thread, post them, rate them.
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Tricking out an OptiPlex 780.
Just waiting on the RAM and LEDs
That is one toasty ssd
They don't call it a toaster for nothing

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What even is the best linux distro for laptops? I have always had problems with them and am considering going to a mac.

xubuntu: huge screentearing problems
Solus: Lack of nvidia optimus support and bootup failures
ubuntu: who the fuck likes the default distro. I tried. Also screentearing.

wtf do you guys use? Is it worth it anymore? Serious considering going to a corporate supported os system rather than a community of neckbeards working together to create an OS.
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I run OpenSUSE on 2 laptops, previously used Fedora, was fine but disliked Gnome and the short support time.
install gentoo
I have heard and also experience terrible graphical bugs withs kde. Is it somewhat stable now?

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Google needs to be destroyed.
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cool story bro
So last week bro we’re on to the false flag in VA now

so this is the power of sharia blue

oy vey

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I just bought an iPhone 6s from ebay and when I try to set up the phone, it says it's linked to an Apple ID.

Does anyone know how to unlock the phone? I think it is an icloud lock from a previous owner using Find My iPhone.
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I like my sister.
give it back muhammad

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