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Well /g/?
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uhm... I'm 100% there is a link between MEN and domestic violence. Porn? pfft. Don't think so.
Who cares. Only offwhites and teens watch porn and they're already genetically and behaviorally predisposed to violence.
I forgot: women can't commit domestic violence. They're never the aggressors in the relationship. You make a very good point.

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bought a refurb t420 and upgrades
vastly exceeded my expectations
thanks /g/
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>WD SSD instead of 850

You tried
>unironically shilling botnet SSDs

you tried
you really can't top that setup op, good jaab

now install gentoo

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and if so which is best give me the rundown please. Any apps that will allow me to pull youtube vids down to my phone?
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I wish there was a custom ROM for my chink Coolpad phone so I could get rid of the spyware and crapware.
if i install that cyanogen shit will it have a fully cracked appstore? i remember that being a feature when jailbreaking iphones years ago
Cyanogenmod is discontinued. It's succeeded by LineageOS. Personally, have never tried it.

>CS major last for 4 years
>starting 2nd year
>Coolest people I've met left the degree
>Only 2 cool dudes I hang out with everyday

There are people I've actually never talked to, when class finishes they leave fast af, rest are complete autist and don't talk to anyone.
There's a group of like 5-6 people who look cool but stay together and don't try to talk to anyone else.

Wtf is this degree?
Do I just suck at human interaction?
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Stupid frogposter.
talk to people outside your degree buddy

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If Linux gets so much support and use in the corporate/business world, why can't Linux get drivers or proper drivers such as GPU drivers?

I can't get double buffering compositing to work on Linux, yet Windows has that by default.
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doesn't need them
It's use for business is mostly restricted to servers where it performs beautifully.

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What is the cheapest 500GB - 1TB external HDD of quality?

just looking for some quick recommendations
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just get a SATA to USB adapter and buy normal hard drives
This. The housing are stupid cheap. Any pre-packaged 2.5" laptop size is just a way for the manufacturer of the original HDD to add some placebo plastic and inflate the overall price. The reviews are also 99% normie and should not be trusted. 3.5" have different power consumption and I've never priced them.
Would do this, but my professor is requiring an actual external drive. I only have USB 2.0 also.

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>browsing the web
>an ad appears
>wtf just happened
>check my add-ons list
>ublock origin disappeared somehow
>ublock origin is not fucking there
>reinstalled it and it's working just fine
How about you get your shit together firefox
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I literally just had that happened and came on /g/ to see what's up.
lel cucks
I know it's reddit but

I just got a promotion at work and am going to upgrade my $2k dollar self built PC with a Mac. I am thinking of the iMac 5k but should I wait for the iMac pro?
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is upgrade the right word?

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Hey /g/
make an Android app for Bitchute to make it popular.


Make video sharing free again!
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Is there CP on this?
There shouldn't be, but again, this is torrenting we're talking about, as long as there are people to share it, it 's up
>accidentally click on cp
>immediately start seeding it

No thanks. I already got spooked on zeronet. Not again.

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Show me your battlestations 4chan.
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>dat air flow

I'm doing some tinkering today. Stripped down a PC I got from a friend. The front panel wiring is fucking maximum cringe.
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maxresdefault (7).jpg
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opinions on crystal?
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Yet another "hey we compile ruby we're fast" lang that will die because nolibs.
>meme language


>Around 300 apps have been withdrawn from Google’s Play Store after they were found to be secretly hijacking Android devices to supply traffic for wide-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, as noted by Gizmodo. Google removed apps that offered services like ringtones and storage managers after security researchers uncovered the “WireX” botnet was behind the ploy. Malware was hidden inside the affected apps, and as long as the device remained switched on it was used in DDoS attacks.

>Researchers at cloud services provider Akamai discovered WireX after a hospitality company suffered from a DDoS attack involving hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. DDoS attacks work by overwhelming a target with large amounts of data from multiple IP addresses, and they’re effective at taking down websites and services that can’t cope with a data influx. Google said in a statement it’s currently in the process of removing the malicious apps from affected devices, and some researchers say up to 70,000 devices in 100 countries could be compromised. Some of the WireX attacks also asked for ransom fees.

>Researchers from Akami, Cloudflare, Flashpoint, Google, Team Cymru, and others are working together to combat the botnet, which came to their attention on August 17. “Once the larger collaborative effort began, the investigation began to unfold rapidly starting with the investigation of historic log information, which revealed a connection between the attacking IPs and something malicious, possibly running on top of the Android operating system,” the researchers wrote in a joint blog post.
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You should know better, /g/. It's not too late to buy an iPhone.
>installing garbage applications that do stupid things like that
>Not using alternate stores for your installs
>Not using open source software
I like having some level of control over my phone, thanks
The alternate stores are less likely to remove malicious apps since they most likely don't have the resources to detect and combat malware that Google does.

My hotel has some computers in the lounge. Of note to me, a long time PC user, was that it had an iMac. Ive never used a Mac before so I decided to take a look.

I immediately noticed how much better it felt compared to using a PC. The screen was so much crisper and clearer than any PC I’ve ever seen. The computer itself is extremely aesthetic. And the operating system is great too.

Have I been conned by windows this whole time, is Apple superior?
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Nice repost anon
stale pasta, try again kid
Not at all. You can get the better performance/specs with a mini-itx desktop vesa mounted on the back of a 4K led monitor for the same price

OS X is full of missing useful features/functions and treats you like a baby.

As for the aesthetic part it looks like an oversized tablet.

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So uh... people use this? Like.. really?
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i do
Yep. I use as my daily driver!
It is the perfect balance between bloat and usability.

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>I send to nutty SJWs the GitHub repos they would deem are problematic, so they can make an issue, that leads to a +100 comment battle about the project
who /devilish/ here?
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Which repo ?
You mean the rust repo?
Is there anything more /personal_army/ than SJWs?

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