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Why haven't you upgraded to Windows 10, anon? It just works.
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Windows 10.png
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Thank you for showing me the error of my ways as you can see I have now joined the acended ones who have no need to rice
Years to windows becoming a Themed-Distro: 4
Because it's just Windows 7 with more telemetry, integrated advertising, and an uglier user interface.

>tfw you got an IP-Address which lets you phonepost
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Comfy af
Wait, is phone posting banned?
you can isp banned sometimes but your mobile network wont

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What went wrong?
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the actual answer is "not enough money in the budget" but the /g/ answer is that he didn't poo in the loo.
delet this
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too much partying not enough work

What about MIUI 9? Should I upgrade to it or Lineage OS?
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Will it come out for 4 Prime?
Yeah cool story get an iphone tho haha

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Hello /g/entlemen
I recently got hold of a HP 406 G1 Microtower PC (pic related)
Since it comes with Intel Core i7 4770K processor with Intel HD Graphics 4600, I obviously wanna harness the full power of my CPU
So I finally decided on a GTX 1050 ti
Now, the problem is I'm not supposed to replace anything inside it due to reasons but I can put in more RAM/video card
So I'm stuck with the stock PSU which has the following specifications:
So will this satisfy the GPU's power requirements and be compatible? Will my PC be able to run the card without any hiccups? Or is getting a PSU upgrade a must?
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It should be all right since it's only a 75w card.
No it should work, it's a 75w tdp card, and nvidias minimum PSU recomendation is 300w.

Next time use the right thread. >>>/g/pcbg/
Thanks a ton for clearing my doubts
I don't post on this board so I didn'tknew
Will keep that in mind in the future

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I know that /g/ generally hates antivirus, but considering that I visit a lot of porn and torrent sites, my antivirus has saved my computer a billion times by blocking incoming trojans, worms, spyware and malware attacks
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I use them to check if I am able to sneak past some nasty shit like typically a brazillian attack in an image etc, and see if it detects when I deliver the payload
Not using one on my OpenBSD box. If I need to visit shady stuff I start a VM or use a spare laptop.
Just use linux and you're safe

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>GEOMAGNETIC STORM UPDATE: Earth's magnetic field is recovering from a jarring CME impact during the late hours of Sept. 7th (23:00 UT). First contact with the CME produced a severe G4-class geomagnetic storm

>Periods of mild to strong geomagnetic storming are likely on Sept. 8th and 9th.

Should I hide my my hdds and electronics in a box coated with aluminium foil?
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literally shaking rn
So thats why the internet kept going out earlier today
no, these storms only affect things that have a scale of hundreds of miles

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Is there a bigger meme than this browser?

Why does it keep registering my right-clicks as backs?
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This browser is ugly and clunky. I used this for less than 5 minutes. Back to Safari for for me
Sleipnir. It's like Chrome with down-syndrome.

At least the font rendering is nice.
it's called bumping or something. if you hold down the right mouse button and then tap the left one you'll go back. you can turn mouse gestures off if you don't want them.

i shouldn't really be helping you, though, since you clearly don't know how to use a computer. all you're going to do is file nonsense bug reports for issues that don't exist.

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Why do you not have an Intel® Core™ Inside™?
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I don't really like a Jewish Cock Inside
my PA-RISC system isn't electrically compatible and these retarded low-effort threads give me AIDS
Xeon's are better.

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I believe not without some major fucking donation.
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fuck no OP
the fuck is this?
ReactOS is in limbo

What are some Chat apps/rooms where you can register anonymously (without real FB account or telephone number) that works both on browser and has app on Android/iPhone?

I want to create a chat room that could be accessed from any device
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I literally want to wrap her legs around my waist and empty my seed inside her.
IRC you fucking underageb&

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It installed successfully this week. It's registered. I cannot install any software. I have the same problem as this guy.


I legally bought RHEL, but I can't access any repositories. I can't even install stuff from the Application Installer.
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Don't you get support with red hat
I'm not.
ask rhel.
not /g/
you paid them

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>professor makes programming quiz
>mixes "which of the following are" and "which of the following are NOT"
>get less than 100% because i missed the "NOT" on a few of them
what did he mean by this?
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It means you are lacking reading comprehension.
It means without this faggotry the test would have been too easy
>what did he mean by this?
he meant "pay attention to what you're doing". That's an important skill for programming and computers in general.

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Would you work for the FBI - Cyber division?
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id probably just be paid to shitpost on a place like this so probably
I'm not competent enough.

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My friend tried Linux and he hates it because
>Who the hell creates an operating system that doesn't run .exe files!?
He prefers Windows 7 over any other operating system. But recently actually switched to Windows 10 and uses shit like 'Window Blinds' to make everything look like Windows 7.

No matter how hard I try to explain, he's too ignorant to listen. He considers himself very technology wise and even started studying something in IT.
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why do you inconvenience yourself with linux for basically no reason
Nice blog
He's right you know.

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