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/g/, I wish I was at home - updating my kernel.
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I might cancel plans so I can stay home and post on 4chan. I do this maybe once a week. I just can't stop posting.
It sure is summer

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Can I get some recommendations on a 1080p webcam? Even like what companies to go for.
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c920 is probably the easiest to find nd is decent quality.
Logitech HD pro series, very few other polished choices.

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Im looking for IEM's for about 100€
Needs to have a detachable cable and be comfortable laying down.
are Sennheiser IE80 a meme? I could get one refurbished on ebay for 90€ with 1 month return window so i could send them back if theyre fake.
Im looking for IEM's for about 100€
Needs to have a detachable cable and be comfortable laying down.
I also have my eyes on Shure SE215, any of you tried either or have any recommendations for me?
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We have a headphone general you pleb but I'll try to help anyway. The IE80 is great at retail($200 usd) so if you can get it for 90 disney land dollars then go for it.
That said you left out a ton of important information.
What sound signature are you looking for?
What are you going to be playing it off of?
Does it need to be durable? For the gym, running, incompetent girlfriend, etc.
Removable cable is a great feature to want but I have repaired non-removable cables multiple times and it's trivial, so keep that in mind.
Shure SE215 is good. 1more triple driver. Pinnacle P1. Hard to say with out knowing what sound you want.
i ctrl+f'd for audio, thats on me

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tfw new smartphone has 8gb of ddr4 ram.

>inbf fell for the X gb of RAM meme.
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>2gb phone
>8gb laptop(main and only pc)
tell me why i need more again?
>Tfw I just want a note 3 with better camera
was note 3 without the fingerbotnet reader?

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What chat service does /g/ recommend for some anonymous collaboration? I found kiwi irc but is there anything else?
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How anonymous?
It doesn't have to be that anonymous
It just needs to be available with out creating a user account
Pretty good thanks, you?

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I need some lost facebook accounts to get likes on a post, for a contest. Does anyone knows a list or repository?
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What exactly is the state of Linux GPU support. For ex, Unreal users report lower frame rates than on Windows. So the problem could be with Epic GLSL code ( they do mention that their code was automatically generated from their HLSL code, so it shouldn't be to efficient ), the OpenGL library and NVIDIA drivers. Where exactly do you think is the problem here?
Also, I want to do GPGPU in OpenCL but Vulkan mentions that it's also for computing. Should I understand that Vulkan superseded both OpenGL and OpenCL?
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Serial Experiments Lain edition:

/cyb/ + /sec/ general is for discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk and cybersecurity.

>what is cyberpunk?
https://pastebin.com/raw/Jpci0dqD (embed)

>cyberpunk directory
https://pastebin.com/raw/HiTA1yXK (embed)

>nothing to hide? please.
[YouTube] Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters (embed)

>cybersecurity essentials
https://pastebin.com/raw/0AjC2mcD (embed)

>cybersecurity resources
https://pastebin.com/raw/98vvNwcH (embed)

>thread archive

>thread backup

>previous thread
>>61194248 (Cross-thread)

>>> Resources <<<
>> /cyb/
Condensed /cyb/ resources: https://pastebin.com/dxdjEerj (embed)
We already cyberpunk: https://pastebin.com/gbTLBWXA (embed)

>> /sec/
Condensed /sec/ resources: https://pastebin.com/RXvHEBuu (embed)
>>61064761 (Cross-thread) Advice: https://pastebin.com/xRqEW8W7 (embed)
Old Skool Hacker Culture:
Firefox extensions: https://pastebin.com/dinBuXxJ (embed)
TEMPEST attacks against AES: https://www.fox-it.com/nl/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/Tempest_attacks_against_AES.pdf
Shared thoughts after 6+ years in Pentesting (http://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/61194248#p61211017): https://0x00sec.org/t/shared-thoughts-after-6-years-in-pentesting/2492

>>Harden your OS, reroute your DNS and fire up the VPN - shit just got real
Condensed /shit just got real/ resources: https://pastebin.com/DMc57Dxw (embed)

>>The Old Skool
0ld 5k00l h4ck3rz:

Suggestions for new resources are welcome. /sec/ is looking for CTF team members, contact at IRC channel.

join #/g/punk and #/g/sec (requires SSL)
IRC guide: https://pastebin.com/YDbEWRHV (embed)

>>Resources have been condensed because the field became too long<<
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>anime wallpapers


is still going.
You're a bit behind on the current thread, also you're missing the subject.
>>61265322 is the continuation of >>61225756, which is the continuation of >>61194248.
So you're a thread behind.

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Echo Manual.jpg
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Found this at my school, anyone know what it was used for (Besides the fact it says for Apple II Computers)
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Open it?
It's paper that is used to store some kind of information
Nice bait.

Why do you all prefer vives worse controllers for a bit larger tracking area over the oculus and what is this

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That's a Pimax. By the time it comes out it will be mostly obsolete and it will have various unsolvable issues caused by chink engineering.

Oculus is ((((Facebook))))

HTC Vive can be used without internet
Occulus Rift needs internet. (Well there's some *nix binaries from 2013 you can use I guess)

Does that answer your question?

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Since /wdg/ mainly focuses on javascript frameworks, back end and other not design related things, lets have a Web Design General as well, main focus: Good looking Front End.
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For $435, that thing better suck my dick at least 3 times.
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stop making internet look like a faggot ass nigger unicorn
Made a thread about pic related today already.

I think It's finished.

Do any of these actually work? Every pair I've seen is obviously a camera, & all the others have shit recording quality.
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do you know how cameras work

Ok, /gee/
I've got a couple of fried cards laying around and I thought about removing the chip, drilling a hole in it and making a cool keychain, but these are a bitch to remove.
I've tried heating it up with my heatgun at max for like 10 minutes, but it wouldn't budge, so I tried heating it and prying it off little by little, but it resulted in pic related.

How can I remove a GPU chip without damaging it?
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Pb-free solder needs a really high temp to melt. I would use a gas (propane/butane) torch on the back side of the PCB. Move the flame around constantly.
It's Indium I think.

Google the specific temp it melts at, if it boils you have a ruined chip.
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i was thinking of doing a similar thing with a ps3s cell cpu

i want to get it off and coat it in some sort of resin or laminate it and use it as a keychain

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Im making a full language for a mythical world and crediting it to GNU GPLv3 when its finished so i dont use my name.

I wanted to practice on deviantart and a private tumblr with the font until i finish the words list and grammar.

But the tutorials for ttf font files from static uploads dont work at all.
Is there a way to make it work on tumblr or deviantart?
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the tutorials are bad

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have I missed the kabylake x is terrible shitposting threads?

>that slightly less then the 7700k perfomance
>those motherboard prices.

Bit of a humdinger desu
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Yeah. You are like... A month late? Babylake-X (and Skylel-X) are still trash though.

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