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Old-timey, obscure & obsolete component thread
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Is that a serial board? Because they may be obsolete for consumers but they sure as hell aren't for electrical engineering. I use those every week at least a few times.
It's a COM-2CL-PCI non-isolated RS-232C 2ch card. Serial ports have been gone from consumer computing for so long that I just assumed it's something outdated. Specialization & low volume explains the high price.

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Just buy an XXX XBOX ONE X XXX
If you've got 4k blurays that need to be played and a proper 4k monitor to watch them on. Then yeah it's worth it.

Otherwise wait.
Well, no because you'll never use a BR disc.

Unless you're a grandpa who still buys movies on physical media. In that case you'll never notice the difference between FHD and UHD.

Post homescreens. What apps does /g/ use regularly
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Fuck off stupid attention whore
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Been working on this over in the /wg/ thread.
How do you set up automatic download with antenna pod? I'm trying to use it to replace my current app, but having no luck with it

Drivers of /g/, do any of you guys use Dashcams?

I want to get one just so I can be safe on the road if I'm in an accident, is there a recommended device to go for?

I've heard really mixed things about some dashcams being very unreliable not saving footage correctly etc.
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Use an old smartphone, we all have a few of them lying around.

Start recording when you start driving.
If nothing happens, simply tap "delete" when you finished driving.

That's what I do because it's simple and free, but I'm sure there is even apps for that.
>I want to get one just so I can be safe on the road if I'm in an accident
If you're safe depends on the rules of the country that you're in. In Germany for example, they are kind of not allowed (data protection issues, so only under circumstances and technical limitations and blah), and thus the footage is not really useful because it can be turned down.

And, oh, yeah sure, Google, that tram is totally a Bus.
You'd go faster to tell us what is allowed in Germany.

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This shit keeps getting shoved down my throat.

So how is it? Is it good or is it botnet
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Piece of stinky shit made by faggots
Who the fuck is stupid enough to not know how to write proper modern English. It's the most simplistic Germanic language there is.
You pay money for a computer to tell you you aren't plagerizing. The real scam is academia.

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what filesystem do you recommend /g/, will be running fde.

is ext4 performance good on SSDs?
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On SSDs all filesystems perform about the same. Use ext4 or XFS, I do not recommend using btrfs it will likely never be finished and stable and the things it adds are useless anyway.
>Use ext4 or XFS
I second this, but not for the reasons mentioned. DAX is soon going to be a thing, and only ext4 and xfs will be able to support it.

Also, make sure that you set your block size to the same as your page size.

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>Luminous Engine on PeeeeCeeee

i am genuily interested, engine looks quite nice tbqh
>>>/v/ is that way
Get a job faggot
how well will it run on AMD cards w/ the same on paper performance? i bet it miraculously runs like dogshit

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Why do motherboard manufacturers still put USB2.0 on their devices even with the latest and greatest and high end motherboards?
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What do you mean?
Penny pinching, basically.

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How to achieve tech zen
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Take every single opinion on /g/ seriously and always follow to the letter anything anyone tells you to do on here
That's how you get to waste time and money and get a miserable life. Please, never fall for /g/ memes.
Install Gentoo
werked for me

Cathedral vs Bazaar

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OP vs many dicks

I don't know why people are being rude to you, OP. I think your thread's a nice idea.

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Why does this board dislikes indians(pajeets) so much?
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Im white, I just wanted to know
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I'm pooing in the loo guys right now

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>The 8th Gen family will even include some of our first 10nm products.

Is AMD finished?
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Zen2 is planned for next year, that is 7nm.
>planning something
Yeah expect at least 2 years delay.
>1.7% yielding peanuts-sized dies that can't even clock higher than current 14nm offerings
Fucking glorious.

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>still haven't got Android N
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>still on BB10OS
File: 45774012.png (34KB, 206x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>still on Android 4.0.4
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Mfw still using an s4 running a jelly bean rom

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In the last update, many people complained about not having the R3 1200. I will not put the 1200 above the i3, but I can put it one tier below.

Threadripper has a huge advantage over the Intel stuff, but only when it comes to heavily threaded stuff? Add/not add? Add some extra text to the tiers beyond the i7 7700K saying that these tiers are meant for gaming+streaming+productivity, and that pure gaming stops at the i7?

Vega64 at $700 is not logical.

Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.
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Why did you add ""HEDT"" chips without solder to the list in the first place?
10c/20t is no joke. These are very powerful consumer CPUs.
Why is the Cosmos II even recommended its an absolute shit case for the price

Is it time to retire my i5 2500k? I don't feel like it's bottle necking my performance, but then I've never used anything else in this set up. Would I see many gains going to something like a Ryzen?

i5 2500k @ 4.2GHz
Azrock gen3 extreme4 mobo
XFX Radeon R390X

Built the system in 2011, only thing I've swapped out since was the HD6970 for the 390

Is it worth upgrading CPU or am I falling for a meme here?
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if you are fine with current setup
might as well save money for next intel comeback or zen2
There have been certain games that I feel like my performance doesn't come anywhere near the norm reported with this card (Witcher 3 comes to mind, I was struggling to push 50 FPS on ultra, all the review sites we're hitting 60 no problem) no idea if that's CPU related though.
>switching to anything while current gen consoles are all still weaker than $200-300 cards
What for?
Your system is obviously not being used for rendering or anything with high compute requirements.

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