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*blocks your path*
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*uses a marker*
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*solder all of them in series to 120v AC*

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Ubuntu is doing a survey for the default applications in 18.04. Show them your autism.

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Why did I bother learning C?
Why did my uni force me to use C++?
And why did I fall for the PHP meme?

I should've been using C# for the past 10 years. Instead I feel like I've utterly wasted my time...

What's the point of using anything else if you're not specifically doing hardware dev?
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Can't even compile natively. Just use any other scripting language.
Use mono?
Mono is like Wine before it got good. Except it doesn't seem to intend getting good anytime soon.

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I'm not sure who frequents slashdot here, but I saw that Dustin Kirkland from Canonical is asking users what default applications should be in Ubuntu 18.04.


Just sharing here as /g/ is an esteemed online community.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>But Fire Stick for cheap in Prime Day sale
>Not even 3 weeks later see this
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Dont pop an artery its the same thing.
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Did the old one have the voice remote?

Did you WANT the voice remote?

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Just switched to Xfinity.
Paying $70 a month for gigabit speeds.(1gbps down/40mbs up)

I've been getting pic-related for the past 6 hours.
How royally fuck am I? Why is this legal?
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How about instead of complaining on the internet you bitch to someone who can actually help you
What the hell do you think I was doing the previous 6 hours.

Now I'm posting it here for extra bitching while I wait since there's nothing else to do on my end.

Now fuck off.
Take a speedtest at the modem/router.

Your wireless network is shit which is why you're only getting 2Mbps

Reboot router. Still the same? Buy a quality router

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how many times I have to select those fucking signs, cars, roads and other shit jesus fucking christ what happened to this recaptcha piece of shit FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK


those "Click verify once there are none left" are the worst. slow as fuck
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legacy captcha is the way
Unless you're posting THAT MANY new threads, just go to the native extension settings and enable Legacy Captcha for replies.
but there must be something wrong with the system. why do you have to select signs six times before you can post anything? what the hell is this shit

Hey /g/,

Currently fiddling with some machine learning software. Got it running on the raspberry pi that I use for hobbyist projects, but, as expected, the training is too slow to be practical. I need an inexpensive PC with lots of RAM (4gb is the absolute minimum) and a decent GPU. The cheaper, the better — I'd like to buy multiple machines to test different datasets.

Any recommendations?

Happy to answer questions about my project and/or have a general discussion about machine learning as well.
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The GPU is going to be the hard part. The computers themselves could probably be gotten on Craigslist from businesses purging old workstations. That's a reliable source of machines for pretty much any practical use.
Surplus is an interesting idea, thanks for sharing. After doing a bit more reading, I've found out that Android actually supports Torch (the machine learning library I'm using), so used phones are also an option. There's a precedent for this kind of thing, since droids have been used for research in the past.

What's the dev environment like on Android?
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I would have recommended the fury if your dataset will fit in 4GBs of RAM, it has some freakish compute for 250 bucks...
Assuming the mining crisis hadn't emerged.

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I'm somewhat interested in the 23,12 Golay code.

Does the "cyclic code" thing apply to every possible codeword or are there exceptions? In other words; if I bit shift a random valid codeword, is the chance of getting a valid codeword always 100%?

Pic not related
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I don't know anything about coding theory other than its existence, but I think it's cool so have a bump.
Niggah what are you trying to say?

Cyclic applies to the underlying group structure. Forget about it unless you're trying to prove theorems for the codes or create new ones.

>if I bit shift a random valid codeword, is the chance of getting a valid codeword always 100%?
Of course. Not just one, but 3 bits at once. That's the point of it. 100% of the time. It's deterministic, not probabilistic.

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>he doesn't use potplayer masterrace
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>watching youtube whores
more like botplayer
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needs more gui

So... long storyh short, im broke for the moment, and my laptop died last week, i need one for work and theres a guy atmy local craigslist selling a Lenovo x220 for $60, catch is he says the drives is ecrypted.

I asked him if it was the drive or the actual laptoipo that was encrypted but he doesnt know anything about computers so, i need help qith this..

Could i just replace the HD and use it or can this model be hard locked?

inb4 nigger buying stolen shit.

Im broke, and i need a computer to make some money.
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Just format.
you dumb fuck he stole it
i think thats pretty obvious anon, but considering mky current economic situation i honestly dont care, i need it for work.

yeah thats what i was thinking but just wondering since this is a business grade laptop, maybe it could be locked in BIOS and refuses to let me format, install a new HD, im not tech savy if you know what i mean, i only know the basic stuff.

Should I have this on my server?
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I'm thinking about it for a personnal cloud server in digitalocean. combined with vpn.
Why? Not OP.

I compared them a few weeks and they seemed pretty clones. I mean, I know a lot of stuff from NextC comes from OwnC, but beside the reason of the split, I see none.

ITT: We discuss technology.
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Technology is pretty cool eh, consumes electricity and doesn't afraid of anything.
beep boop

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Our first true piece of technology... Fire.
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>not pointy stick
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Explain this "pointy" innovation.
Is evolution an Continous Integration in real life?

hey /g/
a couple of days ago i asked you about your opinions on rust for professional use and i got a lot of negative views so i started looking for some more non mainstream languages and stumbled upon nim, and so far i like it.
my question is can nim make it into the mainstream, and big companies?
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What problem does Nim solve?
>my question is can nim make it into the mainstream, and big companies?

nim seems to be like a better Haxe, I see it well suited for stuff like scripting like Lua, also it seems easy to use.

However, the only problem nim answers is "can you get c-like performance with python-like syntax?" And that's nice but kind of redundant.

Rust has a lot of problems, it tried to glue together C++ and Ocaml, and the result wasn't the best (the syntax is messy, there are a billion ways of doing everything so is hard to get good habits).

But if you stick to it, and learn "the Rust way of doing things" (tm) (ie. do the Ocaml way and avoid all C++isms), it's really powerful and truly delivers on its "0 cost abstraction promise", which is something you might want.

Also Rust as Samsung and Mozilla behind it. Nim doesn't have such broad support.

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